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Platypus Character Bio by SkunkStarlight Platypus Character Bio by SkunkStarlight
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Thanks to slayerleia17 for being the reason I found the template. Thanks to Joakaha for creating the template, which you can find here.

Character bios

A scholar who specializes in the study of chaos, he often has no idea what secret to reality he will uncover next. A former villain, he once succeeded in ruling the world through the use of a machine that condemned all other divine into hiding away in the underground, unable to exist in their physical form on the surface for more than a few minutes. Through the help of this surviving resistance, his former colleague, Dr. Lydia Arken, was able to create a gun that harnessed the power of soul crystals, and used it and the power of some of the denizens of the underground to fight him and his forces back, free Dragon from the machine, and ultimately defeat Platypus and seal him away.

In the past, he maintained the facade of a friendly, if somewhat eccentric and absent-minded, scientist, but in the background he had been keeping the brunt of his research and activities a secret, and planned to use the fruits of his labor to remove any divine obstacles that would stand in his way. Platypus created a terrible machine, and summoned Dragon to his laboratory to witness his latest creation.

Dragon entered the chamber, and Platypus quickly took action and activated the machine, which caused Dragon to rapidly lose strength. Turning around, he saw Platypus' deceitful grin on the other side of the room and quickly went into a rage. Almost instantly, Dragon helplessly fell to the ground, lost consciousness, and then lost his physical form, leaving behind the jade and ruby crystal that was his soul. Platypus bent down and picked up the seldom seen gem belonging to the seemingly infallible Dragon, and he stood up, examined it with a look of twisted joy across his face, and laughed with glee as he walked from the room, dragon crystal in hand, for he was only moments away from installing his new power source and bringing forth his new world order.
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