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Skunk Starlight
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Hello. My name is Skunk, and I like to make all sorts of things.

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The queen of the high seas and captain of the Mako, Shark is a pirate who considers all who sail the ocean to be intruders trespassing upon her domain. Unknown to even herself, she was created by Dr. Letra Relse but was never activated and was tossed away in a port town where she later woke for the first time. Feared by all who dare venture the sea, she seldom kills her victims and instead prefers to rob them, keep them imprisoned, or force them into servitude before eventually dumping them in a town or on a deserted island depending on how much they annoyed her. She dislikes Kraken for interfering in her business, but sometimes appreciates the excitement that his encounters bring. She's quite skilled with a cutlass, as well as wind and water magic.

The king of the high seas and captain of the Lusca, Kraken is a pirate with a love of rum, treasure, and adventure. Unknown to even himself, he was created by Dr. Letra Relse but was never activated and was tossed away on the shore where he later woke for the first time. Once feared by all who dared venture the sea, he eventually mellowed out and often protects those at sea from his counterpart, Shark, the queen of the high seas. He's quite skilled with a cutlass, as well as water and wind magic.

Elder God Class:

Elder god class is a rank reserved for the four elder gods. These beings cannot be harmed by normal means.

S+++ Class:

S+++ class is the highest rank of any non-elder god being. This unnatural level of power is physically impossible for any normal human being, including the old gods.

S++ Class:

S++ class is the highest rank that one could hope to achieve.

S+ Class:

S+ class is a level of power that is exceptionally strong, but not to the terrifying degree of S++.

S Class:

All those within S class or above are considered elite. It is rare for mortals to ever reach such status.

A Class:

Considered to be the highest "normal" rank, even mortals can become A class if they put in the effort.

B Class:

Somebody who is in B class should have little problem with self-defense against your average person or monster, though handling more than two at a time can be overwhelming.

C Class:

Those belonging to C class are quite competent at self-defense, but even one-on-one combat can be dangerous.

D Class:

People in D class are capable of fighting, but often have difficulty physically or mentally dealing with a violent scenario or are pacifistic.

F Class:

Those in F class often have a physical or mental disadvantage. Children, the elderly, and the otherwise impaired often fit into F class.


Rank: Elder God

The obsidian star elder god of oblivion, the existence of himself and all other things fills him with disgust and contempt. Stirred from his eternal slumber by the other elder gods and that which they have created, he desires nothing more than to return the universe to the vast and silent emptiness it once was. He sometimes appears in the world and offers to grant wishes to mortals who would sign a contract with him. These dark wishes always lead to grave misfortune. He absorbs the souls of those under contract at the end of their lives, and with each soul his power grows ever stronger.

SilverBattle by SkunkStarlight
Rank: Elder God

The silver star elder goddess of creation, she is kind, gentle, and loving. Having become self-aware in a dull and empty void, she was able to form the universe and the planet Galmiun with the help of fellow elder gods Lumstigethers and Yatsalkin. This act drained her and the others, though she still watches over her creation in her slumber and shares what power she can with the people of Galmiun in the form of wish stars, as well as granting part of her power to a handful of individuals known as star-blessed.

LumstigethersBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: Elder God

The gold star elder god of nightmares, he is unable to exist in the physical plane and is confined to the world of dreams. This fact has made him spiteful, gradually turning him from mischievous to malevolent. Though he is almost entirely unable to interact with the physical world, he does have command over straw and scarecrows. He can inhabit and take control of scarecrows, as well as form them from straw, but these bodies are weak, slow, incapable of speech, and quickly drain his energies. He is able to navigate the dreams of beings that exist even in other universes, and while he primarily likes to cause nightmares, he is also able to grant wishes to those he makes deals with.

YatsalkinBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: Elder God

The charoite star elder god of chaos, they are actually a collective of several entities. With countless diverse and often conflicting ideas and interests, the thing they have most in common is that they are typically curious and enjoy creating anomalies. With Silver's assistance, they were able to create the insectoid demons and their homeworld. They are also responsible for a number of strange relics and artifacts that exist in these worlds, as well as the terrifying Valley of Curses that exists on Silver's world, Galmiun. Those foolish and insane enough to enter the Valley of Curses more often than not find themselves permanently stuck with a curse that can only be removed through the power of wish magic.

