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First off I wanted to let you all know that Chapter 9 (volume 2) is fully finished and uploaded on the website! We will now be moving into posting Volume 3 which will be the final volume to the story, online the friday after next, since this upcoming Friday is Thanksgiving week!

Speaking of Friday (see that smooth transition ;D....okay I'll stop) A few things have come up (if you guys remember a few updates back about our grease fire on our stove )our stove has now gone rogue or what the repair man says it's gone wild, so the bottom of our stove is now out of commission, which tacks on a few surprised financial hiccups and it looks like I might not be able to attend Kami-Con comic convention in January. Being a mom and having a family I have to put the needs of my family first so the expenses for comic convention trips will be used to take care of my family first, I did have my heart set on going to Kami-Con and meeting all of you and having the finished printed book of Rescue me as it's first feature release but family comes first so instead of me panicking (which I was very close to doing ^^; because nothing makes a mom panic more when she finds out she can't use her stove to cook for her family ^^;) I've decided to stay positive and do a Black Friday sale of all three volumes of Love! Love! Fighting!

This sale will go on through November 21 (which is today) through December 1! This sale is only for my personal online store HERE and not available on Amazon. All books will be 25% off so Volume 1, 2, & 3 will be $9 instead of $13 and the special 3 in 1 volume with the special one shot short story at the end will be $22 instead of the normal $30!

If we are able to make at least 80 sales then I will be able to take care of this pop up financial struggle (looking at you wild stove) and I will also be able to afford to attend Kami-Con.
Thank you to everyone who has helped support this story and left me so many kind comments! I hope to be able to attend more comic conventions in the future so it's an interesting little juggle of comics and family bills. I hope that with your help we will be able to reach our sales Goal by December 1!

Thank you all so much and feel free to click the image below to take you right to the online store to make your purchase! If you'd like to read all of Volume 1 and 2 (chapters 1-9) for free go ahead and stop by my website


At 8:30 (central time) I will be inking in about 7 pages on livestream. So for anyone that's interested it will start in about 30 min :D
The kids are still up and rampaging around so for the sake of everyone ears I won't have the mic on but you can still leave comments or questions and I can answer them for you <3

-All done!-…

Getting everything set up, have no clue how tonight's patreon illustration will turn out but I have a good idea on what I want to do and I hope you guys will like it <3…

I'm setting up the livestream. I'm estimating it to start in about 30 miunets. I need to make sure the dishes are put up. I'm hoping to be able to at least clock in about 1-2 hours of work for today. The illustration for today is a wallpaper idea for my kickstarter backers and then if I finish that in time I will be doing an illustration for one of my patreon supports, then an illustration for my sisters and then a chibi commission for an old highschool friend of mine
Stay tune! Livestream is starting up soon!…
Just in case those of you might have missed today's update on the website here is the link <3

I hope you all enjoy today's update!
I didn't realize how many people follow me on here so I will try my best to update here on the journal a little more when I update the comic on the main page just in case there are people on here not subscribed to the site.

It’s been a pretty rough couple o months but I’m glad to say that the comic has been updated but with each good news comes a little frustrating news.

It looks like there are some difficulty at the printers with the file but I’m greatful that they contacted me to let me know, the next step now is to wait for them to respond back to the message I sent them to try to get this technical difficulty fixed.

For now I’m going to keep it calm, cool and collected because there is still hope that everything will get fixed it will just take time and that’s okay, as long as it’s fixed then I can hang in there.

I’m also getting things fixed out with amazon so that they can handle all the book order processing to help take the load off my hands.

I do want to thank you all for your patience and I’ll keep pressing forward, I think I’m going to have to put in an order of Confienze to help me keep my focus up and stress down ^^; Mommy needs to be strong for the three little ones.
It looks like I got the days mixed up for when my children's homeschooling will start, I thought it was on the 11th but it looks like the first day of their first semester isn't until the 20th so that means more time to catch up on the rest of my work!
I had planned on doing this livestream last week but I wasn't finished with the text for the comic pages so I had to hold off on it. I will have to stop and start every now and then because of the children and their needs but since it's just toning it shouldn't be to bad =D
I'm so glad that everything is finally inked in and the text is added to all the comic pages. I'm going in and adding the tone and then I will finally be done with everything! I could seriously cry <3 I will be working each day this week with getting a chapter toned each day. I should have everything done by Thursday and I'm super excited!
I missed yesterday's comic update because I was fighting with the dialogue for the last few chapters. I had taken all of this time and typed up the dialogue and when I go to add them into the comic pages everything changes. There are still a few words that I might change around but it's all finished as of now and I can't keep getting scared of releasing all of my hard work to the public ^^;

