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Lord be praised… I’m back!

Now, I told myself I was gonna wait a bit longer until I actually submitted another chapter, but I couldn't resist. So...
 Chapter 5! I hope the people reading this are enjoying this… so, let’s get started!

Remember: I will not tolerate negative comments. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Star Fox, its characters, or any of its associated storylines.



Chapter 5: Falco Reacts To: "Fox and Katt's Get-Together"


A few days after their first date, Fox and Katt started hanging out in more ways than one. They found themselves having more fun together than they'd ever had with the people they tried to be with before. Aside from discovering that they couldn't go to sleep without having sex with each other, they were soon doing what most free couples would do in their spare time with one another. A lot of their time involved dates, trips to expensive places (Fox being the ever-chivalrous), and etc. They felt as if they'd known each other forever, and were in an idyllic state of joy in each other's company.

Of course, they couldn't expect their lighthearted antics to last forever, in a galaxy where trouble brews constantly



Fox was awoken by the abrupt sound of his holo-phone, which rest on his desk charging. The ringtone, which played a segment of the Star Fox team’s anthem, indicated that this might be from one of his teammates. When he opened his eyes, his vision was met with darkness; he realized with distaste it was still nighttime. Nowhere near morning. Fox really wanted to roll over and go back to sleep, but whoever was on the other line needed to be answered somehow. Groaning with annoyance, he picked up the device and turned it on. It was 2:12 AM in the morning, said the clock, but Fox knew he must acknowledge this call, as he was getting it from his friend on Aquas. Pressing the ‘respond’ button, he was met by a full-color image of Slippy Toad, looking as happy as ever.

“Hey, Fox!” he chimed.

“Hey, Slip…” Fox groaned. “OK, do you happen to know what time it is?”

“Huh…?” Confusion came upon Slippy’s face. Then comprehension arrived at his brain station. “Oh, yeah. It’s about midnight where you are, isn’t it? Sorry. It’s just, I think we found a job!”

“Really?!” Fox jumped up, letting the sheets slide off his upper-half. “That’s great, Slip!”

“Yeah, a little something that popped up on Macbeth. I get the feeling it’s something big. Not just that,” Slippy continued, “but we’re getting a recruitment request. You remember Lucy Hare?”

“Yeah, she helped us fight Andrew on Fichina.”

“Yeah, well, I got a call from her, and she says she wants to join the team. I’ve already forwarded a dossier on where she is. You can look it up later on.”

“Thanks, Slip. I really do count on you a lot, don’t I?”

“Gee, it’s nothing!” giggled Slippy.

Then a sudden realization came to the toad.

“Wait… Fox, why aren’t you wearing a shirt?”

“Err… what do you mean?” asked Fox confusedly.

“Fox, you always go to bed with a t-shirt and boxers. I know, I’ve woken you up in the morning since the time we shared a dormitory back at college… you’re not naked, are you?”

“Who’s naked…? Oh, my!

The holographic image of Amanda, Slippy’s soon-to-be wife, appeared, looking surprised.

“Mister Fox! Good to see you!” she cheered happily. “So, why are you shirtless?”

“Uh, well…”

Fox never got to explain himself, as Katt was now waking up.

“Fox, honey, what time is it?” she moaned in complaint as she turned to face Fox, looking over his shoulder. “Slippy? Amanda?”

When Slippy and Amanda saw her, they blanked out.

Fox knew what was coming, so he covered his ears quickly. Katt saw Fox do this, but before she could ask why…

YOU AND KATT?!!” they screamed in unison, their faces filled with absolute shock. Katt, unprepared for that burst of sound, was struck in her devil-horn shaped ears by painful decibels. She yowled in pain, covering her throbbing ear drums with her fingers.

Comical shenanigans aside, Fox chuckled sheepishly as he decided to admit to the two that he and Katt were now in a romantic relationship. He told them the whole story ranging from the club to their most recent tryst.

“Whoa…” Slippy was sort of at a loss for words as he tried to put all of this mess together. It was sort of like trying to piece a puzzle together. Amanda’s look was similar to her soon-to-be husband’s. Fox had moved on pretty quickly. “Does Falco know about this?”

“No,” said Fox honestly. “Crap. I hadn’t even considered talking to Falco about the fact that we’re together.”

“Guess we sort of wanted to forget Falco,” Katt put in.

“Well, I’m happy for you two,” Amanda said after a bit of silence. “I guess you could say that beside me and Slippy, you two are my OTP!”

“OTP?” he asked, not sure what that was supposed to mean.

“One True Pairing,” explained the female amphibian. “You two look so cute together, really!” she added, squealing cutely.

A blush crept across Fox’s face. He was being fangirled over by his best friend’s girlfriend. He had to admit that she was very good with her starfighter, the Tadpole, and she was quite spunky. But he didn’t take Amanda for an absolute sucker for the wide world of fandom.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right,” Slippy added suddenly. “Amanda wanted to talk to you, personally.”

“Really?” Fox asked. “What for?”

I wanna join Star Fox!” squealed Amanda giddily.

Fox was given pause. Slippy’s soon-to-be spouse wanted to become a member of his elite team? He’d seen her in combat on Aquas, and he admitted she was quite skilled. She beat Octoman, one of the Anglar generals, without any support. A lot of promise existed in her, and Fox had to admit she’d make a valuable asset.

“You… want to be part of our group?” Fox was flattered to the point that he completely forgot he was tired. First he heard that Lucy wanted to hop on the Star Fox bandwagon with him, and now, Slippy’s fiancée wanted on, too. He must be that great an influence!

“Are you sure?” Fox asked apprehensively. “We do some pretty dangerous jobs…”

“I know, but you’ve seen what I can do,” Amanda pressed. “You saw me take down whole squadrons of Anglars, and I can handle myself outside of a fighter. Besides, if I’m marrying one of Lylat’s greatest fighters, I wanna be with him all the way.”

“Aww, Amanda,” Slippy told her modestly, his face reddening. “I’m not that great… If anything, I’m the butt-monkey of the team!”

“But you’re still a member of the most elite star squadron ever,” was Amanda’s rebuke. “You can’t tell me that that isn’t something.”

“Heh, heh… just tell me if you need some time alone,” Fox said in the midst of this bit of sweet-talk.

“You’re one to talk,” Slippy snapped back. “You’re naked in bed with a woman!”

“Hey, I’m right here!” Katt called over the phone, looking indignant. “And I feel a bit left out here, to be honest!”

The point is!” Fox interjected, focusing back to the sole girl on the other line. “Amanda wants to join the Star Fox team. And I’d be glad to accept her.”

“You would?!” Amanda’s voice became an ecstatic squeal. “OH, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You can’t even imagine how happy I feel!” Her joyful feelings were soon enough to lead her into a run-on sentence. “Oh, but I could go into so much detail on how amazing I feel, I could… I could write a book! I could sing a song! I could make a movie! I could…”

Alright, alright!” groaned Fox and Katt simultaneously. Amanda was so freaking excitable and hyper! “Now, can we go back to bed?

“Yeah, sorry, Fox…” Slippy said apologetically. “I know you can’t afford insomnia, and you need your privacy.”

“Alright, talk to you later,” said Fox, breaking into a long yawn as his drowsiness returned.

“Night, Fox,” said Slippy.

“Goodnight, Mister Fox,” said Amanda sweetly.

“It’s just Fox to you…” said Fox.

“Later,” Katt added as Fox raised his hand to hang up. The holograms vanished as the call ended.

As Fox and Katt lay back down, Fox suddenly felt a question rise up in his throat.



“Slippy was supporting the whole notion of Amanda joining us. I was never like that when a certain someone wanted on the team.” He hardly even felt like saying ‘Krystal’ anymore.

“That’s because he trusts that Amanda won’t let herself get hurt doing the things we do.”

“I guess that was the problem I had with her…” Fox admitted. “But I won’t let it happen again. From now on, I’ll trust in my team that they can stay alive. And that’s not hard at all. We’ve been doing that since the Lylat Wars.”

Katt yawned, showing off her sharp teeth. “Glad to hear it,” she said half-heartedly, as her sleepiness wanted her to go back to bed.

“And Falco?”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there…” murmured Katt as she snuggled back into her covers. “Night-night, Fox…”

Fox quickly followed suit, but he also had some extra things to think about: Lucy Hare and Amanda wanted to join the team, and he still had to tell Falco what he’d been doing with Katt the last couple of nights. He decided to let the future come on soon before he returned to slumber…

Of course, before that, he felt like he must ask Katt this one last, simple question: “How is Amanda able to wear a bow when she has no hair? Is it a stick-on?”

Goodnight, Fox,” Katt groaned irritably, shifting slightly under the covers.

Fox abandoned that little headscratcher… at least for now.

His mind wondered back to the thoughts he had earlier concerning the one that got away. The experience was still a scar on his soul, but the experience left him a wiser fox. And besides, the whole ordeal was not going to forever haunt his life. He had a new girlfriend now. From what he’d learned, he realized that he must have faith in the girl he loved to take care of herself. He’d made Krystal feel like she was weak, unable to take care of herself, and because of that, he lost a great deal to her vengeful side. But he wouldn’t let it happen again.

“From now on, I’m going to be more like Slippy,” Fox told himself in his mind. “Of course, not pilot-wise, but… Slippy has no problem with Amanda going off to battle. He trusts in her to stay safe. That’s how I should be. I shouldn’t try to govern Katt’s life; I should believe that she’ll always pull through, and that she can make her own decisions. So I’ll comfort myself with the fact that when she makes a choice, she knows what she’s doing.”

He quickly resigned himself to follow Katt to sleep soon after, pulling his arms around the purring feline. Katt half-consciously snuggled up to Fox, a smile curling her lips as she and Fox made a rendezvous for the land of dreams…



The next morning, Fox and Katt were gleeful to wake up next to each other. After taking a really fun shower, they were soon dressed and ready for another day.

ROB-64, Fox’s robotic assistant and pilot of the Great Fox, awaited Fox and Katt as they arrived on the bridge. Fox was finding himself to be exceptionally glad to see the golden android recently… especially after what happened during the Anglar Blitz.

The day Krystal chose to betray Fox and his team and she hijacked the Great Fox, she took ROB as well, because the android never left his ship. They only got their ship – and ROB – back after Wolf defeated the Anglar Emperor; he said he wouldn’t need it anymore, as he now had enough money and fame to get his own things. While the whole betrayal was uncalled for, Fox had to admit that Wolf still had honor, as he could’ve just as well taken his things for his own after Krystal handed it to him on a silver platter… but he didn’t. Fox was grateful for that, though he must admit, it was pretty humiliating to lose his ship. Besides, Wolf had never schemed in secret to betray him for fame; Krystal was the one who had worked out the details of the plan. In fact, she was the only one who suggested it and put it to action. And she’d orchestrated the whole thing not just to help Star Wolf gain any sort of reward; more so she did it to spite Fox. And thanks to her, they were left on Katina with hardly anything.

The past was the past, however. He was glad to see his robotic assistant, and he was glad that he still had the Great Fox.

ROB acknowledged their presence with a robotic “Good morning.”

“Morning, ROB,” replied Fox. “Where’s the crew?”

“Falco is in his quarters, dressing himself. Slippy is en route to Corneria via his Arwing. He is accompanied by Amanda, his fiancée, who is piloting her personal starfighter, the Tadpole, along with Slippy here.”

“Then that means Featherhead’s the one we see first,” concluded Katt.

“Well, it’ll give us something to talk about while we wait for briefing,” Fox said, shrugging.

Falco promptly arrived on the bridge, clad in his red jumpsuit. The usually irritable pheasant looked somewhat cheerful while he fiddled with his front zipper.

“Hey, Fox,” he said, then added with a slightly disheartened “Katt…

Katt crossed her arms, fuming.

“Good-for-nothing turkey… she was thinking grumblingly.

“Just the person we wanted to talk to,” said Fox, sounding a bit extra cheerful. “We got some news for you.”

“Yeah, Fal…” added Katt. “We’re doing a lot better now since two nights ago.”

Falco sniggered. “What, you two went to a strip club, like I suggested?”

Fox looked confused. He leaned over to Katt’s ear.

I thought you came up with that idea, Katt,” Fox whispered.

That’s what Falco told me to do that made me so mad,” explained Katt silently back to Fox.

“Yeah, well, I kinda did that, too,” Falco told them. “Managed to pick up a real hot babe at this really slutty joint. Real cute robin girl. Rockin’ hips. And let me tell ya… she was a freak.

Fascinating…” Katt drawled, her voice dripping with disinterest. “Well, yeah, we did go to a club, but… something unexpected happened.”

“Really? What?”

Katt now sidled up to Fox, wrapping her arm around and behind his neck. She leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Yeah,” said Fox. “Katt and I are going out now.”

There was a small pause as Falco attempted to piece together the possibility in his mind. He extended a feather like a finger and moved it between the two, pointing back and forth as if trying to make sense of the statement he’d just heard.



The sudden guffaw made Fox and Katt jump half a foot in the air. Next thing they knew, Falco was doubling over in hysterics.


Fox and Katt watched as Falco literally laughed his guts out at the totally absurd possibility of those two getting together.

“OH-HO, WOO HOO HOO! Oh, my…! Oh, that’s rich! Aww, man, I… I’m sorry… it… it’s just… you… and K… WAAAH, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAAAA!!!

Fox and Katt now stared with deadpan expressions – huge sweatdrops running down the side of their respective heads, in addition – as they watched Falco continue his fit of hilarity, tears rolling down his beak. He was soon even breaking into a fit of coughs, he was so caught up in his tangle of incredulity. He must have assumed that Fox and Katt as an item was about as outlandish a possibility as when he’d heard that Slippy was getting married. Actually, Falco had laughed quite hard back then, when Fox told him about Amanda. Fox even prompted him to stop, but when he tried to keep himself from amused exclamation, he still couldn’t help but guffaw and clutch his gut; he was laughing that hard. This scenario mirrored Falco’s reaction to that past exchange.

