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I realized I forgot to post anything here but the Rigsby WI comic website is now live:

It updates Tuesdays!

You can also find other comic related things at these sites:
I'm sure everyone already knows about this, but I thought I'd post it here:

After hearing several requests and some brainstorming about rewards, I made one of these things. I will still be updating Tumblr regularly with art and previews (and maybe I'll start using this DA account again, for people who don't like Tumblr), Patreon will just have different stuff. Also you can still ask me questions through Tumblr and I will still answer them, but just in text form.

There's already a bunch of stuff on there, including personal art, sketch questions and page previews, so CHECK IT OUT if you are into that kind of thing.
If you want to see my new project, look over here --->