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Commission done by SunriseBear by SkunkWitch Commission done by SunriseBear :iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 4 3 Meet Kelly v2.0 by SkunkWitch Meet Kelly v2.0 :iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 11 6 Meet Kelly by SkunkWitch Meet Kelly :iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 10 2 Yggra Fanart by SkunkWitch Yggra Fanart :iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 2 4
Prologue preview poem (non-cannon)
Alone Together,
this world has fallen
For it is made of fragmented dreams
and withered realities
So is life when all is lost
This was never my intention
no more abuse and use
We would be our own
But they survived,
and ruined us once again
You are Nothing,
yet you are our everything
Save us from this agony
Can we trust you?
If not,
May this world burn in hell
:iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 1 0
Meet Sam by SkunkWitch Meet Sam :iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 9 3
Endless rooms,
never the whisper
lest it be in my,
own ear
No one said a word
Forever ago,
long forgotten lore,
hidden underneath the floorboards
Shall we disturb them?
And let loose the flood?
Iconic horror,
and iconic tragedy,
both were bred here
In this cesspool,
in which many have drowned
Come now,
let us us walk alone,
into the unknown
Who shall we meet?
As the darkness surrounds us
not even the faintest breeze can be heard
all is still,
maybe they have gone to bed,
and dreamed a pretty dream
Petty thoughts,
as one foot follows another
A door creaks shut,
followed by children's laughter
the whisper comes again
This time,
others hear it as well
I am not alone in my sorrows,
as we hear the scream echo,
throughout the empty halls
Nerves crawling,
they fly our organs away
Down the hall,
and down the stairs,
to run away
This thought,
crossed no minds in these halls
every face turned to another,
and yet,
one face met an unfamiliar one
Pale white,
a forced smile forever upon her f
:iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 1 0
The Puppeteer
Animated Essence,
dripping from my own well
They fall off of my own face
As I cry for hours upon hours
Known to others,
and maybe some I know
My lungs burn from screaming,
at the injustice I feel
Surviving this strife,
is a nigh futile effort
One of which,
my own life has become
Unlike many,
I choose to strive,
for my own glory
Pondering these feelings,
and contemplating all they are,
is how I keep alive
All of anybody,
may think this absurd
Without ever attempting,
my own trials and tribulations
Sounding off,
to the beat of my heart,
The well overflows
Inside of my head,
they lament
Outside of this world,
is heaven to me
No one shows,
any sign of noticing it
Forget all you know,
for once you enter,
what is inside,
you know nothing
When this occurs,
cry for help,
but none will ever come
Now you know,
all of what it takes,
to survive empty,
and try and remain whole
This knowledge,
should not be used lightly
you fall eternal,
never knowing grace
Shout I say,
shout so that your
:iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 2 0
To Break Free
Surrounded by the darkness,
my whole life was empty
No light shined down on me,
for as long as I can recall
Alone, with only myself to reach for
There was no one to help me
This was my own journey to reach inside,
and find the hidden truth
Never again,
do I wish to go through hell
Once is enough for anyone,
but most are not that strong
I for one do not believe in my own strength
For in my worst moments,
there is nothing but a pit of despair
Somehow, someway...
I need to find the light within me
Before it is too late,
and I lose myself
It was indeed a miracle,
when I discovered myself
No more hiding,
no more darkness,
no more hate,
and yet...
All these emotions that held me back,
they could never truly go away
Deep inside, they lay dormant,
waiting for their chance to escape
Never again
I have found my hope,
and it shall lead me away
To where nothing breaks,
and I hurt no one
Grasping onto this hope,
is all I have left in this world
One day, when all is gone,
those hopes will turn to re
:iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 2 2
Kirlia character concept: Sam by SkunkWitch Kirlia character concept: Sam :iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 1 0
Preview poem 1: I am gone (Non-cannon)
I put my heart, into what was false
That led to me, believing in the lies
They were my own doing,
Yet were the fault of others
Inside, were where they lay
Forever dormant,
Lest one chooses to break the seal
Freed from their prison,
