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Snake by SkunkStarlight Snake by SkunkStarlight
The old gods

Clever and cunning, Snake prides herself on solving problems with quick precision and minimal fuss. She gets along well with Rat, and enjoys working as an agent from time to time, as the jobs are fun and the perks are nice. She tends to get along better with shifty and shady types, especially those with an affinity for venom and poison.

Like most of the gods, she is kind towards Monkey. Snake and Skunk find each other to be pretty cool and very amusing. She has a great deal of respect for Dragon, and enjoys sharing the limelight with him in concert. Ox has treated her with kindness even in the worst of times, and is the person she cares for the most. She's also rather fond of Platypus, and takes quite an interest in and fascination with his work. Her and Pig do not get along very well. They seem to be engaged in an endless war of sarcasm, condescension, and passive-aggressiveness. She thinks Boar is kind of cool, but mostly thinks he's a jerk and an idiot.

Like most venomous and poisonous creatures, she possesses a complete immunity to such things. As well, her devastating venom can weaken or kill just about anything, though she can control the potency of her venom and seldom actually uses it to kill anything but monsters. Snake seldom has need for any weapon more powerful than a venom-tipped dagger, but she has experience with using ranged weapons like guns and bows, as well as melee weapons like rapiers, claws, whips, and chains.
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February 25, 2018
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