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Domino by SkunkStarlight Domino by SkunkStarlight

One of the most important members of Rat's organization, Domino is the most loyal, and often the most powerful, of his bodyguards, and has stuck by his side for millennia. Born a mortal, she was orphaned as a child when her village was razed by a group of bandits. Swearing vengeance, she went to the city and traveled the streets as an urchin, until one day when fortune smiled upon her. Having stolen food from a merchant, she was chased by a guard, but was pulled to safety whilst running through an alley by one of Rat's agents. From there, she was introduced to the organization and chose to live at one of their hideouts, earning her keep by running chores, errands, and small jobs, while also earning an education and learning to fight.

Driven by the fire of her determination, she trained tirelessly and continued to take harder jobs, becoming a more skilled fighter and a higher ranking agent. One day, she learned of the whereabouts of the bandits and assembled a small group of her fellow rats to exact her revenge. The bandits didn't stand a chance. They were slaughtered mercilessly, and their leader was slowly and brutally tortured and killed by Domino herself. The first chapter of her life was over; her family was avenged, her bloodlust was slaked, and she had a new family now in the organization.

Not long after this, she had gained enough of Rat's trust and respect that she was offered to become a bodyguard. Over time, she had proven her worth to such a degree that she was granted the most coveted of perks, a wish star. She wished for immortality and became divine, and the rest is history.
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