After a good long laugh, Falco stood back up, wiping a tear from his eye.

“Ahh, that was a good laugh,” sighed the avian. “That was quite the gag. Good one, you two.”

But Fox and Katt weren’t laughing. In fact, smug grins had plastered their faces.

“This isn’t a joke, Fal.”

The simple statement prompted Falco to freeze, as if he’d walked into a room with a really dangerous creature in it.

“Wh… wait, what? Seriously?”

Fox simply pulled Katt into a fierce, powerful kiss, and Katt even raised up her leg for Fox to grab as he pulled her in. Falco stared with bugging-out eyes and a dropped jaw as his two closest friends made out with great fervor in front of him; he’d undoubtedly blanked out.

When they separated, Falco was still staring. He looked like he was in an anime, and he was reacting cartoonishly as was the creed of that kind of animation.

“Uh-oh,” said Fox. “I think we just blinded Falco.”

“Oh, Fox,” Katt twittered. “We were supposed to prove we were in a relationship… not traumatize the poor bastard.”

“Wha… I… you two…” Falco was tripping over his words like he was just learning to speak. Then he managed, “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?”

“Well, after we went to the club, Katt sort of came on to me, and… well…”

“One thing led to another. We needed some serious loving.”

“Hold on a second.” Falco’s feathered hands were up. “You SLEPT with Katt?! You never even did that with the bitch she replaced!”

Fox decided to ignore Falco referring to Krystal so rudely. But it was true. He’d had no actual experience in bed prior to his carnal encounter with Katt after the club. Though, this should matter… why?

“Yeah, we took each other’s virginity… what’s it to ya?”

Y-Y-YOU…” Falco seemed like he wanted to interject somehow, but he quickly receded. “…you have a good point there.”

“So pleased to have your approval,” Katt sighed with sardonic tone. “And no, this isn’t some plot to try and make you jealous so you and me can hook up. I’m over you, Falco.”

Falco stared. “For real?” he asked in a barely audible, disbelieving voice.

Katt nodded as if to confirm this.

HALLELUJAH!” Falco crowed happily. “IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME!”

An awkward pause followed.

Wait…” Falco suddenly realized he’d expressed a great deal of excitement over a certain unpopular topic, like politics. “I said that out loud, didn’t I?”

“Yep,” said Katt emotionlessly.

She then made the move to strike Falco across the beak with her open hand.

OWW!” complained Falco, rubbing the place where Katt had slapped him. “Agh… Yeah, I guess I deserved that.”

“Yeah, you did,” said Katt irritably.

Fox decided to switch subjects at that point.

“Yeah… OK, maybe we should get to business now,” he said with a great amount of ‘I wanna change the tone before things start getting violent.’ “We need a check. ROB, do we have 100% fuel?”

“Great Fox is fully fueled and will be driving at optimal capacity for an estimated 4 months, 23 days, and 5 hours.”

“Good, ROB,” said Fox. He turned to Falco. “Are we fully stocked?”

“I checked last night before I went to that club,” Falco told him. “But I noticed some of the plasma cells we use for the Great Fox’s main cannons weren’t where I thought they were. Of course, I was hasty to get out and go, so I might not have looked everywhere.”

“Then we need a double check.” Fox handed Katt a clipboard with a paper regarding the Great Fox’s inventory. “Katt, you can see to that, can’t you?”

“Whatever you say, handsome,” Katt purred, before walking away with a joviality in her walk.

Falco watched as Katt walked off to the hangar. Once she was gone, he walked up dangerously close to Fox.

“Listen, Fox,” said Falco in a low, threatening snarl. “I’m glad Katt has something in you, but if you drive her away and she comes back to betray us like your last girlfriend…” He suddenly grabbed Fox’s collar. “I will… kill you.

Fox’s eyes widened. Falco had suddenly become the overprotective papa bear for Katt, whom he usually acted very rudely towards. But he supposed it was justified. Falco had known Katt longer than Fox had, and he considered her a close friend. Naturally, he wouldn’t want anything to happen to her, despite the fact that her former infatuation for him was the reason he usually brushed her off.

“Falco, you needn’t worry,” he told him as Falco relinquished his grip. “I love Katt, and I won’t turn her into another you-know-who. I know you think of her as a sister.”

“Of course, I do, Fox!” Falco said, as if it were obvious. “I’m just not the kind to settle down. I’m a free bird, and I just go where the wind takes me… with exceptions,” he added, poking Fox’s chest. “But seriously, you take care of Katt, or I’m putting a plasma round in your head. Clear?”

“Clear,” responded Fox quietly. “Though I’m glad to see there’s a real person underneath all that abrasive exterior.”

“Oh, don’t make me go all mushy, Fox! I’ve got a reputation to uphold. And don’t tell that to Katt, either, or you’re done.”

“Fine, fine…” chuckled Fox.

Suddenly, the bridge door opened and Katt reappeared.

“Everything’s accounted for,” Katt told them. “We’re ready.”

“Good work, Katt,” said Fox happily, giving her a peck on the cheek.

“Oh yeah, also, we’ve got some visitors,” she added as the door opened once again. Slippy Toad and Amanda stepped onto the bridge. Slippy was wearing his usual yellow mechanic clothes and red cap, while Amanda suited herself in a green jumpsuit with combat stilettos. Her yellow bow was on as always, appearing somewhat like locks of hair of her own; it made her look like she was blonde.

“Good to see ya, Fox,” chuckled Slippy as he and Amanda arrived.

“Likewise, Mister Fox!” chirped Amanda cheerfully.

“Please,” said Fox modestly. “It’s just Fox.”

“And we got an extra surprise, too,” said Slippy. “After you hung up, I got a call from an old friend.”

The door was opened once again. An all-too-familiar greyhound wearing a standard-issue helmet of the Cornerian Army and a white jacket stepped forward onto the bridge.

“I once said I was glad we were on the same team, Fox,” he said. “And you said I owed you one.”

“Bill!” Fox ran up and hugged his oldest friend from the Academy.

“Heh, heh… Yeah,” Bill said as he pulled away. “Fay’s idea. She said that I should join Star Fox alongside you guys.”

“You mean you decided to quit the Army after all?”

“To be fair, Fox? I was really jealous of you when you went and saved the Lylat System by yourself. Fay agrees with me, that I wasn’t making much difference staying on Katina. And when we fought Andross and the Aparoids together, I felt like I was doing something.”

“So, you resigned?”

“Yeah,” said Bill. “To be honest, there are a lot of friends I have in the Army. Good men and women. Friends of mine. I hate leaving… but they understand what I wanna do. Their support’s what’s got me here. I’d be honored to join Star Fox… if you’ll have me…”

“Bill,” said Fox earnestly as he gripped his friend’s shoulder. “If I’m headed for Hell, itself, then I couldn’t think of a damn better wingmate by my side.”

“Glad to hear,” said Bill, as they hugged once again. “It’ll be just like old times.”

Fox grinned at the sound of that. It’d been so long since he and Bill had flown together.

“Hey, about Fay,” Fox said abruptly. “Is she gonna be OK?”

“She’ll be fine, Fox,” said Bill. “But I do want you guys to come when the baby’s born. I wanna include you in his or her extended family.”

“Aww,” said all the others on the bridge, save ROB, who was still prepping launch procedures.

“We’d love to come…” Fox said happily. “And I’ll remember to talk to Fay later.”

As this exchange ended, ROB let out an announcement.

“Great Fox is ready to go. All flight procedures checked. Engines and FTL Drives at optimum capacity. We are ready to leave anytime.”

“Sounds good, ROB,” said Fox. “We’re picking up Lucy Hare on Fichina, first, and then we’ll head to the weapons facility on Macbeth.”

But even as ROB was making the final adjustments to get the Great Fox into the air, the door to the bridge swung open yet again. A female robin fitting the description Falco gave Fox and Katt earlier was standing in the doorway. She was simply clad in a thin t-shirt and panties. Nothing else was on her body.

“Falco! You said you’d tell me when the ship had to leave!” she complained.

“Oh, oh! Sorry, Molly, I just… well…” Falco went red as he turned to the onlookers alongside him. They looked a bit overtaken by awkwardness.

“I know, you were chatting up with your friends,” said the robin named Molly, as if this were obvious. “But I need to leave so I can get to work! I‘m a cashier at a supermarket, and it’s my shift today!”

“Alright. Molly, I’m gonna be perfectly honest with you…” Falco said slowly. “I had no idea you were still on the ship.” When he was responded by an indignant scowl from the female avian, Falco hastily turned to ROB. “ROB! STOP THE DAMN SHIP SO THE LADY CAN GET OFF!”

As the others began to laugh at Falco’s predicament and expense, Katt simply sighed without expression as she watched her former crush fuss at the android.

Wow…” thought Katt. “I’m beginning to think I dodged a plasma round…



Oh, boy, oh, boy! I get excited, don’t I! So Bill joins Star Fox, and I’ll be writing Lucy’s likeness in Chapter 5. Hope you enjoyed the humorous parts.

Also, I want Amanda to be the hyperactive girl of the series, like Pinkie Pie is in My Little Pony (I’m sort of a Brony, so sue me!). And we’ll be getting a surprise appearance of another character on Macbeth you might recognize from the comics, plus a couple of OCs I am happy to introduce to you all.

Alright, the next chapter, we’re gonna have a different kind of action other than lemons (I want to make a point that this isn't just a plotless lemon fic). I can’t wait! But I'm gonna have to. And you will, too. The following chapters revolve around a lot of action, so I'm gonna do my best to make it good. Hang in there, loyal readers.

Sky-Kaiser out.

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And Sky-Kaiser has returned for another chapter!

Now, we complete Chapter 4! I hope you’re enjoying reading this as much as I am writing it.

Tell me what you think. Don’t be a hater, though.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Star Fox, its characters, or any of its associated storylines.



Chapter 4: Date Night


Fox had the day all to himself, for the most part. No assignments or updates came up, but he was still totally jovial since his tryst with Katt the night before and this morning in the shower. First-hand sex had made his feelings toward Katt as intense as they could possibly get, and Krystal had completely disappeared from his thoughts. His mind was as clear as the sky on a sunny day, more than it’d ever been since he was stranded on Katina by his hateful ex.

Unfortunately, Fox was unable to find work for the team. What with there not being a current threat to Lylat, work was scarce. This prompted Fox to think over the many jobs he’d undertaken.

The first was the legendary Lylat Wars, were he, Falco, Peppy, and Slippy had formed the newest incarnation of Star Fox and liberated the planets from Andross’s control. On Venom, Fox – by himself – fought Andross, who had taken on the form of a cyborg head with giant hands worked by telekinesis, his brain as the whole apparatus’s control center (he had his brain preserved and placed in a robotic body to achieve a means of immortality). Fox managed to mortally wound the evil dictator, but he chased after Fox as he attempted to escape. Andross might have succeeded in taking Fox with him in death, had it not been for the timely intervention of what Fox could only assume was his father’s spirit, who distracted Andross long enough for him to fire a charged shot into Andross’s brain, blowing him to smithereens. Fox escaped the deconstructing lair, living to tell the tale of how he defeated Andross. He kept the appearance of his father secret, however, as he didn’t desire to have his sanity questioned. But he was quite convinced that he’d seen his father’s ghost, as Andross had seen and acknowledged him just before Fox destroyed him.

A good while after the Lylat Wars, there was a small debacle on Titania. A traitorous ex-military madman, General Shears, was attempting to resurrect Andross as a clone using DNA samples he’d extracted from Andross’s base on Venom. Fox managed to stop Shears and destroy the clone, with help from none other than Katt, as well as her old colleagues, the Hot Rodders. Afterwards, however, Falco decided he wanted to take a break from the team, and he left.

After the Titania Crisis, Fox and the team suffered a huge work drought, and they soon grew short on money, their spacecrafts falling into disrepair. Then came strange activity on Sauria, a desolate, yet flourishing plant on the edge of Lylat. Fox investigated the planet alongside a triceratops claiming to be a prince, Tricky. This was how he met Krystal, who was imprisoned in… well… a crystal. Go figure. Using her lost staff, Fox explored the planet to gather the Krazoa Spirits, which were required to awaken the legendary Krazoa God and free her. Along the way, he fought the Sharpclaw Tribe, which was headed by the villainous General Scales, a tyrant who sought to control all of Sauria. Fox completed the task, defeating Scales and saving Krystal from her prison. But when the Krazoa God awakened, it was revealed that Fox had unwittingly reincarnated Andross himself, whose ghost had lived on after his death on Venom. Andross’s evil essence had managed to corrupt the Spirits, allowing him to become a god. Fox took it upon himself to battle his mortal enemy once again. This time, with the help of a returning Falco, Fox destroyed Andross once and for all. Afterwards, the tribal uniformed vixen they met on Sauria wished to express her thanks by joining the Star Fox team. And so Krystal was introduced to the galaxy as the newest member of Star Fox. The money they received from that bit of work on Sauria helped them fix their vehicles up, and they were soon back in business.

Then came the sudden reappearance of Andrew Oikonny, Andross’s nephew. Wanting to get revenge on Fox for killing his uncle, Andrew recruited a massive force of Venomian survivors from the Lylat Wars, as well as hiring many mercenary groups and criminals to help revive the empire his uncle founded. Its goal: to crush the Cornerian government and rebirth the Venomian Empire. Of course, the fighting was restricted to Fortuna, as Andrew hadn’t actually had a plan. More like he wanted to bring attention and take out the Cornerian fleet to make a statement. Andrew’s Rebellion, as the whole debacle was called, was brought to an end by Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Krystal (who had taken Peppy’s place in his Arwing since he retired from flying), who cornered Andrew on Fortuna’s surface and defeated his prototype flagship. But they were unable to apprehend him, as his ship was abruptly destroyed by a monstrous cyber-creature resembling a moth (though somehow the fool of an ape survived that). The monster was an Aparoid, and its sudden appearance was what marked the beginning of the Aparoid Invasion. The team then began the search for an intact Aparoid Core Memory, which could hold valuable information to finding the Aparoid’s homeworld. After finding one, they arrived at their home ground, and fought and destroyed the Aparoid Queen, the hive-mind ruler of the monstrous parasites. With her destruction, the Aparoids went extinct and their homeworld was obliterated.

