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Centaur Power Suit Concept

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Published: October 11, 2017
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It's been a long time since I've posted something in the "Mech" section.
A power suit, with the design elements mostly inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn.
The centaur power suit is meant for extended range scouting missions or as an express courier over difficult terrain.
An older, but similar concept here:
Spyder by Skwang 

Engineer's Rant:
Obviously a human's running gait is different from a horse's fore-leg gait. The autonomous software can detect its user's gait and adjust accordingly to support the proper movement and ensuring balance. Experienced users however, do adopt the horse's gait (trusting the AI's counter balance) as it is evolutionary proven to be more efficient over long distances.

The front legs are run using spring-loaded servomotors, with sensors picking up its user's muscle position and condition every millisecond. The rear legs use synthetic muscle and leaf springs for optimum energy conservation. The main battery is located at the "pelvic" section, while the "waist" holds the numerous control/auxiliary systems. The front legs can be detached (with a built-in power supply of 30 min), but it is usually done only in emergencies.

The user's power suit is designed more to prevent whiplash injury than to boost strength. As used by high-performance athletes, the suit protects and closely monitors the user's muscles, preventing the powered movement from damaging the user. Although minimum effort is used to move at full "gallop", the suit's helmet and chest panels have respiratory systems that help the user to maintain a steady breathing pattern. All these features ensures that the user can operate well beyond normal human range.

In terms of payload, this model is not meant to carry a lot, as it is prioritized for speed and range. The small container at the back can be interchanged with numerous packages. Currently, it contains way-point markers, a small flag pole with built-in GPS, which can also be thrown as a javelin should such situations arise.

Artist's Note:
When drawing a lot of complex lines, it's always a challenge to make sure the lines can be differentiated. In this case, the problem area is the limbs at foreground vs the limbs at background. I try to make the difference obvious by using thicker lines, but its still not 100% clear.
Wanted to give her a jousting lance originally, but can't fit it into the paper. So, the second choice was javelins.
Drawing a horse themed subject = pony-tail hairstyle!
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A new term I'm hearing, but technically correct. :)
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Awesome idea, well drawn :)
Would also look cool if she had a big gun and the rear allowed her to carry a large ammo/charge pack for it.
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Wanted to draw a lance/cannon for her, but ran out of paper space.😂
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XinomProfessional Digital Artist
i can sense Zero dawn horizon vibe!
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Yup! Directly inspired from watching the game. =D
Reminded me of the "Zoids" toy when I was young.
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So cool =^ ◡ ^=
Great talent :333
It is so beautiful (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)
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Thanks for the compliments!
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This is really cool, and a nice well thought out concept. Great job with this!
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This is one of the piece that I'm very proud of. :)
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No problem at all! And you definitely should be! :D
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