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Curse of the Caribbean Visual Novel by SKY-Morishita Curse of the Caribbean Visual Novel by SKY-Morishita
It's time for the Unity festival again and Desirea wants to collect beautiful shells to be the symbol for the islands unity.

It's a simple task but there is just one problem, for some reason a strong blue boy continues to show up and steal all the shells she and the other villagers gather.

What's so special about these shells that he's going out of his way to sabotage their unity festival?

Visual Novel Features:
- 2 endings
- I decided to create this style with more of a comic panel take so the pictures are the ones that will do the majority of the narration since I struggle so much with my words.


I first started this story way back in 2012 for my first Nanoreno challenge but after that it went on a long pause. For Nanoreno 2018 I decided to totally revamp the story and give this challenge another try. 8 years later and I'm currently homeschooling my children while juggling house and comic work I can happily say that I started this story and finished it! It took me 35 days but I'm happy that I was able to get what I could done within those 35 days.
The images are in their rough stage and the backgrounds can be found online but my goal when taking on challenges is to finish. So for any hiccups or mistakes you will possible see along the way I hope you can bare with me and I really hope you enjoy my little story!
Thank you to everyone that downloads my visual novel! I'm off to get some sleep (hopefully my three little ones don't get up too early in the morning so I can sleep in a little longer ^^;)
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