After that, came a long period of peace. Of course, that was about the time that Fox made his big mistake with Krystal. Sometime after that, Star Fox disbanded for a while until the Anglars rose to power.

And now, this. They were short on work, but for the time being, they were comfortable. In fact, Fox had enough money to make reservations to go to a fancy restaurant. Wanting to be as chivalrous as he could be for his new love interest, he was planning on bringing Katt to a place he once meant to take Fara Phoenix to when he was in the Military Academy… of course, that was before his father died, and Fox decided to drop out to re-create Star Fox. He still had the suit and tuxedo he’d bought for that occasion, and he knew it still fit.

After organizing his impending date, Fox finally made ready for the first actual rendezvous with a woman he’d had in a long time. After turning in all of his work stuff and ordering some new supplies for the team, he headed back to the Great Fox to find his dress clothes. He felt himself staring at the mirror after putting it on, admiring how fancy he looked. He’d also combed his fur, brushed his teeth, and added some cologne for extra effect. He then boarded his personal speeder instead of his Arwing as he headed back into Corneria City, going on to meet with his cat-woman.

Of course, on the way, he stopped by a flower shop to collect a bouquet of roses. Fox was ever the perfectionist; he’d displayed that when he’d traveled across every last occupied planet in Lylat to free it from Andross’s control, so why shouldn’t he plan every detail for dating Katt Monroe?

Fox felt extremely proud of himself when he arrived at Katt’s place. He was dressed for success, he had a sweet-smelling cologne, and he even had flowers. There was very little way Katt would want to reject this.

Fox rang the electronic doorbell and awaited Katt to come. When the door slid open, he was quite surprised to see Katt was not even prepared. She was dressed in her most casual uniform, her familiar yellow tank top with black jacket and shorts. A small blob of oil on her cheek, as well as some small spots on her clothes, hinted that she may have been working on her Cat’s Paw.

Wow!” Katt exclaimed, enthralled by how professional Fox looked. “You’re looking sharp! What’s the occasion?”

Fox blushed slightly, a small embarrassment evident.

“Well, we’re going out to dinner, Katt,” he reminded her.

Katt’s eyes went wider. “Wait, you mean… we’re going someplace fancy? Wow, I thought we were just headed to a fast-food place, like McDonalds or something.”

“No,” explained Fox. “I actually planned the whole thing just as I was getting off work.”

But Fox could see she was in no condition to go to an elaborate eating place looking the way she did. Her dirty appearance would most definitely stand out.

“Sorry, Tiger,” Katt replied, feeling silly. “If I’d known… well, I wouldn’t be looking like this.”

“It’s alright, Katt,” Fox said modestly, attempting to keep her worry from eating at her. “I can cancel the reservations and we can go somewhere more casual if you want.”

“No, no!” Katt said suddenly, waving her paws in front of her face. “I’m really flattered you thought of something this expensive just for me. It’s just I’ve never been to some special café you see in the movies. Besides, I can get ready real quick, and I do recall having one particular dress I can wear… just hold on!”

She shut the door, leaving Fox at the doorstep. Of course, she promptly opened the door back up to take Fox’s bouquet. Despite never having had anyone make such a romantic gesture like this for her, she accepted them, smelling the sweet fragrance the roses emitted. She took them with her, shutting the door again.

Fox waited patiently outside Katt’s door, looking at his watch at one point to check the time. He dearly hoped they wouldn’t be late.

Finally the door swung open and Katt re-emerged, a seductive smirk on her face as she revealed herself. Fox took one look at her, and his jaw dropped like it had suddenly been filled with lead. She was clad in a sleek lavender dress with silver trim: a very revealing, yet elegant article of clothing which gave her the look of a movie star. The dress revealed her shapely legs and a cleavage window, which gave an appealing view of her breasts. A pair of leather gloves and high-heels came with the dress, matching color with the main article of clothing. Also, it appeared as if she’d groomed her fur for days to get it into perfect shape, as it was as shiny as her dress. Every evidence of working on her ship earlier was gone, as all the oil stains had been removed. She hardly looked the same person anymore.

“So…?” Katt asked. “How do I look?”

Fox quickly found his voice again. “Holy crap, Katt, you look gorgeous!” He was barely able to contain his enthrallment!

“Glad you like,” Katt said, voice mixed with cheer and sultriness. “I literally found this thing at the bottom of my closet, and never found a use for it. Matter of fact, I can’t even remember when I got the darned thing.”

“It suits you, I’ll give you that,” Fox told her, putting his thumb up like a kid would to a super-cool display in sports.

“I’m glad you think so,” replied Katt. “Oh, yeah. Could you take care of this little bit here?” She turned around to show that the back of her dress was untied. Fox took care of that promptly.

“There we go,” Fox said as he fastened the last harness in the back.

“Thanks, Tiger,” replied Katt, rewarding Fox with a kiss for assisting her.



The place Fox picked was the most expensive dining place in all of Corneria City, maybe even all of Lylat. It was obvious the place lived up to its reputation for being the extra-fancy type. Smooth jazz music reached their ears as they entered through the front doors. The place was aglow with a soft golden light, which blanketed the entire dining room, which was maybe half the size of a football field. Waiters and waitresses in typical uniform rushed from table to table, taking orders, delivering meals, and handing over receipts.

The couple were then escorted to their table, and as they sat down, their orders were taken. As they waited for their meals, Katt made the opportunity to comment on the place.

“Wow…” she muttered to herself as she took an eye-full of the whole of the café. “You know, Fox, I’ve never been taken somewhere as… elegant… as this.” She gestured to the large number of eating utensils in front of her. “I mean, who needs this many forks, spoons and knives for one meal?”

Fox shrugged. “I know each of them have a purpose,” he said as he pointed towards the ones he knew the function for. “This fork is for salads, this spoon is for soup or stew, and this fork is for main courses… but that’s all I know. The rest are mysteries to me.”

“Super fancy-schmancy, huh?” Katt concluded, shrugging. “But it is nice to be treated like a lady for once. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to deal with men as civilized as the Venomians who locked me up on Zoness.”

Fox chuckled at that. He’d met some complicated women in the past as well. And not just Krystal and Fara. As their meals arrived, Fox decided to tell her all about it.

There were two freelancers that they met during the Lylat Wars: Miyu Lynx and Fay Spaniel. Fox, along with his team, met them on Papetoon, the planet where his father had been born. After saving them from the prison they were locked in, Miyu and Fay helped him in fighting the Aquarosa, a buoyant battle fortress commandeered by Caiman, a recognized Venomian officer Fox had previously encountered on Corneria and in Sector Beta. Fox had a small crush on Fay, but she had told him that she was in a relationship with someone already, and all he knew was that he was someone serving in the military, specifically the outpost stationed on the planet Katina. He had been told that Miyu may have had a thing for him, too, but he’d never had the time to ask her out; the situation on Papetoon left little room for talk. The two also assisted in the final assault on Venom. He still saw Miyu and Fay every once in a while, not during any major wars like the Aparoid Invasion, but along the course of smaller jobs, like busting large criminal bands. Though, it’d been a while since he heard anything from them.

Katt, meanwhile, hadn’t had as exhilarating a love life as Fox’s. She met a few men here and there, but never truly entered a relationship. Falco was the last she’d sought the affection of, of course… Well, there was one guy, Cool Cat, who had been alongside her in the Hot Rodders, but she saw him as more of a brother than anything.

As they spoke, a sudden question came to Fox’s mind in the middle of their little small-talk.

“Hey, Katt, what was up with you changing your fur to dark-grey and white?” he asked. Throughout the duration of the Anglar Blitz, Katt was revealed to have dyed her fur that color as if to resemble a black cat.

Katt blushed. This was sort of a humiliating subject for her to talk about, so she threw in a condition: “Promise you won’t laugh.”

Me? Laugh at you? Madam! You wound me!”

Katt glared.

“But seriously. I don’t plan to laugh at you.”

Katt sighed and put her paw to her face as she began to explain: “Well, it was another attempt for me to get at Falco. I thought that if maybe he thought I was ‘cool…’ well, he might start paying more attention.” She snorted. “You can see how that worked. Falco, you asshole…” she added under her breath.

“Well, I think that it’s Falco’s loss, Katt,” Fox replied adamantly. “Because I think you’re super-cool. You’re about the most calm and collected girl I’ve ever seen in battle. You keep your composure even when the odds are stacked against you, and you’re like rhythm in motion during combat.” He smirked. “Also, I like your flirtatious side… and for a girl on her first time, you learn fast. I‘d dare to say you’re more amazing than Krystal in some ways.”

Katt’s blush went redder, but out of flattery. “Well, I don’t know how to read minds, but…”

“Who said that I only like telepaths?” asked Fox. “I like you for you.”

Katt’s eyes drifted downward. Her smile was small, but evident. “I’m glad you think so, Fox…”

“Katt… I know so.”

“Well, when it didn’t work, I got rid of the dye and went back to my normal magenta,” explained Katt. “This is me. This is how I like me.”

“I like the current ‘you’ too,” Fox told her.

“Thank you, Fox,” Katt replied sweetly. “I shouldn’t have gotten that stupid idea… but that’s what you get from watching Grease. You see Sandy become a bad girl so she can get with Danny, and then you get the dumb idea you should try what she did.”

A slight pause resulted from Katt’s comment.


Fox had suddenly burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. It was loud enough to gain the unwanted attention of a few couples in the café, who diverted their attention from their dates and/or meals to discover the source of the commotion. This display of hilarity from Fox struck Katt’s ire easily. Furious, she kicked Fox in the shin underneath the table.

“AHHHH, HA, HA, HA – OWW! OOH-HOO-HOO!” Fox cried out as Katt’s high-heeled foot impacted with his shin, sending a painful ache into his leg.

“You jerk! You said you wouldn’t laugh!” Katt snapped, her face livid.

“Oww! I wasn’t laughing at you! Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo…!” Fox complained. He was still kind of laughing, but damn, that had hurt! “It’s just the second you said that, you put an image in my head of Falco singing ‘You’re The One That I Want.’ Tell me that isn’t a funny thought!”

Katt didn’t register with that thought for a second. Then the same scenario Fox had put in her head popped into existence in her mind, and the absurdity of it extracted a small giggle from her, which eventually matured into full-blown hysterics. Fox couldn’t help but join in, and the two had a good long laugh. This may have gained more unwanted onlookers, but they didn’t care. It was impossible for them not to laugh at the unlikely possibility of the team jerk singing such a corny love song.

As their laughter died down to simple giggles, a voice suddenly caught Fox and Katt’s attention.


Fox turned around in his seat (his back was to the source of the sound) to see an old friend. The "surfer dude" accent was unmistakable, as was the grey fur and drooping ears.


Bill Grey, Fox’s old friend from the Academy, indeed, now stood next to his table in a fancy dark-grey tux, alongside a female spaniel with snow-white fur. A magenta bow rested on the side of her ear. Fox instantly recognized her as well.

Fay! Is that you?”

“Hi, Fox,” Fay Spaniel replied, evidently happy to see him. She was dressed in a piece of elegant couture herself: a dark-blue dress much like Katt’s, but not as revealing and suggestive. But what caught Fox off-guard was that her midriff was large and round instead of slender.

Then comprehension told him the truth. She was pregnant!

Words somewhat failed him as he tried to ask something along the lines of ‘What?’, but Fay answered his confused state.

“I guess you noticed my baby-bump,” she said. “Bill and I will be parents a few months from now.”

“Sorry, I was trying to comprehend the whole thing, but… does this mean…?”

“Yeah, Fox.” Bill answered this time. “I married Fay here about the time you were on that dinosaur planet… what was the name of that place?”

“Sauria…” Fox was still sort of surprised.

That’s it!”

Fox now turned back to Fay. “So, you’re Fay Grey, now? Hey, that rhymes!”

Fay giggled girlishly. But before she could answer Fox’s humorous inquiry, a certain somebody interjected.

“Hang on… I’m a little lost here, Tiger.”

Fox had completely forgot Katt was even there. His embarrassment colored his face red.

“Who’s your girlfriend, Fox?” asked Bill, at first not having gotten a good look at her. Suddenly, realization came over him. “Wait… Katt, right?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” Katt reached out her hand, and Bill took it, shaking it firmly. “We fought together during the Battle of Venom.”

“Yeah, I remember…” Bill said fondly. He released Katt’s hand.

“You know this girl, Bill?” asked Fay. She hadn’t necessarily come in contact with Katt during the final assault on Venom.

“Oh, yeah,” said Fox. Getting up, he took Fay’s hand and brought it to Katt’s. “Fay, this is Katt Monroe. Katt, this is Fay Spaniel.”

The two gals shook hands, smiling.

Bill’s gaze turned to Fox. “You moved on, I take it?” he asked him. “Your ex-girlfriend… Krystal, was it? We met on Katina for a bit during the Aparoids, and again during the attack on Aparoid Planet... I heard she did some pretty terrible stuff. All because you two had a falling out?”

“Yeah. Things went south,” Fox replied silently. “And in a horrible way, too.”

“And now, everybody hates her guts.” Bill shook his head, his long ears swaying. “I feel sorry for you, old buddy. Especially since she joined Star Wolf of all people.”