So for those of you who would like to watch and see how I add the tone to my comic pages or who might want to talk to me about comic work stop on by the livestream:…

I will be updating the website with last weeks missed comic pages and then I have another side strip to work on for the blog post update. So many things to do and so little time but no worries! I can do it!
I'm so happy that there is a avenue of support for my fellow comic artist sistas! If any of you sistas are interested in finding out more about this amazing award please give it a read! I want to do what I can to help spread the word about any comic support for our fellow nerdy sistas
FYI: This is a GRANT! Yes a Grant! So if your looking for financial support to help publish your comic (whether it's to cover the cost of hosting a website or buying an ISBN number or just getting a print order made of your book) please check it out. Go ahead, click that link. Why say no to money?…

Now onto something just as important and serious:
Twitter / lucyamorris: If you are a person of colour ...

Okay, so some of you probably already know but on top of creating comics, I also make visual novels (which is like a game/story that you can interactively read like the chose your ending books from back in the day) and I’ve been given the title Indie game developer (so nifty ♥) and there is a lack of Women of color and even People of color in the game industry (Don’t even get me started on all the other industries because I’m trying to stay positive today :D)
So another indie game developer is trying to help create a game that shines the light on this situation. Here is the message that she posted on her twitter and I’m just doing a fellow indie developer signal boost for her.
If you want to share your experience but don’t want your name attached then you can also be left as anonymous.

I’ve already turned in my example about one of my experiences in my automotive class during my sophomore year of high school. I really wish that I would have copied everything that I typed so that I could paste it here for you all to read.

A lot of times people want us to close our mouth when we speak up about the injustice we face because of the color of our skin. We didn’t have a choice in the matter for what color we are. I was born black, my skin cells are black, my family is black, the blood in my vain is from others that are black. I am black, period point blank. People make all sorts of decisions in life but picking what color you want to be is never your choice. You can’t be black and wake up and say “Oh! I decided that I want to be white instead. Skin, blood, culture, remove thine self from my very begin.”

So for those of you who might have had to keep there mouth shut about the hurtful things that you might have gone through because of the color of your skin, why not take the time out to share your story here?

Don’t be ashamed of the beautiful color of your skin that God blessed you with. When he formed you in your mothers belly he gave you the color that he saw fit and just think about it. God personally formed this color, this hair texture, this everything just for little old me.

At least that’s how I think and I do feel blessed <3

Hi everyone! I hope everyone's having a fun Saturday!
I just wanted to come on here to address everyone. I've posted this on my tumblr and facebook fan page but I wanted to come on here and post this as well.

I don't want to sound like a broken recorded by repeating what I already type on my comic page but to make a long story short I really do feel just horrible. If there was anyone's who comment that I didn't respond to on my site or on here in regards to the comic I do ask that you please forgive me. It wasn't in my intentions to hurt anyone because of I didn't answer. A lot of times its difficult to find words to say back to someone when they tell me they liked my work or that they found my comic and have started reading it.

A lot of times I'm so happy that my only response is to just cheese like a crazy lady and re-read the comment over and over and then show it to my mom and sisters and husband ^^; I don't want you guys to think that your comments mean nothing to me, they mean so much and I appreciate all of the kind support that I receive. I do make sure to answer all the questions that I'm giving (as long as they aren't spoilers for the comic) but if I have missed anyone's questions please forgive me, everyone's questions and comments are important.

I was contacted not to long ago by someone who might have been upset because of how I haven't responded to all the messages that I received on here, on my sites and Deviantart but I will do my best to respond more often to all of my supportive comments.

I just wanted to make sure that I haven't hurt anyone and also thank you for putting up with me and my comment response time Q^Q You all really mean a lot and I'm grateful to have the chance to talk with all of you.

For any of you who might not have know, I will be attending Anime Expo and the lovely YoukaiYume provided a cleaner version of the pixelated map that was sent out in the emails.
So if any of you are going feel free to stop by my table and say hi ^^ I'll more then likely be rocking my curly fro so I shouldn't be too hard to miss...then again I have no clue how crowded the hall will be so best of luck to the both of us ^^;

With that said I'm trying to get things packed up and ready for the convention. The first book order arrived today and I will be selling only Volume 1 at Anime Expo but I will be selling Volume 1 & 2 at Anime Iowa. The last thing left to print off is just that and the postcards. I'll post up the postcards image later on this week.

