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This account is no longer in active use. All of its previous functions have been moved to two newer deviantart accounts; one for original characters and storylines, and another for community-based artwork (roleplaying, pokemon, etc.) If you would still like to continue following my work, just shoot me a note and I'll let you know where to go! :)

For those of you who are interested in continuing to follow my work, I visit The-Skykian-Archives roughly every month or so (sometimes less depending on my schedule) so while it may take a while for me to see your request, I can at least guarantee that I won't miss it.

The following gallery folders will no longer be active and now serve as an archive for their respective subjects:

:bulletblack:"The Magical Adventures of Trainer Skykie"
:bulletblack:"Other Pokemon Adventures"
:bulletblack:"The Tabletop Chronicles"
:bulletblack:"Clans of the Valley"
:bulletblack:"Rise of the Fallen"
:bulletblack:"At Winter's End"
:bulletblack:"City Of Sundown"

Thank you for understanding!

Favourite Visual Artist
I have to love Robert Vavra's photography.
Favourite Movies
Too many to count.
Favourite TV Shows
The Vampire Diaries; Revenge; Adventure Time; Ouran
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
A large... large variety
Favourite Books
I have plenty, although I quite like anything to do with unicorns.
Favourite Writers
Too many to count, but I love them all.
Favourite Games
Super Mario Galaxy; Ghost Trick; Epic Mickey
Tools of the Trade
Whatever's available.... Hey look, pencil! *grabs* MINE >:{
Other Interests
.... too many to count.
All artwork of the old EBC pantheon has been placed into storage. As was formerly agreed upon, current staff and members of EBC are expected to utilize ideas and concepts of their own creation, and do NOT have permission to "take inspiration" from my...
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With this account closing down once and for all, I figured it would only be polite for me to leave a few parting words of advice and guidance. (: The Skykian Archives Presents... How To Become A Group AdminA guide five years in the making ~Step 1~ Find a group, of course!  For instance, you like ferrets?  You like drawing ferrets?  Were your first ever OCs on the internet ferrets?  Then by golly, you go find a roleplay group about ferrets!  It is your destiny, my child.  And I can promise you, great things are in store for one as special as yourself. ~Step 2~ Now that you've gotten yourself situated into a nice ferrety roleplay communit
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Just a note that I've cleared out my watchlist since I no longer use this account for that stuff. So if I've stopped watching you on here, it's not because I don't love you anymore. <3 Chances are I've already added you back on my newer accounts and ...
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I'm unfortunately closed for commissions right now ;w;  But I would love to open them up again in the summer! (though that'll probably be too late for you |D )
Thanks for the favorite! It means a lot. :)