“I don’t fault Wolf for wanting to clear his name,” Fox said earnestly. “I think he deserved to save the galaxy one time. Him, Leon, and Panther. They’re really not so bad when you get to know ‘em…”

Bill stared.

“OK, I’ll admit,” Fox chuckled, shrugging. “Wolf can be pretty unsociable, Leon is rather sadistic, and Panther loves himself more than anyone… but they did beat the Anglars, and without anyone’s help. They can at least have one trophy.” His gaze dropped suddenly. “Krystal, though… mm…”

“I agree, Fox,” said Bill. “Star Wolf is a band of heroes, now, despite their flaws. But I can’t help but say Krystal is a dirty traitor, too.”

“You should hear Falco, then,” Katt put in. “He says all sorts of horrible things about her.”

“Yeah,” said Fox, his ears folding back as if to cringe. “You think Falco was a foul-mouth before? You should hear him now. ‘This is all Krystal’s fault! What a bitch she was! I have to spend all day doing all her work because she joined up with those dirty criminals!’

‘That smug cunt should be thrown in a wood chipper for what she did!’” Katt chimed in. “‘No, scratch that – I wanna throw her into a jail with male prisoners and see how they react to the first woman they’ve seen for a long time!’

“Damn…” said Bill, shuddering at the gruesome imagery thrown into his mind. “That’s just overkill.”

“Falco would say it was, too,” replied Katt. “He’d say if anyone deserves overkill, it’s her.

“I don’t know what to think…” Fox groaned earnestly, pinching the bridge of his muzzle with his hand. “I don’t know whether I wanna tell her I’m sorry, or just tear her head from her shoulders… or simply throw her in a prison cell and be done with it.”

“What did you want to do with Pigma?”

Bill’s quote left him at a loss for words. While it was without a doubt that Fox wanted to kill Andross the day he heard that he’d killed his parents – both of them – Fox had never considered what he wanted to do with Pigma when he brought him to justice. Pigma betrayed his father to Andross for money. All Fox knew was that he wanted to make him pay, too. But when he finally received the chance to give Pigma his just-desserts, it was when he’d become an Aparoid. Pigma was still alive, but he’d been transformed into a monster. And Fox had took it upon himself to take him down for good. But when it was over and Aparoid Pigma had been obliterated, Fox was not satisfied with Pigma’s death. In fact, after he returned to the Great Fox, he was crying. He didn’t understand it at first, but it was because he felt sorry for Pigma, and what he’d become. It was a crazy thought, since all the others on the team despised Pigma with a passion, but nevertheless, Fox could no longer hate Pigma, due to him suffering a fate worse than death. It was also the thought that Pigma could’ve let himself be corrupted by evil so easily. Pigma had betrayed his father, and had tried to kill him and his team for cold, hard cash. But when he was dead, Fox felt as if he’d lost a part of himself. As much as he hated the greedy bastard, he still acknowledged that not even Pigma deserved his fate: to be assimilated into a hive-mind of mechanical overlords and then be blown to space dust like that. Also, the thought that he couldn’t save him also really messed him up.

To answer the question that gave him pause, Fox answered with simplicity.

“Ultimately… I don’t know what I wanted to do… but it wasn’t what happened to him.” He hastily decided to change the subject. “But, yeah. I’m dating Katt, now.”

“Well, I gotta admit, Fox,” said Bill. “You scored big-time here. Maybe she is a cat, but I will say, she’s quite the looker.” A slight beat. “Of course, she’s not Fay, but…”

Fay playfully dope-slapped the back of Bill’s head.

“Hey…!” he complained.

“Come on, Bill…” Fay said. “You don’t have to brag about me…”

Before Bill could try and argue Fay’s point, Fox came in with a new question. “Hey, hold up, you two. If you two are gonna have a baby, then what’s life looking like for you, now? You can’t stay in the army if you’re nursing a child. And you won’t be able to keep going on as a freelance mercenary.”

Bill and Fay looked at each other, and then back to Fox.

“Well, we weren’t really planning on children, yet, but…” Fay placed her hands on her swollen belly. “Fate had other plans, I suppose.”

Katt was glad at that moment she was still on the pill. She’d decided to take another one in case she and Fox started having sex regularly… which was very possible to happen given last night and this morning. They were all over each other those past two times.

“Bill’s been saying he wants to continue his work on Katina,” Fay explained, “but I’m definitely taking a break, at least for a small while until I’m done breast-feeding the baby. I’m not planning on leaving the adventurous life behind, of course…” she added. “We might get our kid to enroll in Bill’s service when he or she turns eighteen.”

“Assuming the child wants to do so,” Fox concluded.

“Yeah,” Bill finished.

“If not, Bill and I might just settle down, and let that be it.”

Fox never imagined his two of his oldest friends with contrasting backgrounds getting married. Hell, he’d never imagined that Bill and Fay were together before now. But he really didn’t know how he could form the image of Bill and Fay with a kid. But one imagining did work its way up to the surface of its mind. And it was of him and Katt in that same metaphorical position: settling down and having a family.

Fox quickly wiped that scenario out of his brain before his entire train of thought derailed.

“But we love each other,” Bill said adamantly. “And we’re gonna do everything possible to make the future work out.”

Fox hoped for them a good future, too. And he hoped that the same would turn out for him and Katt. He didn’t know if he could suffer losing Katt the way he did Krystal. He’d learned from his mistakes; he wouldn’t let the past repeat itself.




And… done! I’m having fun!

You might be confused on the history bits, but that's because I pretty much decided to create my own variant of the Star Fox timeline, combining elements from both games centered around the Lylat Wars (64 and Zero), as well as adding planets where the Lylat Wars took place. Also, everyone was on Venom during the final battle while Fox battled Andross. The rest is very canon.

I’ll wonder if you caught the Mass Effect 2 reference in this chapter. It’s vague and I twisted around the words, but it’s there. Also, what'd you think of Bill and Fay suddenly appearing?

I think I might take a break for now. I need to figure out just where the heck this story is going. It might take a while, so if you like the story, hang in there. And be patient.

Next update, awesome peoples!


Sky-Kaiser out.

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Alright, so here’s Chapter 3! I appreciate the feedback, but I’m not taking any flames. Don’t read it if you don’t want to.

Happy reading!

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PARENTAL NOTICE: This chapter contains depictions of sex. Do not read if you are under 18 or are uncomfortable reading about sex.



Chapter 3: Fun in the Shower


Fox began to regain his awareness as he awoke. He could only remember having the most amazing dream last night. In it, he had sex with Katt. They took each other’s virginity and made heated, passionate love.

As Fox’s consciousness of his surroundings returned, he had the strange feeling that he wasn’t back at the Great Fox, which he had considered home for a long time. He also happened to notice that, underneath the bed sheets he rested under, he was naked. Then he felt that something soft, warm, and heavy (or was it someone?) was laying against him. He opened his eyes to see a mass of magenta fur in front of him. His vision readjusting, he looked down to see the familiar face of Katt Monroe, sound asleep and purring as she lay her head on his chest, a big smile on her face. She, too, was bare of clothing.

And then it struck him. He did have sex with Katt last night, and he was in her bed, in her apartment bedroom!

“Wow…” thought Fox, flabbergasted by the sudden revelation that what happened the night before was not a wild imagining he conjured in his sleep. “So what we did was real…”

The wonderful memories from the recent past of last night returned to Fox. Katt on top of him… their bodies joining together… the united cries of pleasure…

Fox felt himself want to stay.

As the vulpine lay there with the slumbering feline, Fox began to piece together what this all meant.  Before Katt actually joined the team, Fox only knew her through association with Falco. They became closer friends when she actually became a true member of the gang, but he doubted neither of them could have foreseen this happening later on. The two of them… sleeping with each other? A little farfetched, he would’ve called the possibility, but here he was. It was morning, and he lay here with Katt Monroe after they’d done the deed the night before. Of course, Fox couldn’t complain at all. Last night was the most exhilarating thing he’d ever experienced! And he was pretty sure Katt felt the same, deep down inside. The big question, however, came up to him like a lump in his throat: was this a one-night stand, or was this the beginning of something more?

Then Katt’s words from last night crossed his mind.

“Let’s just see where this goes.”

Fox mentally shrugged and decided to continue with Katt’s little bit of philosophy. For now, however, he felt satisfied with the events of last night. And, for the first time in a long while, he’d finally manage to get that vexing vixen off of his mind.

A sudden stretching feeling in his bladder signaled Fox that he needed to urinate. He didn’t want to leave Katt alone in bed, but his kidneys were telling him the need to empty his bladder was a more pressing matter. Reluctantly, he accepted that he must do so quickly. Making sure that he didn’t disturb Katt’s adventures in dreamland, whatever they may be, he scooted himself to the side ever so slowly. He succeeded in leaving her asleep on the bed, that adorable little grin still on her face. Fox then made his way to the bathroom, trotting past his and Katt’s clothes, still covering the floor here and there.

After relieving himself, Fox felt the urge to take a shower; he supposed Katt wouldn’t mind if he did so. Stepping into the bathtub, he closed the curtain and turned the water on to a perfect warm setting. The water came on cold at first however; Fox winced as an icy blast of water struck him head-on. It soon reached the temperature Fox wanted, and he sighed as he felt himself bathed in warmth, the warm water washing over his form. He grabbed a bottle of shampoo from the top shower shelf and unloaded some of the soapy substance into his palm, proceeding to rub it all across his body. Soap and suds blossomed over his fur as he lathered it across his body. He didn’t forget to wash his tail, either.

Fox’s thoughts drifted back to Katt, as he now pondered to himself why he’d never tried to start a relationship with her in the first place. Katt was amazing in a great amount of ways. Even more amazing than Krystal in some aspects. Of course, Katt probably didn’t have the aptitude to be a telepath and she didn’t have that cute pseudo-British accent Krystal had, but she was very different from Krystal, even before the Cerinian underwent that dramatic change in persona.

Katt was fun-loving, out-going, kind, strong, and beautiful on both the inside and out. Everything he could ever want in a woman. He felt himself mulling over what stopped them being brought together. They occasionally met every once in a while. Their first meeting on Zoness. The culling of some mutated bio-monsters on Fortuna. The ambush of Great Fox in Sector Gamma. The attack on the weapons facility on Macbeth. Even during the assault on Venom, plus the celebration afterwards. They’d also run into Katt in the Meteo Quadrant, where the asteroid field outside Corneria was, during the Aparoid Invasion. The attack on the Aparoid Homeworld. The party after the Aparoids and their queen were extinguished. There were also some encounters during the Anglar Blitz, in which she, for a brief spell, dyed her fur black. Fox preferred her fur its original magenta shade, of course.

The point was, he and Katt had known each other longer than he’d known Krystal, so why did he never think of a more in-depth relationship? Maybe it was because of Katt’s adoration for Falco which had made him back off; he may have genuinely believed that Falco would one day stop being such a jerk and actually start something with Katt. And besides, most of the times they were actually spending some time with one another, Fox was seeing Krystal.

Before he could try and throw another thought in, the shower curtain was pulled open. Katt, still unclothed from last night, stepped into the bathing place with him, coming under the torrent of warm water.

“Well, good morning to you, too, Tiger!” she said, pretending to pout. “I imagined you still in bed with me when I got up… and now I find out you’re trying to use up all the hot water?”

“Morning, Katt,” replied Fox, blushing. His hand rubbed behind his head. “I felt like I needed to get clean.”

“But you don’t have the patience to wait for me,” snorted Katt, her tone full of fake disappointment as she put herself in front of Fox. “Just make me some room, little man.”

“Fine… but you shouldn’t call me little…” Fox growled, grasping Katt’s hips from behind.

“Ooooh…” Katt cooed playfully. Her poker grin had returned. “This early? I like that idea…”

Katt twirled around to face Fox (who was forced to let go of her hips), and she locked her lips with him, an action Fox returned happily. They drew their arms around each other as the water cascaded down their bodies. As Katt pressed her body against the vulpine she really enjoyed the company of, Fox could feel her soft pink breasts squished against his sturdy front. He felt their bodies rubbing together, their tails twisting around each other like the patterns of a candy cane, and the familiar taste of her mouth as he explored it with his tongue. Katt’s tongue was also trying to slip its way down his throat, and Fox felt himself begin to reach an arousal point. Soon, his male part had become erect, and it was bumping against Katt’s belly.

Their mouths did not separate, but Katt felt the urge to caress his enlarged male part with her hand, her slender fingers circling around the shaft. She began to stroke it back and forth, and Fox moaned into her mouth in response. Katt would’ve smiled, but her lips were still glued to Fox’s. Said vulpine now lowered his hands down to her shapely rear, squeezing it sensually. Katt repaid Fox’s action by moaning into his mouth as he continued to hold and feel her perfect buttocks.

Katt’s lips now removed themselves from Fox’s as she let go of Fox’s cock, flashing him a suggestive smile. Turning her back to him, she bent over, her hands against the shower wall as support. She then stood on her tippy-toes, sticking her sexy ass as far up as she could get it. Her snaky tail drifted out of the way as well, providing perfect view of both her pussy and asshole. Looking back over her shoulder, she wiggled her hips slightly, a look of aroused expectancy painting her features.

Fox knew what she desired here. This time, she wanted Fox to do her in the backdoor.

Once again, Fox felt a great amount of excitement, his heart beating at extreme speed. The same kind he’d felt before he deflowered Katt last night. But he happened to know that anyone’s tail-end was extremely tight. Trying to get something inside would be pretty difficult. But the soapy shampoo that covered his form should provide a sufficient lube.

Embarrassing as this was, he learned about using certain slippery liquids to assist a screw up the ass from… well… Slippy.

Before he met Amanda, Slippy went to strip clubs by himself, but… OK… this was weird, but, Slippy had originally preferred the company of men before Amanda entered his life. Of course, these homoerotic sexual escapades ended when time decided for him to have his chance meeting with the girl he instantly fell for.

