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Skunk Starlight
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Hello. My name is Skunk, and I like to make all sorts of things.

small heart - rainbow by prettypunkaeCheck out my projects on! small heart - rainbow by prettypunkae

Check out my channel on YouTube!
Check out my profile on Steam!

I'm trying to get down from 160 lbs (73 kg) to 130 lbs (59 kg)

Height: 5'10" (177 cm) - Start Date: February 5th 2019

American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

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Chance Grayleaf
Casino Grayleaf
Mint Grayleaf
Reno Grayleaf


Daughter of Reno Grayleaf, wife of Vega Grayleaf, mother of Nevan Grayleaf, and grandmother of Casino and Mint Grayleaf, Chance Grayleaf mysteriously disappeared from the village when her son Nevan was still a child.

One thousand years have passed since her disappearance. One fateful day, Casino and Mint are enjoying a peaceful day together when suddenly Casino Grayleaf is struck down by a surprise attack. The assailant briefly introduces herself to Mint as Chance Grayleaf, states that she alone is worthy of the Grayleaf legacy, and intends to perform a ritual to inherit her power, before making her escape with an unconscious Casino in tow.

Chance has made her stronghold on a distant island reachable only through the harshest and most treacherous of seas. Aboard the Lusca with Kraken and his crew, a group of heroes make their way to the island to rescue Casino from her villainous grandmother.

I've been working hard on a special project, and now that it's completed, I'd like to tell you a little about it.

Unlike my other RPG Maker MV projects, this one is a little different. You won't be able to find it on my page, as it isn't meant to be playable. Instead, it's a twenty minute long special called "Shining Silver Starlight: The War Against Wyvern".

It's more polished than my previous work, with music and ambience accompanying the story from start to finish. In the story, the traitorous Wyvern, a counterpart of Dragon from another realm, has been causing trouble in Galmiun, and it's up to our heroes to stop him.

But before they can stop him, they'll have to rescue each other from the spell of the stygian sunflowers Wyvern brought over from his realm and planted in theirs.

Most of the scenes are done in RPG Maker MV, but when characters go head to head with each other, the fights are portrayed with Soulcalibur VI battles!

I think it might be my best work thus far. Please be sure to check it out. I hope you enjoy it.

SkunkBattle by SkunkStarlight  -Skunk Starlight 
Shining Silver Starlight: The War Against Wyvern
Watch it on YouTube!

Sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy a video that combines RPG Maker MV cutscenes with Soulcalibur VI battles in order to tell the story of the war against Wyvern.
Soda Arzeu (Soulcalibur VI)
"Wind magic is one of the hardest schools of magic to learn. It requires great intellect and dedication to perform even the simplest of spells. I doubt a fool such as yourself could ever hope to comprehend so much as a basic gust spell."

Soda Arzeu
Soulcalibur VI
Stygian Skunk (Soulcalibur VI)
"All is lost. Even the sky itself is crying. There is no point in challenging Wyvern. To confront him would only lead to greater suffering. Let us lament our final hours in peace and wait for the end to come."

Stygian Skunk
Soulcalibur VI
Stygian Dragon (Soulcalibur VI)
"You need not bother kneeling. My amusement with your kind has come to an end. I shall burn you all to ashes."

Stygian Dragon
Soulcalibur VI
Condor (Soulcalibur VI)
"Haven't you ever wondered why mortals look like us, Vulture? It is because they are a part of us. To eat of their flesh and drink of their blood is to become whole. They are not our friends. They are not our pets. They are the livestock of the gods; to harvest them is our birthright."

Soulcalibur VI
Wyvern (Soulcalibur VI)
"There are many hidden truths in this world. You fumble in darkness, unaware even of your own true nature. I shall illuminate all that is unseen. Knowledge and enlightenment, they are my gifts to you. That which lies at the very depths of your soul shall awaken at last, and bring forth a new era."

Soulcalibur VI
My friend SketchyOwO has been having a lot of trouble with family, and he's desperate to move out before he gets kicked out. He needs as much help as he can get in order to get an apartment. He's a talented artist, and I know he can go far with some support and a stable, less stressful living situation.…

Please help him if you can. Every dollar helps.

SkunkBattle by SkunkStarlight -Skunk Starlight
Nathan King (Soulcalibur VI)
"That's right, folks! This miracle elixir is made with only the finest lamia oil! And it can be yours, today only, at a fraction of the normal price! Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!"

The Melanie Spade Gang
We Are The Melanie Spade Gang!
Soulcalibur VI
Melanie Spade (Soulcalibur VI)
"Unless you want me to shove this knife all the way through your worthless neck, I suggest you tell me the combination to the safe."