CasinoDestroyerBattle by SkunkStarlight

Casino Grayleaf (Casino the Destroyer form)
Rank: S+++

A version of Casino Grayleaf from an alternate timeline where she wished to become the hero of prophecy. Standing at 8'11" (272 cm), she became powerful beyond imagination, but this form caused such great mental agony that she quickly went mad. Unstoppable, Casino the Destroyer wiped out all life on the planet. Fortunately, this bad future never actually came to pass.

Dr. Letra Relse
Rank: S+++

Once nothing more than a mortal scientist, the ambitious Dr. Relse created the aquatic automatons, with Nautilus being his crowning achievement in this field. These creations were no mere robots, but gods made from alloy instead of flesh. He came to abandon this work in favor of a new goal. Believing divine beings to be a force of oppression, he stole away from Galmiun in the midst of the night in a rocket he had been creating in secret. Genetic engineering became his focus. He left a mere mortal, and returned as something else.

SkunkBattle by SkunkStarlight

Skunk (Skunk Starlight form)

Rank: S++

Skunk holds within her a significant portion of the elder goddess Silver's power. During the full moon, her hidden potential is unlocked.

LydiaBattle by SkunkStarlight

Lydia VanVoder
Rank: S++

Thanks to the VanVoder bloodline and the intense training of the VanVoder school of combat she had endured since childhood, she has become the most powerful knight who has ever lived. Despite lacking magical potential, her strength and combat skill are so great that she has surpassed even Dragon himself.

LyleBattle by SkunkStarlight

Lyle VanVoder

Rank: S++

As a result of VanVoder genetics and the brutal training of the VanVoder school of combat he had suffered since childhood, he has become the second-most powerful knight who has ever lived. While he lacks Lydia's sheer speed and power, he possesses a strong grasp of light magic that she does not. He too has managed to surpass Dragon's power.

DragonRubyBattle by SkunkStarlight

Dragon (Ruby Dragon form)
Rank: S++

Dragon keeps himself tempered. A raging fire burns within him, and when he stops restraining his wrath, his true destructive power is unleashed.

DragonBattle by SkunkStarlight


Rank: S++

The most powerful of the old gods, he was considered the most powerful being throughout much of history. Dragon enjoys fighting for sport, but lacks the determination that the VanVoder siblings possess, and prefers a simple existence over an ambitious one.

LocustBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: S++

The most powerful of the insectoid demons, he lacks the sheer power of Dragon, instead utilizing abilities that are difficult to contend with. Able to conduct swarms of locusts like an orchestra, his most terrifying ability is to himself take on the form of a swarm of locusts. In so doing, he is able to take possession of the body of all but the most formidable of foes.

NautilusBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: S++

The most powerful of the aquatic automatons, Nautilus is a powerhouse, his tough and heavy metal body able to take significant punishment and dish out hard-hitting blows. He specializes in extremely devastating charged physical and energy attacks. His speed, however, leaves much to be desired.

LunarBattle by SkunkStarlight


Rank: S++

The combined form of Solar and Polar. Standing at 6'6" (198 cm), greater physical strength than even the VanVoder siblings, surprising speed, and command over powerful ice, light, and dark magic, she is a force to be reckoned with.

MooseBattle by SkunkStarlight

Moose (Crescent Moose form)
Rank: S++

Moose becomes more powerful during the crescent moon, granting a boost to strength, speed, dexterity, and magic.

SnakeBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: S+

Snake has little in the way of physical strength or powerful magic, but what she does have is swift precision and deadly venom. The deadliest assassin to have ever lived, she more often than not lands the first, last, and only hit in a fight.

MooseBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: S+

Though he lacks the great physical strength of Horse and Ox, he has nonetheless exceeded them in combat prowess. Possessing significant dexterity, mastery of several different forms of weaponry, and specialization in earth, wind, and light magic, his fast-paced and unpredictable fighting style makes him quite a challenging opponent. In addition, he is able to mirror enemy abilities, and his power grows even stronger during the crescent moon.

OxBattle by SkunkStarlight


Rank: S+

Skilled with an axe, Ox is primarily a blacksmith who also serves as a knight. Nonetheless, he stands at 6'8" (204 cm) and possesses unmatched physical strength, making him an opponent not to be taken lightly.

HorseBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: S+

Skilled with a lance, Horse is a seasoned knight who truly shines when fighting as part of a group.

DogBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: S+

Much stronger and faster than she appears, Dog is skilled at subduing opponents through unarmed combat skills such as punching and grappling. Simple, but effective.

TigerBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: S+

Tiger's fighting style is much like Dog's. He's a bit faster than Dog, but not quite as physically strong.

PolarBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: S+

One half of the duo that is Solar and Polar, she possesses great physical strength and powerful ice magic.

SolarBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: S+

The other half of the duo that is Solar and Polar, he lacks physical combat ability, but possesses powerful fire and light magic.

CasinoBattle by SkunkStarlight

Casino Grayleaf
Rank: S

A hero who specializes in magic, she's also not too shabby with a sword. Fortune tends to favor her.

PenguinBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: S

A skilled and serious agent who specializes in precision weaponry, her grasp of ice magic exceeds that of Skunk, Polar, and even Goat.

DominoBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: S

Strong and fast, Domino practices an unrelenting berserker style of fighting.

SquirrelBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: S

An archer without rival, her skill with a bow is not to be taken lightly.

SkunkBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: S

A jack-of-all-trades, Skunk is a talented adventurer versed in a number of weapons, magic schools, and fighting styles, as well as various other tricks and talents. She primarily specializes in ice and poison magic, and has a fondness for curses. Her innate poison abilities allow her to fill an area with poisonous mists, as well as afflict foes with a permanent curse that only she can remove, causing them to be stuck with an extremely unpleasant odor. While she is overall less powerful than others in her rank, her versatile skillset and clever and resourceful nature earn her S class status.

GoatBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: A

More interested in the study of magic than in its practical and combat uses, he doesn't have much experience with fighting, but his powerful mastery of several schools of magic make him far from a pushover.

HedgehogBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: A

A strong woodsman skilled with an axe and projectile spikes.

CockBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: B

A so-called "Hero of Legend", Cock is something of a bumbling fool. Though he's not the strongest of heroes, his heart is in the right place, and things tend to work out in the end, albeit with some collateral damage.

VultureBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: C

A wandering healer and thief, her survival skills are greater than most healers. While she prefers to elude dangerous situations through non-violent methods such as persuasion, Vulture knows the value of a well-placed dagger through the back.

CockroachBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: D

Cockroach is quick to run at the first sign of danger, though he's gotten into his share of scraps before. Unless he gets lucky, he tends to lose.

PlatypusBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: D

While weak physically and magically, the brilliant Platypus should not be underestimated. This is the man who took down Dragon and tried to enact a new world order, after all. He specializes in technology, chaos magic, and has a poison barb attack that can be used in pressing situations.

TurtleBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: D

Though Turtle practices self-defense as a hobby, she often becomes too frightened to actually apply it in a combat situation.

MintBattle by SkunkStarlight

Mint Grayleaf
Rank: D

A clothier and enchanter, as well as sister of the hero Casino Grayleaf, Mint knows a few helpful spells, but isn't much of a fighter at all.

LydiaArkenBattle by SkunkStarlight

Lydia Arken
Rank: D

Lacking in combat skill, Dr. Arken enlisted the help of several gods and goddesses in order to defeat Platypus. Unable to exist in physical form due to Platypus' machine, the weapon she created allowed her to summon her allies and their abilities into battle.

RatBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: D

By no means a fighter, Rat's greatest weapon is his wits and charisma. Also the powerful bodyguards he keeps with him.

DuckBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: D

A pacifist healer by nature, Duck has little aptitude for combat and dislikes causing harm.

LarsBattle by SkunkStarlight

Lars VanVoder
Rank: D

Disinterested in the ways of fighting, Lars is an aspiring bard who instead prefers to support his allies with the magic of melody.

MonkeyBattle by SkunkStarlight

Rank: F

Monkey can kick, punch, and bite with all of the strength of a normal child, and is uncomfortable with fighting. They are, at least, quite fast and agile.

Rank: F

Lynx is physically too weak and delicate to defend herself very well.
Skill Rank
Skill class rankings for most of the important characters of Shining Silver Starlight.
Lydia Story - Game Over Screen (Book II)
Shining Silver Starlight: Lydia Story

"Lydia succumbed to the stone curse."

The game over screen that appears during the second act of Lydia Story.
The Biv Family

Another Place, Another Time (Part 1)

Ray: Playing that damn guitar again? I thought I told you to throw that thing out!

Roy: No way. How am I supposed to start a band without it?

Ray: You're not, you idiot! You're gonna become a lawyer or a doctor like me and your mom.