But that was irrelevant. He shouldn’t be thinking about Slippy here, anyways; he was about to have Katt’s ass all to himself.

Fox grasped her hip with one hand, and with the other, he aligned his moistened phallus with Katt’s pucker. Employing the same strategy he’d used on puncturing Katt’s hymen, he entered her anal tract slowly. Katt gritted her teeth as her hole was forcibly stretched to accommodate the width of Fox’s member. After a slight bit of pain, Fox and Katt had managed to complete the connection. Katt’s asshole was burning, but she trusted that the good feeling would soon kick in.

When it did, Katt pushed her hips backwards as an urge to get Fox to move. He responded, moving slightly, but still pushing back into her. He realized that he couldn’t move as much as when he’d screwed Katt’s sex, but her rectal walls were tighter than the inside of her cunt. Katt noticed this, too, as well as feeling an extra bit of pain from having something up her ass, but the ups were Fox’s cock was still entering her pelvic area, positioned right alongside her inner genitilia. Any motion he may make would send a mixed bit of agony and ecstasy. Katt soon felt herself learning to love it, as Fox’s motions sent mixed signals: a surprising, yet satisfying duo of feeling.

“Ahh...! Fox… I like this… do what you do…”

“I aim to please,” was the reply to Katt’s reaction.

Fox concentrated on Katt’s arousing posterior as he pushed his pelvis in repetitive motion against her, her voluminous backside rippling pleasantly as Fox hilted her ass with aggressive vigor.

“Ah! Ahh! Oh, yes! More! Oh, Fox!

Katt’s excited and ecstatic feedback was all the things Fox wanted to hear. If she liked it rough, he’d give her rough and more. Now he slammed his appendage into her as hard as he could, not pulling any strength behind in his movements.

Soon enough, their pleasure levels began to reach a peak as Fox and Katt felt their orgasms coming on swiftly. Their moans grew to the loudest they could go as the delightful outcome approached.

Then, a collective moan escaped their mouths at the same time as their climaxes crashed down on them. Fox’s member now twitched convulsively inside of Katt’s rectum as he spilled his cum inside of her. The feeling of the warm sticky substance coating her insides excited her enough for her to give in to pleasure as well; her juices leaked from her slit, some of it leaking onto Fox’s scrotum.

After the few seconds it took for them to recover, Fox brought his hands underneath Katt’s waist, hoisting her up. The semi-exhausted feline shrugged off her initial shakiness from her anal experience and sank back into Fox.

“What a wonderful way to start the morning,” she sighed, feeling like putty to be molded in Fox’s hands.

Katt could feel Fox’s member, now in usual limp state, remove itself from her. She smiled as Fox rested his chin on Katt’s shoulder. They felt agreed to a consensus: shower sex was a pretty wonderful activity. Everything was hot and slippery and wet.

A tender moment of holding passed, and Fox spoke.

“You know, we should probably get our butts washed sometime today,” he said.

Katt saw he had a point. Their pelvic areas were sticky with sex juices. And the original purpose of them getting into the shower was to get clean, not attain extra filthiness.

The duo now began to share the shampoo, lathering each other up, washing the other. Fox could never remember having someone else wash him, though if he did think the feeling was familiar, maybe it was because he remembered having to be assisted in bathing by his mom or dad when he was a cub. It was pretty fun washing the girl he was showering with, but the problem was pretty much in front of him, and likewise for Katt. They were looking at their partner’s naked bodies, and caressing certain parts that made them excited didn’t help. Fox soon felt his shaft grow back into its hardened position. Katt’s clitoris was beginning to become rigid, too: her own sign of arousal.

After a sufficient cleaning, Fox and Katt began to rinse off their fur, the bubbles washing off their forms as the water cascaded over them. At one point, Fox was helping Katt rinse out the fur on her back, and, without thinking, rubbed under her shoulders, the tips of his manipulators unwittingly touching her jugs. Katt felt this and moved slightly, but before she could ask Fox to move his hands back a bit, Fox’s member pressed at the spot between her buns. They comprehended the position they were in and understood they’d reached a familiar and inevitable pathway, one that was simply impossible to avoid.

They locked eyes. They knew the same thing was on their minds.

“Oh, what the hell,” they told each other in unison.

Then Fox grabbed Katt’s juicy breasts and pushed her back into him, his length becoming sandwiched by that damned ass of hers. Katt writhed in his grip as she pushed her hips backwards. Her buttocks pressed even harder against Fox’s male part. She wiggled her hips against it, making it stiffen even more.

Losing all his restraint, Fox spun Katt around to face him and grabbed her ass, squeezing those wonderful buns tightly. Katt cooed out of the arousal of her squishy backside being given so much attention, as well as approval and excitement. Using his muscles, Fox lifted Katt off her feet, leaning his back against one of the shower walls to keep from slipping. Katt had managed to tie her arms and legs around him as they locked themselves in standing position. She waited in anticipation as she prepared to welcome Fox’s enlarged shaft back into her awaiting entrance. Relying on feel alone, Fox aligned his pecker with Katt’s needy sex and, as his lips captured Katt’s, thrust into her without a need to worry about hurting her. This time, he slid in without resistance.

Katt’s moan was muffled by Fox’s mouth as they kissed; she felt herself being received once again into a world of pleasure as her heated sex opening was filled once again. Her kiss with Fox did not separate once, so their moans became suppressed by each other’s lips as Fox pistoned in and out of her wet cunt with unrivaled desire. The two felt in absolute heaven as they repeated their fevered motions, water washing over their forms. Soon their climaxes became apparent in the midst of this lustful display. The fox and the cat wanted to continue, but knew this couldn’t last, as much as they wanted it to. Finally their race for release reached the big finish: Fox and Katt’s climaxes made them convulse powerfully as they came, their kiss deepening and their arms tightening around one another.

Fox removed himself and set Katt back on her feet. Both now felt a little extra-tired and wobbly, so they took a moment by sitting on the rim of the tub, catching their breath. Sex was an exhausting act.

“Alright, Tiger,” said Katt. “Maybe we should finish up here. Otherwise, we may never finish this shower.”

“I don’t have a problem with that, Katt,” Fox replied with a sly grin. “But you are right. We need to get back to work… and the bills aren’t gonna pay themselves.”

After stepping out of the tub, Fox and Katt grabbed a towel for themselves and began to dry off. Fox took his tail out of the bathroom, however, so he wouldn’t be so tempted to try and jump Katt again. As much as he was beginning to enjoy the new experience of sexual intercourse, he understood that he couldn’t spend his whole life doing it all the time.

As he ran the towel over his body, drying his wet fur coat off as best he could, Fox felt himself having reached the answer as to what he should do now. He wanted to pursue a genuine relationship with Katt. The past 18 hours had been the happiest he’d ever lived through, and he couldn’t help but feel a feeling in his heart that was warmer than any other time he’d been with a girl. It was strange that he had such a right feel around Katt, and yet he’d never felt it when around Krystal. Maybe it was because this was really the first time he’d performed the act of sex with someone. Maybe it was because of what was destined to happen, as Krystal had never been meant to stay the woman he met on Sauria. Maybe it was because there were parallel universes, and in this one, he was with Katt. He could’ve managed to get Krystal to return, or maybe even convince her to marry him in another possible timeline. He may have successfully scored Fara in yet another outcome.

Or maybe it simply didn’t matter at all. He wanted something more with Katt Monroe. Why not take a shot?

Once they were both dried up and in their attire from last night, Fox decided to pose the question.

“So… are you free for dinner, tonight?” he asked as he was pulling his damaged jacket back on.

Katt looked over her shoulder, as her back was turned to Fox; she was zipping up her jumpsuit. “You’re asking me out?” she inquired. “You slept with me, first, and then you ask if we can go on a date? I think we got that order backwards, honey.”

Fox whirled around to face Katt (his back had been to her, too). “Hey. I remember you coming on to me last night.”

“OK, OK…” relented Katt. “Guilty as charged… but it’s still a bit your fault for being so damn handsome.”

Fox grinned like an idiot at that quote. That could go both ways, as trying not to stare at Katt’s goodies was like trying not to break into a cookie jar. The more he told himself not to do it, the more he just had to.

“Of course, I’m not rejecting your offer,” she replied sweetly as she turned around, sauntering over to Fox. “If anything, I’d love to go with you to dinner, Foxy.”

“Really? Great!” Fox sounded excited for once, his inner kid having sprung out of the depths of his being.

Katt giggled girlishly at Fox’s enthusiasm. “Why not? I don’t need thoughts of our bird-brained friend getting in the way of my work. I’d feel a lot more comfortable trying a trust fall with you.”

“Don’t you worry, Katt… you can rely on me anytime you want,” replied Fox warmly as he and Katt once again felt themselves desiring the refuge of their arms, “Of course, I’d embrace you, too…”

“Mmm…” Katt sighed, her world full of bliss as her deep cerulean eyes locked with a magnetic attraction to Fox’s. “Yes. You would, wouldn’t you…?” she whispered, as their muzzles closed their distance again. A soft kiss followed as their lips made the gentlest contact.



After having completely readied themselves for the day ahead, Fox departed from Katt’s abode. Having bid her a tender goodbye and a kiss, Fox had a skip in his step for the first time in months.

As he clambered into his Arwing, Fox’s smile had made no attempt to disembark from his face. He had a glowing feeling inside of him, one he hadn’t felt since Krystal’s forced resignation from Star Fox. He made love to a woman for the first time, he had a possible attempt to start a new relationship with said woman, and he had a date with her at 6:00 PM tonight.

His Arwing ascending to the skies, Fox was filled with a great excitement for the beginning day, and his attitude was as sky-high as his starfighter. His mind felt itself in sync with his heart as he predicted:

“I can just feel today turning out perfect!”



And… done! Again. This was a bit steamier than last chapter. I want Fox and Katt to have a kind of relationship where it’s all fun. Hopefully I can make all the precision strikes in making this story good.

But yeah, I think I might take some time putting out these chapters. I’m trying to figure out where this fic is going. Don’t rush me, though.

Next chapter, we’ll have some guest appearances from some special characters.

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Chapter 2: Trying Something New

“Sorry about that,” said Katt dejectedly as they left the club. “Guess we picked the wrong time to go there. Or we just picked the wrong place, period.”

“It’s OK, Katt,” replied Fox kindly as he examined the large tear in his jacket and shirt. “You couldn’t have known those goons were gonna try some stupid stunt.”

“Still,” Katt muttered worriedly as she eyed his torn shirt. “That stupid mutt with the jungle sword could have killed you, Fox. Are you actually hurt?” she added as she examined the clothing damage for herself.

“I’m fine,” said Fox dismissively. “I got a little scratched and I might need a new jacket, but I’m good.”

Katt inspected the small cut on the side of his shoulder. It didn’t show very well; it was like a scrape if anything and it wasn’t bleeding, but Katt was still a little worried.

“Is it still OK if I check you out?” she said, still analyzing the small damage. “I’ve got a med-kit and disinfectant at my apartment here on Corneria. I mean, that guy’s machete could have been tipped.”

Fox’s ears perked up as the possibility registered with him. “Poison? Damn, Katt, I didn’t even think of that. OK,” he relented. “We’ll get it checked…” And they made tracks for their respective fighters.



“Nice place, you got here.”

“It’s not much, but it suits my needs.”

Katt’s apartment was a simplistic abode, but it held the comfortable feel of home. A large queen-sized bed for two sat in the middle of the room against the north wall, sitting in front of a widescreen holo-TV. Common accessories for a room in an apartment building were also around, such as a small fridge, a cabinet, a kitchen apparatus on the east side of the room, and a doorway on the north-west wall which led to the bathroom. That was where Katt led Fox.

Fox took of his torn jacket and shirt. His signature red scarf was undamaged, so that was a relief. He then sat on the rim of the bathtub as Katt came over with her med-kit. Taking a small wipe soaked in disinfectant, she began to dab Fox’s scratch with the small, wet pad, coating it in cleansing liquid.

As she did this, she felt herself staring over Fox’s well-build upper body, and she felt herself go red underneath her fur. It was slightly visible (was it possible Fox might notice?), but she felt as if she didn’t care. A lustful feeling washed over her as she raked her eyes over his shirtless body. His broad chest and six-pack stood out quite easily, outlined by creases in the fluffy white fur on his front. His sturdy build made Katt want to reach out and feel for herself…

Now, Katt had always thought Fox was a pretty handsome guy, but had always thought of him as simply a friend – though she had made the offer to give him a kiss on the cheek after he saved her from a Venomian oil mining facility on Zoness, which she fulfilled during the celebration after the Lylat Wars ended. Her eyes had usually gone towards Falco, however, when she thought about romance, but tonight was different. She had given up on Falco, and Fox had been available since Krystal simply disappeared into thin air. They were both single, and Fox seemed an opportune target. Maybe it was the alcohol she had ingested earlier, or maybe the hormone-inducing pheromones from the club, but Katt was now seeing Fox McCloud in a whole new light.

When Katt was done, she gave the summary.

“Well, Fox, it wasn’t tipped, but there’s no telling where that dirty dog might have been,” she explained. “Either way, you’re good.”

“Well, thank you, Katt,” said Fox, pulling his shirt and jacket back on. He knew he might have to discard them later; the tear was too big to just overlook. He could get them to a tailor, though…

“Least I could do, Tiger,” replied Katt sweetly as she followed him to the door. “Sorry the night didn’t go better. I could see you really wanted that chipmunk girl you were talking to. I kind of screwed that up…”

As they reached the front door, Fox smiled. “No, Katt. It’s all good,” he replied wholeheartedly. “I appreciate all the effort, and I did have some fun.” He turned away to the door. “We should do this again.”