I think that's all that I have for an update today <3 I'm super excited right now because I'm going to see my Great-Grandma today! (She's 90 years old and I love her to pieces <3) I can't wait to give her a big hug =D I'll be back next week with another update!....well I'll be at the convention next week so be on the look out for artist alley picture updates!
Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for helping me reach a successful kickstarter! I want to do a livestream of me working on a few of the illustrations for the kickstarter rewards and for my Partron rewards. I have a bookmark and Wallpaper to finish up for the kickstarter and one illustration to color in for my patron. After that I plan on working on my next set of 4 comic pages and hopefully update the website and my other blog post ^^ Can't wait till this busy period is over <3 For now you can go ahead and stop by my livestream, I'm setting everything up right now so I'll just need a few more moments.…

Coming soon~

Hi Everyone!! Love! Love! Fighting! webcomic has finally launched it's
Kickstarter today! YAY!! Help us get this awesome little comic into print! We’ve got lots of fun and great rewards for all of you awesome backers, including sticker sets, keychains, and pdf's of Volume 1 and 2! If you're unable to back this project a reblog or plug/signal boots will also help out so much <3

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on here or on my kickstarter page!……
All done for today, livestream and manga studio started acting up so I could only livestream for a little over an hour or two.

Today marks the second year anniversary of my site and also my comic Love! Love! Fighting! I really wanted to do a short little 4-koma manga to celebrate this day but I'm so swamped with work and kids and I'm also behind on answering some messages so I decided to do a livestream of my work process instead ^^;

Hopefully my laptop won't frizz out on me but I will be showing how I work from scratch (script, to rough draft, to clean up, to inking.) Hopefully you all will find it helpful since I usually don't show this to a lot of people. I'll be using the old livestream site because then the video won't be deleted after 30 days like the new livestream (I have the free account so that's understandable ^^;)

I really want to start uploading the rest of the comic on here for others to read too ^^; There are so many pages that it gets a little daunting but I can do it!

 I'm going to start getting the livestream set up so stay tuned ^^

EDIT: Dec 5, 2013
For those who want to find more information about Autumn's Journey feel free to follow this link =3 Autumn's Journey forum post
Autumn's Journey Website

Livestream Coloring in Background Tutorial Photoshop CS3

Now for today's livestream I will be showing you how I go about coloring in my backgrounds and I will also show you some of the background coloring tutorials that I've found useful online. Some are in japanese but you can still look at the pictures in the tutorial to kind of help you figure out what you need to do. I'll make sure to post the links to the backgrounds tutorials that I mentioned in this post. This livestream would have been started sooner but when I got up and sat down at the computer I was already starting to fall back asleep, so I decided to go back an take a little nap, unfortunately the kids are awake right now but this time I plan on cutting the livestream off if the get to.....crazy ^^; Hopefully they should be fine for the next 3 hours but I'll play it by ear ^^;

It looks like livestream quit on me. I'll try to come back later, hopefully it will work out ^^;

Helpful Background Tutorial's referenced too:

  1. Background Process by Arisu *english*
  2. Aquamary's background tutorials*This site is in Japanese but just click through the links at you will find many different tutorial's and background process steps that I find very helpful.
  3. K-After Background reference*This site is in Japanese and be careful when viewing this website because I've come across some icky things, now they might not be icky to you, so more power to you but they are to me but they do have a lot of finished backgrounds for you to look over so that you can get an idea on how the lighting and shading was handled, I've linked to a set of backgrounds but they have many others for you to look over on their site as well. Just walk easy when going through that site =__=
  4. Tree Tutorial on Pixiv
  5. Another Tree Tutorial on pixiv
  6. Another nifty tree Tutorial on Pixiv
  7. Rock Tutorial on Pixiv
  8. Wood and Cement Textured Tutorial on Pixiv
  9. Brick wall and more cement textured tutorial on Pixiv
  10. Nifty Background Process on Pixiv

    Okay, I think that's all of the links for now. Hopefully these will be of some use to you. Now it's time to start the livestream~

Livestream Inking in Background Manga Studio Tutorial {ONLINE}
I've decided to go ahead and open up a deviantart page for my websites S.K.Y. Art and Design and S-Morishita Studio. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done with this page so it will look a little bare for now but feel free to stop by later after I get everything posted up.