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It's Gonna Be Okay by SkunkStarlight It's Gonna Be Okay by SkunkStarlight

The Divine Sanctuary, also known as "The Divine Prison" or just "The Sanctuary" or "The Prison", is a facility equipped for holding divine individuals, especially powerful gods and goddesses, who have proven themselves a threat to society. It is primarily guarded by two zodiacal gods; during the day, Tiger, and at night, Dog. Both of them are physically very strong, and residents are unable to leave their rooms, leave the facility, or use magic in this place unless granted permission.

Unlike the sort of jails and prisons that the kingdoms of mortals often utilize that are designed to punish, the sanctuary is a beautiful place, and prisoners are given luxurious and spacious rooms equipped with a desk, a canopy bed, a kitchen, and a bathroom, among other things, as well as the possibility of more furnishings and customizations at request. Also unlike mortal prisons, there is no strict dress code or uniform, nor are prisoners expected to keep to any sort of schedule. All of this, of course, comes at the cost of freedom, and the intended purpose of the sanctuary is to keep dangerous individuals separate from society, with the hopes that being treated with compassion would help them learn empathy and learn from the error of their ways. It is not, however, a place entirely devoid of punishment, and abrasive prisoners who refuse to be civil may find their stay more uncomfortable than it needs to be.

Having been defeated by Casino Grayleaf and her party, Skunk was brought here to what would be her new home. Scared, despondent, and filled with regret over the harm she has caused to others and to herself, she had fallen into despair and believed she was a monster, that she deserved to rot here forever, that she had ruined her life, and that her life was over. After Skunk had a bath and changed into her nightgown, she still felt miserable, and Dog came soon after to check in on her. Dog consoled her, reassuring her that it's not so bad, that she'll get to be free again someday, and that it's going to be okay.
DarkKyu09 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
This is just so heartwarming. I really like the scene you made here including the expressions you've managed to make.
SkunkStarlight Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much.

With Shining Silver Starlight, it is my plan to capture and share plenty of heartwarming moments like this. It's a fun series with powerful heroes, strange magic, and exciting battles and adventures, and it is intended to, at first glance, come across as being about defeating enemies and saving the day. That's what's on the surface, but there is an underlying message of friendship, kindness, pain, sadness, empathy, loneliness, redemption, forgiveness, trust, and hope.

In Lydia Story, for instance, Lydia starts the game out already high leveled, with no need to bother with fighting monsters and leveling up. Most of her opponents are simply outmatched, a fact which has left her arrogant and overconfident. On the surface, it's a story about a knight who has to rescue her younger brother Lars from a villain at the top of the tower, but fighting enemies, becoming the strongest, and even saving Lars isn't really the point. Lydia VanVoder, as exceptional a warrior as she is, has some unfortunate character flaws. She has repressed much of her childhood, having concerned herself only with becoming a great knight at all costs, and having had only herself to lean back on for much of her life, she harbors a distrust of people and an intense fear of being vulnerable or having to rely on others.

Lydia Story isn't about proving herself to Dragon or anybody else, though that is still very much a goal of hers. It's really about growing as a person.

And in this deviation, Skunk herself is at a similar point in her life. Her bitter distrust and fear of others led her to try and make the world afraid of her instead. But this never fixed things or made her happy, and instead she has found herself robbed of her freedom and having ultimately gained nothing but remorse for her actions. Some people would be quick to compound her misery by demanding harsh punishment and inhumane treatment in the name of justice, but that sort of heavy-handed approach is simply unnecessary, needlessly cruel, harmful, and dehumanizing. I think showing kindness and compassion to somebody who can't remember or never knew what that feels like, I think it can do wonders. :heart:
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