But as he reached for the doorknob, Katt suddenly felt the urge to make a move. She reached out and caught his wrist, halting his exit. “Wait, Fox!”

The surprised vulpine turned around. “What?”

An odd look was in Katt’s gleaming blue eyes, and Fox could see a blush tinting her features as she removed her grip on his wrist. A small smile also curled her lips. Fox recognized the expression on her face. He’d seen it when he asked out Fara Phoenix, an old friend of his from the Cornerian Military Academy. And he’d seen it again when he’d met Krystal for the first time on Sauria.

It was a look of attraction.

“I wanna try something…” Katt whispered.

Then, without warning, she grabbed Fox’s face with her hands, and, pulling his head towards hers, she leaned forward and pressed her lips to Fox’s! Paramount surprise overcame Fox; his eyes nearly bulged out of his sockets!

A few seconds and Katt pulled away. Fox was soon attempting to recover from the initial shock.

“Wha…?” Fox gaped at the feline, still trying to wrap his head around what Katt had just done. “What was that?!

All of a sudden, Fox noticed the massive amount of blush on Katt’s face, suddenly becoming apparent to his vision amongst all that magenta. The red on her cheeks and muzzle were amplified in visibility by the coy look she was giving him.

“Fox…” she cooed soothingly. “You’re single… I’m single… and I think we’ve spent a bit too long living the single life. So why not you and me? Besides…” – she snaked her arms around the back of Fox’s neck as she spoke – “…you are really cute.”

Fox took the hint. This time, he and Katt leaned into each other as their lips met yet again. Fox did not object one bit as he drew his arms around and behind Katt’s slender waist, and she purred in approval as he did so. His tail even moved around from behind to meet with Katt’s, and they twirled around each other to intertwine. This was the first time he’d held a woman like Katt in a long time. And he didn’t feel as if he should think. He just acted. Maybe this was the drinks and the vapors doing their work, but he quickly became as aroused as the feline woman he was making out with.

As they separated their lips, Fox bored his green eyes deep into Katt’s blue ones. Fox himself was seeing a whole new world in Katt Monroe. Much similar to what Katt was thinking when she was inspecting the minor injury he’d received earlier. He took a moment to gaze over Katt’s body. Her large breasts were framed by her purple catsuit, which was so thin it outlined every sensual curve and crease on her body. It was more like swimwear than a thin suit actually armored by Nano-technology. Her navel was indicated by the divot in her suit’s abdominal area. Her round, perfectly curved ass was also well-framed by the suit’s tightness. It was like she purposely vacuumed up her suit to make it look this snug. And, if Fox was correct in assuming this, she wanted him to help her take it off… and maybe take his own clothes off, too.

He was pretty sure she wanted to seduce him.

…not that he objected. Katt was an extremely attractive woman. Hell. She was downright hot! If he was to lose his innocence here, tonight, he couldn’t think of someone better to do it with.

As their lips locked together once more, Fox backed Katt up towards the bed, their tongues burrowed into each other’s mouths in lustful manner. Fox separated from Katt for a second to remove his jacket and shirt once again, re-revealing his sturdy chest and ripped abs. Katt returned the action by zipping down her jumpsuit, opening it up and unveiling her crimson bra, which held in place her large D-Cup breasts. Her front side, from the bottom of her neck down to an area around her nether-region, was tinged a light pink in contrast with the rest of her magenta body. Katt slowly slid her suit down off her shoulders. Then, turning around so that her backside was facing Fox, she pulled it down to her feet. Her slinky tail swayed from side to side as she slid the suit down past her panties (which matched her bra), down her legs, and all the way to her feet, her round, inviting ass sticking up in the air as Katt looked behind, her lips puckered and her finger resting on her lower lip. Fox, his primal instincts taking over, rubbed the growing bulge in his pants between Katt’s plump buttocks, his hands gripping her hips. Katt let out an aroused exhale, bucking her pelvis back into Fox’s.

“Mmm… now, now, Fox…” said Katt breathlessly, standing up and wrapping her arms behind Fox’s neck again. “We’re getting to that…”

Fox smirked, resting his head on Katt’s shoulder. “Alright. I can go at your pace, then.”

Relinquishing her brief hold, she turned to Fox and grabbed her restrained tits, which heaved against the crimson velvet that made up her bra. Her nips poked against the thin material.

“Go on, Tiger…” she purred, licking her lips.

As Katt moved her arms out of the way, Fox brought his hands to the clasp behind Katt’s bra, unhooking it. Katt smirked, pulling the accessory off of her chest to reveal what was underneath. Her large, pink breasts with red-violet nipples were now free, and revealed for Fox to see. Fox brought his hands up to cup them in his hands, rubbing his thumbs against her nips, which were already hard and erect. Katt exhaled, pleased that Fox enjoyed what he saw. Fox brought his lips to Katt’s cleavage and began to brush his lips and tongue underneath the inviting crease between her tits whilst his hands slid down to that amazing rear end of hers. Katt gasped, her hands going to the back of Fox’s head. She pushed him in; Fox responded with a squeeze to Katt’s behind.

“Mmm… Fox…” she shivered.

Fox grinned and moved to her left nipple, capturing it with his lips and sucking, his tongue brushing against it. His hand left Katt’s bottom to squeeze her neglected breast, kneading it in his grip. Katt whimpered, arching her back as she felt Fox’s tongue doing its work. Fox, meanwhile, felt the inside of his pants seem to grow tighter. His erection, still concealed by his pants, throbbed against its prison, begging to be set free. Fox had other plans, however, as he switched his mouth’s focus to Katt’s right breast while he tweaked her left nipple. Katt let out a sharp, quiet whine as Fox did this, almost letting a genuine moan escape her mouth.

Fox now began to work lower down, moving down and along her hourglass figure, reaching her belly button and performing a brief lick inside of it before going down to her panties. His hands gripped the fabric and slid it down her long legs, causing it to join the pool of Katt’s discarded clothing on the floor. Katt now stood in front of him, completely naked, her perfect form unabridged of view by any wearing fabric. Fox could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He’d never even managed to get Krystal into a position like this when they were dating; in fact, he’d never actually done this before. He’d learned about sex back in high school, and he’d also watched a few hentai videos in his past, but he’d never actually done the deed. And judging by the smoothness of Katt’s untouched pussy (Fox chuckled at that thought: a pussy cat’s pussy), she, too, had yet to lose her innocence. Surprising, considering he expected a flirt like Katt to be an expert at this. But for all her seductive games, she was still somewhat an innocent little girl with a love for fun.

Of course, that was all just trivial extra detail.

Katt laid down on the bed and spread her legs wide, exposing her virginal flower in full view of Fox. “Be careful, Fox,” she said. “I’m…”

“…a virgin,” finished Fox. “It’s OK. I never got the chance to do this with Krystal, either.”

“You didn’t?” Katt sounded like she had not expected this.

“Not like I care,” added Fox as he crawled onto the bed with her, coming in between her legs. “I’m over her. Right now, it’s you and me.”

Smirking boldly, he experimentally rubbed the surface of her lower region with the pad of his thumb, and this time, Katt freely let out a moan. “Ohh… Fox…”

“You like that?” asked Fox, touching her in the same spot. She moaned again.

“Oh, yes, Fox…” begged Katt. “Keep going…”

Spurred by her feedback, Fox continued, rubbing Katt’s cunt with his thumb and earning more moans from her. Grinning excitedly, Fox rubbed harder and faster, but gentle enough to keep from breaking her hymen; he wanted to save that for when he actually penetrated her.

“Ah… Ahh! Fox!” cried out Katt, gripping the bed sheets. “Oh, God…! Don’t stop! Please, it feels so good…!

Fox was having fun now. He had Katt at his mercy, having her writhing on the bed helplessly as she felt the immense good feeling wash over her. Fox was content with going faster, resulting in more pitiful cries from Katt.

“Yes! Fox! Oh, Fox! Please!

Now Fox wanted to get more personal in this. Removing his finger, he brought his mouth in between her legs, slipping his tongue across her flower.

“AHH! Oh, my…! Fox!” squealed Katt.

Taking the visuals he’d seen in dirty videos he’d stumbled across in the past, Fox copycatted with expertise, despite his total cluelessness of how to actually do it. He pushed his tongue inside of her, taking care to not go so deep as to hit her hymen. He made sure not to be too vigorous about it; sometimes he didn’t know his own strength. Katt let out another groaning exertion as she wrapped her legs around Fox’s neck, pulling him in. She also brought her hands to the back of his head, wanting him to get as up-close and personal as possible.

“Fox…” gasped Katt as her breathing began to hasten. “I… I can’t…!

Fox stopped licking.

Katt stopped moaning.

When Katt looked down at Fox, she looked half-angry and wanted to complain. But Fox got up rather quickly, pressing her finger to Katt’s mouth.

“Shh.” Fox was giving her the most infuriating grin ever. “I’ll give you your release. But first…”

Katt caught on to what Fox was implying. Getting up, she came to the foot of the bed, watching as Fox sat down on its edge, taking off his jeans and leaving him only in his boxers. He intended for Katt to do away with them. Katt had a hungry look in her eyes as she stared at the large bump in his undergarment. Slipping her slender fingers underneath, she slid them slowly down. Upon its liberation, Fox’s erect phallus popped up in front of Katt. She licked her lips again; Fox wasn’t necessarily huge, but he was truly above average – probably about 9 inches – and Katt soon felt herself bringing her manipulators around the base of the enlarged appendage. Katt’s mouth watered as she slowly stroked licked his shaft, starting from the hilt and gliding her tongue up to the sensitive tip. Now Fox felt a pleased gasp escape his throat; he shuddered with a great delight.

“Katt…” Fox groaned. He was unable to resist Katt’s heavenly ministrations. “Ohh… Katt…”

Katt smiled devilishly, continuing on with her pleasing torture by swirling her tongue around his tip. Then, unable to resist anymore, she slid his member into her moist orifice, clamping her lips over the hardened male part. Fox gasped, then moaned audibly, enjoying the overpowering sensation. Fox gritted his teeth as Katt scraped his cock ever so slightly with her own teeth, and, unable to take it, he began to grow a little rough. Sitting up a bit, he brought one of his hands to the back of Katt’s head, pushing her down onto his shaft and bucking his hips forward into her. The motion surprised Katt, but she didn’t object; in fact, she felt herself enjoying Fox’s manhandling her. Maybe she liked it rough, too.

“Damn… ooh… Katt, you’re good…” Fox groaned.

Katt smiled around his cock before continuing. This was her first time, true, but she knew how this worked. Fox’s heated moans turned Katt on as much as Fox himself did; she felt the spot in between her legs becoming extremely wet, her fur included. Her free hand moved over his testes and she gave them an extraordinarily gentle squeeze, proceeding to rub them in her palm. The added pleasure made Fox growl. This wasn’t an exclamation of warning, but rather a strained and stifled response of his approval.

“Ahh… yeah… that’s it, Katt… that’s it.”

Katt was more than pleased to hear Fox’s feedback, and began to slide more of his cock into her mouth. Suppressing her gag reflex, she performed a successful deep-throat, managing to get the entirety of his shaft into her mouth – all 9 inches: an amazing feat for a first-timer.

Soon, Fox felt himself losing ground in his little battle of resisting Katt’s working. The hot and wet constrictions of her oral cavity was growing too much to bear.

“Uhh…! W… wait…! Ahh! Katt, wait!”

The sudden protest came as Fox began to feel the growing feeling of an impending orgasm building in his cock. Katt obeyed and stopped, but not before removing her lips from the tip, making a loud pop. Fox soon felt his would-be release die down.

“I know, I know. You want to finish this properly,” Katt said, speaking as if she were being reminded of something by a superior.

“Trust me,” said Fox. “I think this is the best way to end it.”

Katt decided to take Fox’s word for it therefore.

Fox now backed up, laying the whole of his body on Katt’s bed, anticipating her to come to her. Taking her sweet time, Katt crawled on top of Fox, kissing up his front, up his six-pack, up his powerful chest, up his broad shoulder, and up to Fox’s face, bringing her lips to his. Their arms intertwined around each other’s bodies as they kissed, tasting themselves from the other’s mouth. Katt now looked down as her lady part met Fox’s male part. She looked excited, and yet anxious at the same time.

“Fox…” she implored.

“It’s OK,” assured Fox, locking his hands with hers as she lifted herself over him. “We’ll do this together…”

Katt smiled, her confidence reinforced by Fox’s calming words. Taking a deep breath – and making her chest bounce pleasantly as she did that – Katt positioned herself, straddling Fox’s hips with her legs. She began to lower herself down, and the tip of Fox’s member pressed against her vaginal entrance before pushing into her. Then, she felt him hit the resistant barrier that restricted him access into her.

“Do it,” said Katt.

Fox was worried, however; should he go fast? Wouldn’t going fast hurt her? Should he take it easy? Wouldn’t going slow be more agonizing for Katt?

“It’s OK, Fox,” replied Katt. “Do what you think is best.”

Fox’s confidence was re-bolstered; now he felt himself ready to make the move that would take Katt’s virginity. Moving forward against the barricade that prohibited him from joining with Katt, Fox began to patiently push his way inside of her. A pained sound leaked from Katt’s closed lips as he made the steady movement. Her teeth clenched. Fox didn’t hear a request to cease movement, however, so he continued. Katt’s innocence was not giving away easily, but Fox still managed to push deeper into her. Finally, the hymen gave way, and he pushed into her, filling her perfectly as they became one. Katt let out a yowl of mixed pain and pleasure as the part of her that stopped Fox’s entry was punctured, and yet the feeling that came from Fox finally entering her was… astounding. A shuddering, anticipating moan from her filled the room. The pain had been there for a slight second, and then it was gone… replaced by an incredible feeling she’d never comprehended. It was tenfold the feeling of Fox’s teasing her flower earlier. What with her cherry popped now, that felt like a simple tingle compared to this!