They spread across the land
It was me they were after,
I could no longer be found
Their own feelings grew,
Until they birthed new life
On and on the the cycle continues,
All searching in vain
Wait just one more day,
He will return to us
They always do...
:iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 1 0
What is inside
Just a regular kid,
Spending everyday
Not knowing how to convey
What is going on,
Within himself
Trying to rise above
All the pain I feel
That seems so surreal
In this world,
That has gone mad
Showing myself,
For what is inside
A modern day Mr. Hyde
Who just doesn't know,
What went wrong
Laughing at all,
Is how the strong survive
Should I continue to strive?
For what is right,
And yet for what is wrong
Crying softly,
So no one may hear
My soul barely disappear
And hide itself
Among the withered lillies
Finding hope
In unlikely places,
Most being, my own oasis
Where nothing ever hurts
And I hurt nothing ever
Is this right?
What is in my heart,
That I need to stay apart
From all I love,
And all I hate
This fact I can't seem to debate
Which is why
No one,
Not even me,
Can tell you
If I truly am free
:iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 1 0
Lost In Translation
Every, every word I say,
Never is said right
My meaning gets lost in translation
Oh, what a horrible sight
All I do, is let my voice rise
Showing off what makes me unique
Let's me stand out in a crowd
And stops my future from being so bleak
That is just how I speak
Letting you all see me without restraints
But yet, I become a monster
That wishes to cover all in paint
Not knowing where I am supposed to go
Never finding what I'm looking for,
But always losing more of myself
For whom am I fighting this war?
Is this what I was meant for?
To ruin other's with my words,
And to act unstable all the while
Why do I have to be so absurd?
:iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 0 0
Hamlet Project
good morrow to you, sir, I am hither to talk of the tale of Yorick
in his life, he was belov'd by all, yet by some not so much
b'rn in england, he was rais'd to be a prim and meet l'rd
But that gent didst not enjoy living the sophisticated life
For Yorick only wanted to maketh people joyous
So, against his family's wishes, Yorick wenteth on to liveth a fool's life
In an attempt to maketh more people joyous, that gent hath decided to wend to the only lodging whither "his kind" wast accepted
And so, Yorick traveled to the glorious state of Denmark. whither that gent beganeth to perform for the king
But Yorick's worketh wast nev'r done, for everyday that gent hath shown love to all around
One such person, wast the young Hamlet
Yorick saw in that gent, the flame that once burned bright inside himself
So the fool, hath tried to showeth the young Hamlet how to beest as joyous and free as that gent
But, the king hadst seen this, and didst not wanteth his son to beest a fool
So the king, tolde
:iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 0 0
Who am I?
I don't know, who I am
Am I just a tortured soul?
Losing all control?
What should I do?
For I love, and I care
But I hurt, and cause so much pain
I don't want to hurt anyone anymore
Lost in this world
Has led me into the darkness
Of my shattered soul
Tell me, someone tell me
How do I escape,
From everything
I don't want to die
But should I?
It'd stop all this hate
That I don't mean to feel
It's just that,
I don't want to feel anymore
For all I cause is pain,
The never-eneding refrain
Don't mean to, it just happens...
Without me thinking
Of what will come,
If I let go
What is there left for me?
My home is my own hell
Yet everything else is heaven
Why does God do this to me?
Is this some sort of test?
Well, I guess I fail
For in this world,
I just want to live
Day after day, with no regrets
Yet everything I have ever done,
Is coming back to haunt me
How do I stop it?
Should I even stop it?
For I just forget,
without meaning to
Cause for whatever reason
My brain just wants me to forget
:iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 1 0
Perfect Life
I scream, for no reason
About everything and nothing at all
I stand here, not knowing what I am
Fallin', fallin' down
With no hope of getting back up
It seems, I might be insane
Why haven't I been locked up yet
So that I may hurt no one,
For even my worst enemies
Do not want to see me when I get going
But no matter what I do
I lash out without meaning to
My emotions, are out of control
Ragin', ragin' fury
That I don't know how to control
Why, is it like this?
Can I not just live a perfect life?
Where nothing hurts,
And nothing breaks,
Me as well as you
:iconskunkwitch:SkunkWitch 0 0



