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Stygian Dragon
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"The god of light, Wyvern, proclaimed that he would bring truth to our world. We thought him a bringer of light, but he has instead brought a great darkness upon our land. The dark sunflowers, they bring out a bestial potential hidden within gods that was never meant to be unleashed." -Casino Grayleaf

This form of Dragon was unleashed by the power of the stygian sunflowers that Wyvern brought with him from his own realm and planted on Galmiun. Bearing crimson hair, silver horns, the wings and tail of a dragon, and a mind consumed by wrath, he resembles the lord of hell prevalent in folklore.
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Thank you. He looks very demonic, doesn't he? :D

Dragon is normally quite calm and peaceful, but he wasn't always that way. He once believed that the strong should survive and the weak should perish, but saw the emptiness and pain he had caused, realized the value of others, and chose to change his ways. The fire of wrath still burns within him, but he learned how to stay cool and collected.

In this Stygian Dragon form, his dragon attributes are brought to an extreme. With blood red hair, and the horns, wings, and tail of a dragon, he scarcely resembles the gentle and tranquil jade-haired Dragon who could often be found relaxing with a cup of tea or sitting in a meadow playing a soothing melody on his guitar.

This is Dragon at his most metal. Headbang Emoticon
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