There was no blood, and Fox concluded that to be a good thing. He scanned the astounded epiphany on Katt’s face and decided she must like it.

Then her voice came out in a sultry whisper.

“Go on, Fox… make me feel good.”

Fox smiled at his success and moved slightly. He pulled his phallus out, retracting until only the tip remained inside. Fox then pushed back into her, his length stretching her insides to just the right point. This time, both Fox and Katt moaned. Fox repeated the motion, and again, and again, feeling her walls grip and give way around his dick. Katt meowed loudly and gripped Fox’s shoulders, joining him in rhythm and rocking back into him every time he pushed up into her, her pelvis moving along with Fox’s in harmonic motion. Their hips met repetitively, hitting with an arousing clapping sound as Fox’s tan-orange mixed with Katt’s magenta and pink.

“Ahh…! Oh, yeah…! Fox, keep on! Keep going!” Katt cried out. “Yes, I need this! Give it to me!”

Fox moved faster in response to this, adding extra effort into his thrusts, going harder and faster. He brought his hands to Katt’s soft, round ass as well, applying a vice-like grip and squeezing and kneading the soft flesh that made up her appealing hindquarters. Katt gasped at Fox copping a feel, and bucked even harder. Her meows and yowls became even louder as large amounts of juices dripped out from her cunt and onto Fox’s lap.

“AHH! OHH! Harder, Fox! FASTER!” she begged, digging her claws into Fox’s shoulders, but not so hard as to puncture his skin. Nevertheless, Fox responded to the slight prick with a sharp slap to Katt’s behind, and she yowled in surprise and pleasure.

Fox growled playfully and went as fast as he could possibly go, relishing in the intense feeling of what he could only suppose was a mixture of love-making and outright screwing. The display was a mixture of power and rhythm, and Fox and Katt could feel themselves both having landed on Cloud Nine. They didn’t want to come down!

“Uhh…! Katt! You’re so tight…!” Fox managed to gasp out.

“JUST KEEP GOING, FOX! DON’T STOP!” Katt wailed in response, her breasts bouncing with each thrust.

The ongoing process of sexual activity continued on and on, their moans and cries and yells filling the room and building in intensity throughout the timespan of a heavenly 10 minutes. And soon, the two began to slow; Fox’s thrusts decreased in speed, but the power in his thrusts intensified as he felt the pleasant feeling from earlier began to build. Katt, likewise, was putting extra push into her recoils back into Fox, the sound of their bodies slamming together growing louder along with their exclamations of pleasing sensation.

“Katt! I’m… I’m gonna cum!” Fox cried out.

“Me, too!” Katt’s voice came out in a high whine. “Let’s finish together! Do it inside me!” She knew she was safe; she’d taken a pill prior to going to the club, in case she got lucky that night… which she most definitely had!

Finally the reward of their hard work bloomed in full as their heated joining culminated in a white-hot explosion of absolute ecstasy.

FOX…!” screamed Katt as she finally gave in to the overwhelming feeling.

KATT…!” yelled Fox in response as he, too, submitted to immense pleasure.

That was all they could scream as they came in unison. As Fox thrust into Katt one last time, the titanic feeling of Fox’s shaft hilting her with such force made her give up, making her walls constrict and unload a huge amount of juices onto Fox’s lap. The sudden constriction sent Fox over the edge as he shot his load up into Katt’s uterus, filling her completely with his seed.

Engulfed in their throes of pleasure, their strength and vitality left them. Their stamina drained, Fox fell limp, and Katt toppled on top of him. Both panted heavily in the afterglow, trying to catch their breath after exerting so much energy into their respective climaxes. Katt’s head laid on Fox’s broad chest as she fell sideways, off of Fox’s lap and extricating her deflowered nether-region from his appendage, which was now beginning to return to its flaccid state.

As Fox laid there, catching his stolen breath, he stared at the beautiful woman in his arms. This wasn’t exactly how he imagined his first time going; he’d always supposed that Krystal was the one. And before that, Fara. But that was the past. Fara had moved on a long time ago since he left the Academy. Krystal had chosen Star Wolf over him, having becoming a terribly different person. And right now, Fara was just a friend. Krystal no longer existed in his life. It was just him and Katt.

He felt truly happy again.

“Oh… wow…” sighed Katt contently, her face glowing with satisfaction.

“Yeah…” agreed Fox, his chest rising and falling.

Katt readjusted herself so that she was facing Fox, and he responded with a sweet kiss. No tongues, this time. Just a simple, lighthearted lip-lock. Fox drew his arms around Katt, pulling her in, encasing her in his strong, protective grip. Katt reciprocated, pulling her arms around Fox’s neck.

A thought crossed Fox’s mind suddenly. As they separated their lips, he posed a question.

“Hey… Katt… I know this is a question as old as time… but I need to ask: what happens now?”

“Let’s not worry our heads about that just yet, Fox…” Katt purred. “Let’s just see where this goes.”

Fox could put himself to rest with that answer.

Katt reached up slightly to pull the blanket over their naked forms, and once having done so, she rested her head on Fox’s fluffy chest, using it as her pillow. Her soft, broad, fluffy chest-pillow. They pulled their arms around one another, entwined tenderly as sweet sleep embraced them. Fox McCloud and Katt Monroe had no idea what would happen next when they woke up, but both hoped that they had just found “the one.”



Wee-hyoo. OK, I know I'm two chapters in, and Fox and Katt already banged, but I think it's justified. Two frustrated adults (even if they're anthros) helping each other out with "needs" does happen a lot. So, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I sure enjoyed making it. For those of you asking on the visual cues for Katt’s jumpsuit, I kind of got them from looking at superhero costumes, as well as the signature skin-tight jumpsuit worn by Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect.

So what do you think? Rate and review in the meantime… I’ll see you next update.

Sky-Kaiser out.

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Sky-Kaiser here with an AU Fanfiction for Star Fox!

OK. So this is an idea I had a little while ago. After beating Star Fox: Command numerous times, I decided to write what there seems to be a lack of: continuations of the “Star Wolf Rises” ending of Star Fox: Command, where Star Wolf saves the galaxy from the Anglars and Krystal becomes Kursed. But it isn’t a Fox/Krystal get-back-together. This is actually a Fox McCloud/Katt Monroe fanfiction following approximately nine months after Star Wolf’s redemption and rise to fame.

Now, before you get any ideas, this isn’t necessarily a Krystal-bashing fic. It’s simply a scenario I made up which comes from Fox’s own point-of-view – and Katt’s at some points – as they find a new love interest in each other, though I still might end the story with Krystal suffering a punishment of some kind (Don’t worry, I’m not so cruel as to kill her off; I’ll most likely just get her ended up in jail.). There might be a paltry sum of bashing here and there but I won’t make it anything major. I still ship Fox/Krystal – and, by extent, Falco/Katt – as much as I do Ash/Dawn, Sonic/Amy, and Shepard/Miranda, but I believe this is a good idea, and thought that Fox still deserved a happy ending no matter what the possibility.

Also, in this universe, there’s no such thing as Neo Pigma (Pigma’s cube form in Star Fox: Command). Pigma Dengar was killed permanently when he was destroyed by Fox as Aparoid Pigma in Assault. Andrew Oikonny is still alive after Lucy Hare beat him and his Death Crab on Fichina, but his whereabouts are unknown… at least for now… Dash Bowman is steward of Venom, like he is in the “Fox and Krystal” ending (which is the ending I consider canon).

Just… felt like those details needed to get out there. Alright. So… hope you enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Star Fox, its characters, or any of its associated storylines.

PARENTAL NOTICE: This fanfiction is a lemon, meaning it contains depictions of sex in some of these chapters. Do not read if you are under 18 or are uncomfortable reading about sex.



Chapter 1: Try To Forget


Several months had passed since the battle against the Anglars, a race of bio-monsters created from the toxic environment – and the remnants of a former empire – on the desolate and lifeless planet of Venom in the Lylat System. Their monarch, the Anglar Emperor, had been defeated, and with his death, the Anglars were rendered extinct. But this loathsome race of callous beings had been defeated by some surprising heroes…

Wolf O’Donnell, leader of the originally dreaded Star Wolf Mercenary Team, and his colleagues, Leon Powalski and Panther Caroso, had saved the galaxy from certain annihilation, and were recognized for destroying the rising empire of mutants. Their ability to do this, however, was thanks to Krystal, a former member of Star Wolf’s arch-rival, the Star Fox team. Out of animosity for the latter team’s leader – who was also her ex-boyfriend – Fox McCloud, Krystal abandoned and betrayed Star Fox, going with Wolf to kill off the Anglars and choosing Panther as her new love.

Krystal did not regret her actions, either. In fact, she took an unhealthy amount of pride in her cynicism and ruthlessness; she had undergone quite the horrifying transformation in personality since her resignation from Star Fox. But her actions soon came back to bite her: while the galactic community began to accept and even love Star Wolf for saving them from the Anglars, they had a different attitude towards Krystal. They thought she was wrong to abandon Star Fox the way she did, and she should’ve done something different. Eventually, the opinion of the public began to morph from somewhat dislike to full-blown bashing. They began to spurn her for deserting the ones she had originally served with, and hurled extra projectiles of hate at her for simply leaving Fox behind. This additional bit of detest came especially from when Fox had attempted to amend their broken relationship… an offer Krystal unfeelingly cast back in his face. The citizens of Lylat even went ahead to call her a traitor for her despicable deed. It eventually became too much for her to bear. Unable to deal with the ridicule anymore, she decided to disappear, literally vanishing right off the grid.

Since then, there was no sign of Krystal. It was like she had simply evaporated, never to be seen again.

Most people in Lylat were happy when she left. They believed that she should get lost and never come back to their galaxy again.

There were still some people who cared for her, but they simply pitied her. What she had become.

And then there was Fox.



Fox was sitting in the hangar bay of the Cornerian Military Base, where he had fought to defend Corneria years ago from a catastrophic attack orchestrated by the armies of the Venomian Empire, ruled by the one who had killed Fox’s parents: the mad scientist Andross Bowman. The trademark Starfighters of Fox’s team, the Arwings, were parked in their docking places.

Fox was sadly gazing at a holographic photo of him and Krystal together, a picture saved on his holo-phone. The picture was of them at the beach, doing a little selfie with each other. He still recalled that happy time…

Fox and Krystal had gotten together after the Aparoid Invasion, the war against a hive-mind race of mechanical parasites. The problem materialized when Fox decided to kick Krystal off the team; after a rough mission on Katina, which had resulted in the deaths of several innocent civilians, he made the decision to forcibly quit her off. He did it out of a fit of overprotectiveness, however: a defendable action. His mother was killed by a car bomb meant for his father (a trap laid by Andross, who hated James with a passion), and his father was slain by Andross personally. He’d also nearly lost General Pepper during the Aparoid Invasion when he was nearly completely integrated into the Aparoid’s collective via his own infected flagship. More so, during the attack on the Aparoid Homeworld, his father-figure, Peppy Hare, also had a close brush with death when the team’s flagship, the Great Fox, was destroyed (it was eventually rebuilt). Even the full Aparoidedation and subsequent death of Pigma Dengar, the selfish swine who betrayed his father to Andross, had affected him: a testament to what might have happened if one of his friends was in Pigma’s place. All these events were enough to reinforce Fox’s worrying instincts. He wouldn’t allow Krystal to befall something similar, so he acted out of concern for his girlfriend’s safety. But he hadn’t taken Krystal’s own feelings into account; she took it personally and ran off, later resurfacing during the Anglar Blitz, when she revealed she was a member of Star Wolf. Fox attempted to convince her to forgive him for his tactlessness, but Krystal ultimately refused, bidding Fox a harsh and insulting goodbye as she joined Wolf, Leon and Panther to conquer the Anglars. As if to rub salt into the open wound, she also hijacked the recently rebuilt Great Fox, and stole it to help Leon and Panther obtain a long-term ride to Venom, where they used a special device to neutralize Venom’s acidic seas and get to the Anglars. The worst part, though? She chose Panther as her new boyfriend! Panther! The narcissist wildcat who she’d originally rejected before! And she’d suddenly decided to hook up with him not very long after the Anglars appeared… what the heck had happened? Fox had no clue.

Fox didn’t know what to think, therefore. His mind was a total jumble on what he now thought about the one who got away.

An angry, unforgiving part of him wanted to tear her open, hang her by her intestines and drag her mutilated corpse throughout Corneria City. A terrifying and out-of-character thought from the hero of the Lylat Wars and the Aparoid Invasion, but there wasn’t much room for Krystal’s defense. He’d been looking out for her well-being and she went and pulled a thuggish stunt like that in return. To everyone else, her actions were unforgivable. Despicable. Any derogatory term that could describe such a hateful person. Centuries from now, they’d probably characterize her as a monster in a cautionary tale teaching of the morals of love and trust: the two things the hateful Cerinian had emotionlessly neglected, simply because of her hatred-blinded state of mind. Even Fox felt like he should join the veritable multitude of “I Hate Krystal” fans.

But another, kinder piece of his soul still loved her…

Fox was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn’t hear the sound of angry stomping until it was right next to him. He looked up to see Katt Monroe, a friend of his through his long-time partner in business, Falco Lombardi. She had recently joined Star Fox herself to fill in Krystal’s position. Many reasons indicated why: most particularly a crush on Falco she had had for a very long time. But she didn’t seem too happy at the moment. Her brow was crinkled by a frown, and her narrowed blue eyes and flaring nostrils (tiny though they were on her little black nose) as well as clenched fists, indicated she was extremely steamed. Her magenta-tinted fur and her erratically twitching tail, which swayed around like an agitated snake, seemed to add to her tranquil fury.

“Katt? You OK?” he asked, but he could already tell what was wrong.