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Oh, I forgot to mention that my wonderful new icon was made as a commission from :iconhonrupi: ! I'm still screaming at how much I love it omggggg
Here! Me, :iconshelbyexe: , and :iconfunnyeevee: made a server!
Come join and have fun!
:iconshelbyexe: is doing free daily requests! Go learn more here:
So I was tagged by :iconshelbyexe: and :iconwooled: so why the hell not lol

Optional rules:

1. Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)

2. Write 13 things about yourself.

3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.

4. Tag all da deviants :D

5. Make sure they know that they are tagged. Or not. Either works.

6. Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".

7. It is forbidden not to tag anyone. Unless you really want to.

8. Tag backs are allowed.

9. Who was desperate enough to come up with this last rule?

13 things about me:

1. I firmly believe 2+2= fish
2. I have exetensial crises a lot
3. I speak in my own made up language sometimes
4. I have a job
5. Orange is my favorite color
6. I started writing and started DA both in 7th grade. so it's been about 6 years of me doing this stuff.
7. Skunks are the cutest animal to me :3
8. I am a huge pokemon nerd, though I haven't finished moon yet lol
9. I sleep with plushies nearly every night
10. I never clean my laptop screen so it's really dirty lol
12. I don't even know what to put anymore
13. I guess that I am a red head? lol idk

wooled's questions:

1: What's your dream job?
being a writer that has millions of books sold world wide

2: Favorite meme and why?
Ummmmm... i'm not that into meme-ing so I guess whatever one is most popular?

3: Vampires or werewolves?
werewolves! would become one if I could! :3

4: What's your most embarrassing moment (that you're willing to share)?
Ehhhh... most of my embarrassing moments involve stuff I'm not willing to share.
Does getting punched in the face count?

5: Have you ever played an instrument? If so, what?
I've tried violin, guitar, and trombone. All of which I failed horribly at.

6: Congratulations! You just inherited 500 million from your rich uncle! What do you do with your newfound wealth?
Nothing goes to charity! :D *shot*
for reals tho spend it all on games lol

7: If you were a pokemon, what would you be?
stunky :D

8: Yes or no?

9: Worst nightmare?
being chased my my family that was turned into vampires

10: What's your favorite movie?
atm Kubo and the two strings

11: Any type of weather you prefer?
I like the snow tbh

12: What's your favorite question?
what does 2+2 =?

13: Favorite ideas you've come up with?
my webcomic ideas of course :D

dishrag das degenerate's questions:

1. Do you play overwatch? And if so, who do you main?
ewwww fps games, not thanks lol

2. What drawing are you most proud of?

3. Why isnt the sky blue?
cause the sky is bleu

4. Favourite genre of game? Why? What games do you like from the genre?
RPGs are best game genre imo. I get to be something I can never be is why i like them.

5. Who and where do you want to be in 10 years? 20? 50?
I kinda wanna be married within 20 years with a few kids lol

6. Which corporation is your favourite? Least favourite? Why?
corporation? you mean like irl? No idea I just ignore them all lol

7. If every pokemon did a 1v1 against every other pokemon, at an equal level, which do you think would win the most times?
stunky obviously *shot cause bias*

8. What is your favourite thing in the world?
probably my laptop cause it allows me to get to the other best things in the world

9. What do you think of your own work?
it's horrible

10. What do you like about pokemon?
cute little animals omg so cute

11. Do you think we are alone in this dimension?
nope, aliens exist *puts on tinfoil hat*

12. Are you happy with who you are, and why?
nope, I will never be happy with who I am cause depression :D

13. Why did you decide to do this meme?
cause two peeps tagged me and I got nothing better to do lol

1. What is life?
2. What game are you playing atm?
3. How can you stand me?
4. Can you tell me what ya like about me?
5. Do you wanna know a secret about me? (if you answer yes I'll tell you)
6. What music do you listen to?
7. What do you do with a drunken sailor? ~
8. Heads or tails?
9. You can become anything besides what you are now! What do you choose?
10. Favorite webcomic?
11. How long have you been on DA and why'd you join?
12. Favorite manga?
13. You are about to die! What are your last words to me!

Peeps I tag:


pls don't hate me that I tagged you *hides in corner*

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  • Reading: Unbound
  • Watching: me type
  • Playing: Prof Layton vs Phoenix Wright
  • Eating: Rally's
  • Drinking: root beer


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