The Melanie Spade Gang
We Are The Melanie Spade Gang!
Soulcalibur VI
Stygian Skunk


"The god of light, Wyvern, proclaimed that he would bring truth to our world. We thought him a bringer of light, but he has instead brought a great darkness upon our land. The dark sunflowers, they bring out a bestial potential hidden within gods that was never meant to be unleashed." -Casino Grayleaf

This form of Skunk was unleashed by the power of the stygian sunflowers that Wyvern brought with him from his own realm and planted on Galmiun. Dressed in a black hooded robe, as well as bearing the tail of a skunk and a mind consumed by sorrow, she resembles the angel of death prevalent in folklore.
Stygian Dragon


"The god of light, Wyvern, proclaimed that he would bring truth to our world. We thought him a bringer of light, but he has instead brought a great darkness upon our land. The dark sunflowers, they bring out a bestial potential hidden within gods that was never meant to be unleashed." -Casino Grayleaf

This form of Dragon was unleashed by the power of the stygian sunflowers that Wyvern brought with him from his own realm and planted on Galmiun. Bearing crimson hair, silver horns, the wings and tail of a dragon, and a mind consumed by wrath, he resembles the lord of hell prevalent in folklore.


A counterpart of Vulture from another realm, Condor emerged from a strange mirror that was once in Dr. Letra Relse's possession. Like Vulture, she is a healer with a somber and morbid disposition. She lacks Vulture's mastery of healing, but is physically stronger and better at combat. Though she and Vulture appear to be very much alike at first, Condor has far less compassion than Vulture and harbors a dark secret.

Unable to return to her own world through the mirror, she seeks to find another way home.


A counterpart of Dragon from another realm, Wyvern emerged from a strange mirror that was once in Dr. Letra Relse's possession. Like Dragon, he is masterful with a blade, and like Dragon's dragonfire, Wyvern has mastery of a devastating form of light magic known as wyvernlight. His hair is normally azure blue, but when he allows the light inside of him to shine forth, his hair turns golden and his true power is unleashed.

Unable to return to his own world through the mirror, he seeks to find another way home.
We Are The Melanie Spade Gang!
We steal from the rich and we steal from the poor! Gold and jewels, we always want more!"

A misfit gang of outcasts, the short-lived Melanie Spade Gang shared a common interest in making people miserable. Lead by the hot-headed Melanie Spade, they brought misfortune wherever they went.

Playing off of Melanie Spade's name, the group maintained a playing card theme. They wore black to represent the card suit spade, as well as to make themselves look imposing. Their names in the group were also taken from a deck of cards, those names being "Ace", "King", "Queen", "Jack", and "Joker".

Melanie Spade (Ace)

"Say it again and you'll be pulling this knife out from between your eyes."

Height: 4'10" (148cm)
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Green
Likes: Wealth, power, fame.
Dislikes: Being treated like a child, insubordination.
Attitude: Quite violent, quick to anger.

With a stature as short as her temper, and hair as pink as bubblegum, Melanie Spade was often treated like a child. Despite outward appearances, she was anything but cute and sweet on the inside. As bitter and hateful as they come, Melanie Spade gathered a group of outcasts in order to torment and profit from the society she had so deeply come to hate.

Completely lacking remorse for her actions, Melanie Spade ultimately proved to be too consumed by hatred to change her ways.

Nathan King (King)

"Stick to the plan. That means you three. No games."

Height: 5'9" (175cm)
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Likes: Wealth, hot meals, shelter.
Dislikes: Wealthy people, police, foolishness.
Attitude: Somewhat violent, serious, primarily interested in turning a profit.

Growing up in an orphanage, Nathan King never really had a childhood. Born serious, he sought to overcome his situation. Though he was sharp and determined, hardship proved relentless and nothing was ever easy. Leaving the abusive orphanage, Nathan found himself an urchin alone on the harsh streets. He adapted quickly, learning how to rob, cheat, scam, swindle, flim-flam, and otherwise separate fools from their gold, as well as how to survive on the streets against the law and his fellow ne'er-do-well. Though the harshness of life left him with little room in his heart for others, he abandoned the gang after finding himself unwilling to associate with the more violent and extreme direction the group was going in.

Having gone into hiding for a time, a weary Nathan King was eventually found by Dragon, who offered him a chance to peacefully surrender and go with him to the Divine Sanctuary. Nathan accepted without resistance. To his surprise, for the first time in his life he had learned what it was like to be treated with kindness and compassion. Life was no longer the brutal struggle for survival he had always known, and he was quick to change his ways.

Quinn Chara (Queen)

"'ello, luv! Brilliant little night for painting the town red, wouldn't you say? Bit o' crimson here or there ought to do bloody wonders, I'd say..."