She abruptly screamed this out: “FALCO IS THE BIGGEST IDIOT EVER!

Fox jumped in surprise, but he quickly regained his composure.

“Called it,” Fox thought to himself. It was common knowledge despite Katt’s admiration and want for Falco, he didn’t share such thoughts about her. In fact, he could be downright mean to her sometimes. Fox was guessing he snubbed her off again.

“I am sick of that bird-brained jerk treating me like crap when I try to show him I want something more!” Katt rambled on. “I try to be my kindest, and what do I get?” She then made the most mocking impersonation of Falco’s voice she could pull off: “‘Katt? What are you doing here?’ ‘Katt?! Not you again!’ ‘Katt?!? Can’t you go bother someone else?!’ He’s such a dick! I’m officially finished with that son of a bitch!”

Fox shrugged. “Well, Falco was never really known for his kindness,” he stated mildly. “But I think you deserve better than that.”

Katt did not respond at first. She was huffing and puffing, taking deep breaths to calm her agitation. The tip of her tail flicked up and down in irked manner, and her ears, which were naturally curved like devil horns, were cocked backwards as well, an extra sign of her disturbed state of mind. She then turned to Fox, raising one of her eyebrows higher than the other.

“And this is coming from the guy whose ex backstabbed our team?” she asked sardonically, her blue eyes raking over Fox’s picture. “Maybe you deserved better, too.”

Fox deactivated his holo-phone, pocketing it, and sighed, his world still full of melancholy and hurt.

“What did I do wrong?” Fox asked himself. “Was I too concerned? Did I take her for granted? What went bad? Was it worth losing the first good thing I’ve had in a long time?”

“Hey. Tiger…” said Katt calmly, her anger now replacing itself with sympathy for her friend. She knew that Fox’s current train of thought wouldn’t help him in the future. Especially when he needed that unerring focus the most during his work as the Lylat System’s most recognized mercenary. That, and she didn’t like seeing her friends upset.

“It wasn’t your fault Krystal came out a bad egg,” Katt explained. “You were just looking out for her the only way you knew how. She took it the wrong way. She let her lack of perception get the better of her. And she decided to make bad decisions. She didn’t just leave you, Fox. She turned her back on all of us. She can just drop dead and go straight to hell for all I care.”

Fox wasn’t surprised at this callous statement from Katt. In fact, a lot of the people Fox had run into lately – Falco in particular – had had something nasty to say about the Cerinian vixen who they thought was her friend, especially since her disappearance. In fact, nobody seemed to want to show any remorse for her. Krystal was – most likely – by now the most hated woman in Lylat: the exact opposite of the pure-hearted beauty in a skimpy tribal uniform they met on Sauria. She was most likely a pirate now, going under some fake identity to hide herself from the public, or simply staying away from everyone, no longer wanting to show her face to the universe who hated her. It was quite hard to imagine Krystal like this, but there it was. The possibilities as to what happened to her were endless. Some were disturbing, too.

None of them were very happy.

As Fox was thinking these things over, the sound of an Arwing activating its G-Diffuser Engine sounded off in the bay; it was another one of Fox’s partners in the team, Slippy Toad. He was already powering up the systems and preparing to fly. Fox and Katt rushed over to see what Slippy was up to.

“Slip? Where you goin’?” called out Fox over the roar of the Arwing’s engine.

“I’m taking a trip to Aquas,” Slippy replied, his slightly high-pitched voice sounding over the noise of his fighter’s engine. “I want to see my fiancée, Amanda.” The toad sighed as he threw his hands behind his back, thinking about the woman he had met not long before the Anglar Blitz began. “Boy, you were right, Fox. It sure is nice to have someone to love.”

Slippy then readied the Arwing’s All-Range Mode before taking off in the sunset sky.

Fox groaned. He did remember bragging to his childhood friend about having a girlfriend, but now he was on the receiving end of this boast. He brought his hand to his muzzle. “Slippy is my best friend, and he always will be, but sometimes, I really want to punch him.”

Katt giggled in response. But she supposed she could feel his pain; she was tired of dealing with Falco’s constant patronizing.

As Fox removed his muzzle from his hand, he seemed to notice that a thoughtful look had crawled across Katt’s face. Her blue eyes were suddenly alight, and her lips were curled into the most devious grin ever.

“Hey, Fox.”


“Why don’t we go to a strip club and find you a new girl?” Katt’s face was riddled with mischief and excitement. “I think it’ll help you take your mind off of Krystal.”

Fox was dumbfounded. “A strip–?” He immediately took a dissuasive stance. “Katt, I appreciate the offer, but I don’t really…”

“No ‘buts!’” Katt rebuffed. “I know a really sexy place. I promise you won’t regret it.”

A comical argument followed, with Katt laying the pressure on how much Fox needed to unwind, while Fox insisted he was fine.

Eventually, Fox relented, not wishing to make Katt upset; she was trying to do him a favor, after all. They summarily decided to leave the base via Fox’s Arwing, and Katt’s personal starfighter, the Cat’s Paw.



Fox felt out of place.

Maybe that was the truth, but he was pretty sure he didn’t belong in here. Katt, with her personality and looks, fit like a glove, but Fox simply felt like he was a black sheep in a herd of white ones… or maybe it was the other way around, considering the environment…? The analogy was unimportant. What was important was that he was in the kind of place he had no knowledge on how to deal with it.

Flashing lights were all around, loud, exciting, energetic music was playing, and a few sexy women of various races were dancing the night away, shaking their bodies to the exhilarating rhythm. In fact, the dance floor was crowded; a mass of writhing, grinding bodies moving in rhythmic motion. Some girls were slender. Some were plump. Some were athletic and had some muscle. All of them were buxom, pretty in the face, and/or attractive in some way. Also, Fox smelled pheromones in the air of the club. Fox suspected they were to assist in arousing people watching the dancers, or to provide virility in bed… or both.

Katt appeared pleased with herself. “What do you think?” she asked enthusiastically, nudging Fox’s arm.

Fox turned to Katt. “It’s… something…” He still felt a bit overwhelmed by the extreme environment he had entered. Fox was no stranger to bars – he had hung out at plenty with his team – but those were relatively quiet compared to this noisy melting pot of strippers and horny spectators.

He quickly went back to where he attempted to protest. “Look, Katt, I really appreciate this, but I don’t need to get laid to feel better.”

Katt simply laughed. She found his unsureness and somewhat discomfort funny. “Don’t be a wet blanket, Fox!” she said with playful chastising. “Come on… let’s go get some drinks! I’m sure you’ll loosen up after that!”

Releasing he just had to go with the flow, Fox resignedly followed Katt to the parlor. Katt decided to buy them a couple of drinks. A couple of margarita-themed drinks: “Saurian Sunrises” they were called, as the layers of sunset-colored liquids resembled the sky of planet Sauria during its morning hours. The name sort of spoke for itself.

“Listen, Fox,” said Katt as she handed him the drink. “Just have fun. That’s what we’re here for.” She gestured toward the crowd with her thumb. “There’s all sorts of available girls here. Count on getting lucky tonight. I’m hoping I will…”

And she strutted off to join the multitude of partiers, leaving Fox to his own devices.

Fox found an isolated table right next to the wall and sat down, deciding to take the time to sip his drink. The beverage was sweet and sour at the same time. A pleasant mixture. He decided to scan through the crowd, gazing around and catching glimpses of the most appealing residents. Strip clubs weren’t his thing, but he hoped to make the most of it. He saw a couple of girls he thought were hot. But there were complications with getting to them. Most of them were talking to men already, and Fox supposed they were boyfriends.

Then Fox saw one particular female walk into the club, and his eyes were soon drawn by her particular build. She was a curvy chipmunk girl about his height with auburn-tan fur. She had long, red hair and chocolate eyes filled with wanton desire. She was clad in a black one-piece resembling a bathing suit, which revealed a lot of pleasing curves on her figure, and she also wore a pair of thigh-high boots which almost went up to her rear end. Her cute little tuft of a tail stuck upwards, inviting people to stare. Fox couldn’t help but feel a twinge of carnal excitement, as he was suddenly fantasizing himself having his way with her. Maybe that was the alcohol and the vapors in the club, but that didn’t stop Fox from being turned on. He soon formed the courage to approach the new arrival.

Soon after introducing himself, Fox was soon chatting it up with Maya – that was the girl’s name – and having a rather flirtatious conversation. Fox was having a nice time talking to this woman, actually managing to forget Krystal entirely. He was even considering inviting Maya back to his place for a “good time…” but that might have been the drink talking.

Then he heard Katt’s voice across the club.

“Back off, creep. I’m not interested.”

It wasn’t a cry for help, but Fox’s keen ears detected the voice across the large, noisy room. Fox noticed Katt was surrounded by a few of the more intimidating men in the place. A formidable-looking Doberman carrying a machete on his back loomed over her. His henchmen – a rat, a crocodile, a female Chihuahua and an elephant – were cornering her, attempting to flirt with her.

“I said, get lost!” snapped Katt, looking as fierce as she could. “I’m not a prostitute, you stupid dog! Your bitch is right there!” she added, pointing toward the Chihuahua, which must mean she was his girlfriend.

The Doberman sneered. “You’ve got a mouth on you, don’t you, kitty-kitty…” he chuckled darkly. “I’m gonna have fun watching you use it.”

“And who said we needed one girl for a party?” asked the Chihuahua girl, as if making an obvious point.

The Doberman’s henchmen snickered as they advanced, backing her up against the wall. The males laughed dirtily while making attempts to touch her. Now Katt was a skilled fighter, true, but she was outnumbered here. She also didn’t think to bring her trusty heavy pistol… and the elephant looked dangerous on top of it all. Fox could see this all developing and began to get angry. No one messed with his friends like that.

He turned to Maya. “Excuse me. I need to help my friend…” he explained hastily. Maya politely allowed him to excuse herself and watched as Fox rushed to his friend’s defense. Several partiers blocked his way, but he managed to reach the offenders.

Upon arriving at the growing conflict, he tapped the elephant on the shoulder, who turned around in response.

“Whadda you want?” he grumbled.

“I think the lady asked to be left alone,” Fox said quietly.

The others, minus the Doberman, rounded on him.

“What? We’re just looking for a good time,” the elephant complained.

“I don’t think my friend’s interested. Let her go,” Fox insisted in argument.

The rat now marched over, pointing an accusing finger at Fox. “Listen, punk. You’d do well to back off before you wind up broken and bleeding on the floor.”

“Oh, I don’t think you know who you’re messing with, pipsqueak,” said Fox threateningly.

This irritated the rat to the point where he threw a punch. Almost casually, however, Fox caught the rat’s fist in his hand without any trouble.

“W-What the—?!” the rat gasped disbelievingly.

“Like I said… know who you’re dealing with. I just happen to be Fox McCloud.”

Before the rat could even cry out a terrified response, Fox twisted his body around and tugged him into the air, sending the rodent screaming into a nearby table, crashing upon impact. He fell limp to the ground, unconscious.

“What the hell?!” cried out the Doberman, spinning around at the abrupt “crash”, now noticing Fox.

“It’s Fox McCloud!” shouted the croc. “It’s the son of a bitch himself!”

With the Doberman distracted, Katt took the opportunity to jump over the dog’s head, landing a swift mid-air kick at the side of his neck. The Doberman staggered, dazed. As his goons whirled around to see if he was alright, Fox blindsided the croc with a swift blow to the side of his ribcage before following up with a clout to his gut and a powerful uppercut to the chin. The croc fell backwards to the ground, stiff as a board. Fox and Katt then avoided a 360 clothesline from the elephant, who was soon met with a kick to the back of the head from Katt. At the same time, Fox delivered a wind-relieving kick of his own to the elephant’s gut, causing him to fall forward. The Chihuahua girl drew a knife and sliced out at Katt, but the feline dodged and kicked her legs out from underneath her, making her land on her head; the impact of her head hitting the floor left her passed out.

By now, the whole club had gone quiet, frozen and focused on the all-out brawl. His cronies now lying on the floor and incapacitated, the Doberman was now officially pissed. “THAT’S IT! I’LL CUT YOU BOTH TO RIBBONS!” He now whipped out his machete and charged at Fox, swinging the blade in a deadly rightward arc. Fox managed to avoid serious injury by jumping backwards, but his jacket was cut open in the process. Fox also felt a small burning feel from where the machete made contact. Thankfully, it was just a scrape; the skin had barely even been punctured. But Fox knew the guy wanted more than that: he wanted blood. In response, Fox pulled out his reliable assault rifle. With one shot of plasma to the Doberman’s hand, he knocked the weapon out of reach, sending it skidding harmlessly across the floor. The Doberman shrieked in pain, clutching his scorched hand and screeching unintelligible curses at Fox. Fox, paying no heed, finished him off with a powerful headbutt, felling the thug.

A long pause engulfed the club as it stared at the victors of the fight. Even the music had stopped abruptly when the fight began. A few seconds passed before they went back to their usual thing.

Walking over to the bartender, a badger, Fox tossed a credit his way. The badger caught it, though surprised.

“Sorry about the pests,” Fox told him, sounding as honest as he could be.

Supposing that now he’d pretty much revealed his identity to the whole club – and caused quite a bit of unwanted commotion, too – Fox decided to leave. A shame, too. He couldn’t get Maya’s number now. But there was nothing he could do. All he knew what to do was simply walk out with Katt in tow. This was obviously the most sensible option. No sense in causing more stir.


Well, that happened.

So, I hope you enjoyed this first chapter. I quite enjoyed making it. I hope I did decent on the fight scene, because I seem to be better at lemons, to be honest. This was just the first part, but it will get really exciting next chappie. That's where it gets a bit more mature.

So what do you think? Rate and review in the meantime… I’ll see you next update.

Sky-Kaiser out.


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