Roy: But that's not what I want to do.

Ray: I don't give a rat's ass what you want to do. There's no future in all of that stupid noise.

Roy: ...

Ray: And didn't your mom and I tell you to get a haircut? You look like a goddamn hippie, it's an embarrassment.

Roy: I like my hair long.

Ray: Well, I don't! It's no wonder you get in so many fights, prancing around with your ridiculous hair and playing your guitar like a faggot little fairy.

Roy: I'm my own person. I'm entitled to make my own decisions.

Ray: Not while you're in this house you're not! I didn't raise you to be a no-good fuckin' sissy. As long as you're under my roof, you live by my rules! You're getting rid of the guitar and cutting your stupid hair. Is that clear?

Roy: ...fuck you.

Ray: What was that? Are you talking back to me now?

Roy: What if I am? Why do you have to be such a hardass all the time?

Ray: Because I'm your dad, that's why!

*Ray shoves Roy into the wall, making a loud noise. The bedroom door opens and Rey comes into the living room*

Rey: What's all the noise?

Ray: Roy is being a delinquent again.

Roy: Dad is being a jerk again.

Rey: *sigh* Don't you call your dad a jerk. Do what he says or you're grounded.

Roy: ...but...

Rey: Don't argue. And didn't we tell you to get a haircut and get rid of the guitar?

Roy: But I don't want...

Rey: It doesn't matter what you want. We're looking out for your own best interests, so stop being a rebellious brat and just cooperate for once.

Ray: You heard your mom. Now get the hell out of this house and don't come back until you've done as we've asked.

Roy: ...

*The door slams, and Roy stands outside of the house, tense with anger*

Roy: ...

In his past life, Dragon was known as Roy G. Biv, and was the son of Ray G. Biv and Rey G. Biv.

Ray was a lawyer, and a very strict and serious man. Rey was a doctor, and had little time or patience for Roy.

Roy was smart, strong, and kind, but in his parents' eyes, he was a lazy and rebellious delinquent with no future. His parents sought to dictate his life, and in so doing made his home life miserable. In school, he was often quiet and stoic, often lost in thought thinking about his parents and trying to keep his anger in check. Playing guitar helped him to relax and also gave him an outlet to vent his negative feelings. Known as "The Dragon of High School", Roy had a reputation for being a fierce fighter, able to shrug off much of what the bullies could dish out and put them in their place.

He had a great dislike for bullying and had a penchant for involving himself in their business. As a result, he was incredibly unpopular with them. Despite his good deeds, most students were afraid of him, and he had few friends. School faculty disliked him as well. He wanted the world to be a peaceful place, but it often felt like the whole world was at war with him. All the same, Roy endured, and wished to one day be able to live the simple and peaceful life he wanted without fear of adversity, and continued to fight for others to be able to do the same.
Happy 18th Birthday, DeviantArt!
I've been working on this for over a week. I may as well upload what I have so far while I still can.
Skunk's Favorite Pokemon
The sort of Pokemon designs a person likes says a lot about them. Here are 140 of my favorites. What do you suppose it says about me?
Six Month DeviantArt Anniversary by SkunkStarlight

I've been a member of DeviantArt for six months now.

Back in 2017, I had 0 deviations, 0 comments, 0 pageviews, 0 watchers, and 0 favorites. This is because I was not yet on DeviantArt, and 
all of my ideas lived in obscurity, having existed only within the confines of my mind for decades.

Now, in 2018, things are quite different. I have 317 deviations, received 283 comments, 5130 pageviews, 72 watchers, and my deviations have received
 828 favorites. People have checked out my page 121 times. Shining Silver Starlight: A Deal with the Devil and Shining Silver Starlight: Lydia Story have both been played 35 times each. I have 7 subscribers on YouTube, and 102 pageviews there as well. Jacob7812 on YouTube uploaded a video of A Deal with the Devil which has received 180 views and 4 likes.

As you can tell, things are quite different now than they were six months ago. I once believed all of these things, all of these ideas and efforts of mine that have accumulated all of this love and support, would live and die with me, that I would never be able to share them with the world. I've poured my heart and soul into doing what I've done, but it is all of you who motivate me to keep going. So thank you. Thank you for your continued love and support. It means a lot to me, and I hope to create and share plenty more in the future.

