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Adasaurus Mongoliensis by Damir-PradoT
The morning reveal by Damir-PradoT
Tambach Formation by Damir-PradoT
Aquilarhinus amphibious by Damir-PradoT
Future Birds and other alterntive earth rulers
made-up pre-existing birbs by littleloomex
Anemone Trees, GLE, Art by AlienOffspring by Jdailey1991
Anemone Shrubs, GLE, Art by AlienOffspring by Jdailey1991
Anemone Herbs, GLE, Art by AlienOffspring by Jdailey1991
random dragon from BONE by ccc-94
another random dragon from Bone by ccc-94
Commission: Red Star Descending by SaurArch
Sisters by TheKohakuDragon
Neoraptors and realistic fantasy
argonus fauna 14- goose-swan and gwan swans by littleloomex
argonus fauna 13- real-world fearsome critters by littleloomex
argonus fauna 3-mimicoot, the aeronoid's cousins by littleloomex
argonus fauna 12-tale of the domestic dandelion by littleloomex
Oraganic technology and Aliens
Lineart (Detailed) - Alien Fish Anatomy by YellowPanda2001
Complex Landscape (Simple) - Pink Alien Tribe by YellowPanda2001
The paravian singer Uann by Galliraptor
Akuron by YellowPanda2001
Pendraig milnerae by Teratophoneus
Untitled by ccc-94
Ornitholestes Bust by Midiaou
Vigilant from Auca Mahuevo 2 by Midiaou
Xenosauropoda by Hyrotrioskjan
Heavy planteater by Hyrotrioskjan
Three predators by Hyrotrioskjan
Celonatator by Hyrotrioskjan
Dinosaur park
GDM sketches by Hyrotrioskjan
GDM guide by Hyrotrioskjan
Aucasaurus breeding cam by Hyrotrioskjan
Troodon animation by Hyrotrioskjan
Ghost Dragons of Jiufotang by Olmagon
Brazilian Pterosaurs by FreakyRaptor
Pterosaur bust (variant) by ccc-94
Hatzegopteryx by AlloVerasaur
Other prehistoric animals
Midday by Midiaou
La Brea by Midiaou
Her by Midiaou
Synapsids by Midiaou
We Called Them Monsters: Fauna of El Mundo Perdido by MonsterZero-01

What you can submit

Hallo passing by DA Artist!

This is a group for all the great art which is inspired by science, we collect Peloart/Paleontography, realistic Fantasy, some Science Fiction, Xenobiology and speculative evolution.
You see, everything what is interesting =D
While visiting Skuntabria please don't use magic, be gentle to everyone, try to submit to the right Folders and... well, have a nice time. We hope that the work you find will inspire you, maybe even expand your horizon.


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Albertosaurus sarcophagus by Aram-Rex Albertosaurus sarcophagus :iconaram-rex:Aram-Rex 185 7 ''SURPRISE!''  Spinosaurus startled by Anatosuchus by Aram-Rex ''SURPRISE!'' Spinosaurus startled by Anatosuchus :iconaram-rex:Aram-Rex 145 13 The Deep by SpeculaTimsauru5 The Deep :iconspeculatimsauru5:SpeculaTimsauru5 7 0 Mustelidae Revenge, the new Megafauna ! by kamarodu21 Mustelidae Revenge, the new Megafauna ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 110 16 Cryolophosaurus ellioti by TrefRex Cryolophosaurus ellioti :icontrefrex:TrefRex 35 4 Eonatator coellensis_colored version by Zimices Eonatator coellensis_colored version :iconzimices:Zimices 41 43 Irritator by EsthervanHulsen Irritator :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 563 72 Styracosaurus by EsthervanHulsen Styracosaurus :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 667 84 Troodon by EsthervanHulsen Troodon :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 795 124 Sketches 10.6.13 by exo-bio Sketches 10.6.13 :iconexo-bio:exo-bio 127 32 Styracosaurus by EsthervanHulsen Styracosaurus :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 362 37 Tyrannosaurus Rex by EsthervanHulsen Tyrannosaurus Rex :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 720 122 Dilophosaurus by EsthervanHulsen Dilophosaurus :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 514 58 Therizinosaurus by EsthervanHulsen Therizinosaurus :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 560 77
quick note for members:

Because sketchbooks are very important for me I open a new folder to appreciate the quick ideas, unfinished concepts or literature drafts.

Also new are the "Pterosaurs" and "other prehistoric animals" folders.
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