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Growl: Simplify

A clean stylish with whiten skin that has simple view from any size of desktops you have. Since Simplify built for Growl Notification System it has became the most effective theme for the Growl. This theme was inspired from [link] Incredible Project G (It’s using the same function but different design of layout) I’d love to share Simplify with everyone here! I hope you enjoy the Growl theme.

Simplify was built with Webkit OS which may recommend you to run with the latest version of Apple Safari 5.0+ Simplify is animated that slides the notification when Growl responded a message that to show up, Simplify also provides Multi-lined and One Lined Description that depends on Application's framework which will show you in multi-line or one line as you can't configure for specific apps especially Apple's Mail does support Multi-Line since it has already been configured by default from a plugin called “GrowlMail” that lets you to bring notification to Growl

Simplify was tested with Retina MacBook Pro it definitely worked well in HiDPi graphic as well the interface is clean and sharpen fonts.

Make sure to run the latest OS and Browser to use Simplify which is highly recommendation that would let you use the Simplify without any lags or mess.

NOTE: Growl 2.1 support is coming soon, After the update of the Simplify you may not able to use the theme on Growl 1.3 or lower it makes more unstable.

Please note do not share this Simplify out side the without my permission!

Licence updated
If you love the work please consider to support me by :+fav: or :points: it shall be highly appreciated!

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i'm wondering wheter it's usable for "growl for linux"?
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Not sure if it works for Growl for Linux, You could give try if it works. Actually haven't tested but i'm only focused for OS X.
it looks awesome however the only problem seems to be that the bottom gets cut off slightly if the Tweet is a bit lengthy. Even if I limit it to 2-5 lines.
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The lines are already limited before i had published here. The max line goes to 5 and the min line goes 1-3. When there is longer length of words (longer than 5-lines) the theme automatically hides the longer words and this not a slightly cut it's “overflow hidden” which is written in CSS language.

If you're referring that the words jumped out of the theme there probably be an issue. I had never experienced this before and none of other users had experienced as well. If you could take screenshot of the issue i'll try to fix this in next release version of Simplify.

Meanwhile the “Lightning” theme does work well with longer words since there was various of improvements on theme's styling that has gotten lot better. If you could give a try with Lightning please do so. Here is the link: [link]
Oh what I mean is that at the bottom of the notification bubble the outer border seems to get cut off when there is too much text. It's not really a big deal though.

I actually did switch to Lightning though it looks very good as well :D
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Thanks for trying out the Lightning. Glad that you like it, As for Simplify i'll try to fix this bug in next release if you could add me to your watch list so you'll receive notification when this theme has been updated…

Thanks for pointing out the issue.
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Just getting into theming. Great skin for growl
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Thanks mate! I hope you love the Simplify theme :) Please :+devwatch: my profile new themes are coming soon!
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Nice, so very NICE work dude!!!!!! I really wish to have this notification-style in elementaryOS Luna :)
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ah, Thanks mate! :)
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no problem bro, check out my gallery!! :)
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Checked out your sort of art works and i have left you a comment!
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And another great Growl theme by the master!
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Thank You! Please watch my profile and stay tuned for more future themes and wallpapers!
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