Last but not least, I would like to give a spotlight to a few lovely deviations made by some wonderful and talented individuals. In 2017, I also had 0 fan art of my characters made. And I am delighted to say that this also is no longer true.

SkunkStarlight by FionnaCoolGirl

Skunky (R) by bfulmore

Hug n Kiss by bfulmore

[OC-Drawing] Skunk Starlight by ZanZanryu

Skunker by bfulmore

Fan Art Pile #10 by SketchyAnon

[OC-Drawing] Skunk (Colored) by ZanZanryu

Thank you all so much for these wonderful works, and thank you to everyone for being a part of my life on DeviantArt these last six months.

SkunkBattle by SkunkStarlight -Skunk Starlight
You will be a lot happier not reading this.

I spend so much time trying to tell myself that suicide isn't the answer. You'd think by now that I'd at least partially believe it, but there isn't a single part of me that does, not even a little. I only live because I am gutless, and the only thing greater than my misery is my cowardice. I don't know how I'm supposed to make anything, finish anything, do anything, or learn anything, when 95% of the time I am fighting a losing battle against my inner demons. I want so much for the end to come, you know, it's all I really want, and it's all I've wanted for a quarter of a century, which is longer than some of you have even been alive. It was supposed to get better at some point, but it didn't; it only got worse. Much, much worse. And the pain and stress of it all has been tearing away at my mind so much for so long, that I question whether or not I can consider myself sane.

I kept trying to pull myself out of that abyss, again, and again, and again, and again. Through self-hatred, I pushed and continue to push myself past my limits and to points of great pain. I feared the thoughts in my head, the thoughts that made me different from other people, the memories and flashbacks of things I can never forget, and I have likely caused myself brain damage from the self-harm I have inflicted over the decades, but even that is not enough to shut up the hell that exists within my mind. I am in hell, I was born into it, I have always lived in it, and I fear that I always will live in it until I die in it, and despite a lifetime of my best efforts, I see only one path that isn't pointless agony, and it's the one wherein I don't exist anymore.

I wanted to be something better than this. I wanted to be happy, and bring joy and love to this ugly, terrifying, brutal world of ours. I wanted the agony to become a distant memory, I wanted to move past everything that I went through and not let it hold me back, I wanted to find a way to kill my greatest demon, my body image issues, so that I could feel like a human being instead of a monster, but... I guess I just didn't have what it took. Maybe I wasn't smart enough. Maybe I wasn't determined enough. Maybe it was always in the cards. I come from trash, and I wanted to be better, but in the end, despite desperately trying to claw my way to something better, even to the point of extreme physical and mental harm, I guess I too am trash. Perhaps it was something immutable, or perhaps that is just wishful thinking.

My partner tells me it wasn't my fault. That there was nothing that I could have done better. That I am amazing for going through what I've gone through, and that if I can get past my pain, he believes I could do anything I put my mind to and achieve brilliant and incredible things. But the thing is, things don't ever get better for me. They just don't. Ever. I only suffer. Maybe I'm bad luck. Maybe I'm cursed. Whether I fight back with everything I've got, or I fall over and accept it, things don't ever get better and I only suffer.

My partner tells me to be easier on myself, don't push myself so stupidly hard, to try and care about myself. But I absolutely despise myself inside and out with every fiber of my being. I am ugly inside and out, and if self-hatred was a fire, this entire world would be turned to cinder by now. I just don't know what to do. I can't live, this hell I am in is not living, but I can't die either. Isn't it all supposed to become some distant memory I can laugh about later? I'm 31 now, when is that supposed to happen? When is my life supposed to start? When am I allowed to say "It's clearly not going to get better, now can you please just be humane and euthanize me?"

Sorry for the rant.

SkunkBattle by SkunkStarlight WanderBattle by SkunkStarlight
Shining Silver Starlight: A Deal with the Devil by SkunkStarlight

It's been one week since I uploaded the full version of "Shining Silver Starlight: A Deal with the Devil". In that time, it has been played online eleven times and downloaded once, and the deviation for it has been viewed thirty-four times, favorited four times, and commented on once. That's quite a bit more attention than I was expecting. I hope you enjoyed playing it, and I look forward to bringing you more cool stuff like this in the future.

Take care!

SkunkBattle by SkunkStarlight
Hey, everyone! I've been meaning to make a DeviantArt account for some time now, so I would have a place to upload the things that I make and be able to share them with the world. And so, here I am! Name's Skunk, good ta meetcha!



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