Height: 5'8" (174cm)
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Green
Likes: Knives, slaughter, blood, gore, smiles, laughter, humor, fear, begging, crying, milk.
Dislikes: Having to restrain himself from "having too much fun".
Attitude: Extremely violent, jovial, mentally very disturbed, devoid of empathy, amused by suffering, only interested in causing physical and psychological harm.

Quinn Chara was born in the remote Chara Village, a small village near the chaos-rich Chara River that flows through the infamous Valley of Curses, a forbidden place that even the gods themselves dare not venture. As with other members of the chaos clan Chara, he sports charoite purple hair and a resistance to the effects of curses and chaos. Though members of his clan are rich with chaotic energies from birth, they tend to be a relatively normal and peaceful people that seldom leave the valley that they call home.

Quinn Chara, however, was always different. He was mentally disturbed and fascinated by violence and the suffering of other living things. When he and a group of others were learning to hunt, the rest of the group respected their prey. Quinn Chara, however, delighted in hearing the agonized noises it made, covering himself in its blood, and making a horrible mess before the group leader came over and put the poor creature out of its misery. In time, this bloodlust proved not to be restricted to monsters and animals. As a result of Quinn Chara's boredom, his older brother, Alexei Chara, was found in their home, slaughtered beyond recognition, his remains decorating the entirety of the room.

Exiled from the village, Quinn Chara saw this exile as a good excuse to see what fun existed outside of the valley. Happy to play along and possessing little interest in power or wealth, Melanie Spade believed he would be quite useful. As Melanie grew more hateful, she allowed Quinn Chara more freedom in his methods, which disgusted the other members of the group and eventually prompted them to leave. Unsurprisingly, Quinn Chara has proven to be a lost cause, incapable of changing his ways and being anything but a violent sociopath. Though he isn't divine, he doesn't appear to age and seems to return after being killed, possibly owing to his chaotic bloodline. As such, capture and assassination have both proven impossible, and he remains at large.

Skunk (Jack)

"Oh, we've got a brave one here! You've just ruined your life, pal! I hope you enjoy being cursed for life!"

Height: 5'10" (177cm)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Likes: Making people miserable, living in comfort.
Dislikes: Excessive violence, being disrespected.
Attitude: Adverse to violence outside of coercion, envious of the happiness of others, outwardly confident but secretly sad, scared, and lonely inside.

An infamous trickster goddess, Skunk saw joining Melanie as an opportunity to get back at the society that had treated her as a pariah and rejected her. She tolerated some of the group's more serious activities for a time and would often intervene to prevent others from engaging in excessive violence and cruelty, as she only joined the group to make people miserable and didn't want to seriously hurt anybody. As the group's focus became more serious and violent, and as Melanie and Quinn Chara continued to dismiss her grievances, Skunk realized that she wanted no further part in the gang's affairs and was the first to leave.

She remained illusive after this, but eventually let her guard down when she captured a village of people and imprisoned them in an abandoned castle she had taken over, leading to her defeat at the hands of Casino Grayleaf and her imprisonment in the Divine Sanctuary. Skunk was crushed by the loss of her freedom, but embraced the chance to improve herself and make real friends, and found life in the sanctuary to be a welcome and positive change. The sadness and anger in her heart had melted away, and Skunk blossomed into a kind and gentle, if not still somewhat mischievous, goddess.

Jasper Guest (Joker)

"You take this stuff way too seriously, King. Loosen up, live a little. None of this matters, you know? It's all just a game."

Height: 6'2" (187cm)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Silver
Likes: Enjoying a devil-may-care approach to life.
Dislikes: Killjoys.
Attitude: Moderately violent, happy-go-lucky.

A descendant of the famed ancient warrior Walter Guest, Jasper is a gifted underachiever who cares nothing for his ancestry. Drifting through life, he decides to join Melanie's group for the fun of it. After Skunk left the group, he soon realizes that he's not having fun anymore. Melanie is focused on a crusade of hatred, King couldn't care less about having fun, and Quinn Chara's idea of fun has become more horrifying than amusing as Melanie allows him more and more freedom to "express himself".

Jasper is the second person to leave the group, but his status as a wanted criminal makes it difficult to return to the irreverent lifestyle he once enjoyed. He wandered far from home until he had found places where he was no longer recognized. When a group much like the one he was in had taken to terrorizing the village he now called home, he saw first-hand what it felt like, and joined the villagers in fighting back against them.

Dragon, who had been wandering these lands himself, paid a visit to the village. Crossing paths with Jasper, he offers Jasper a chance to surrender peacefully and go with him to the Divine Sanctuary. The villagers stand to defend Jasper, considering him one of their own. Jasper, however, has been reflecting on the harm he has caused, as well as a number of other things, and decides that he wants to do something good for once and answer for his crimes. Though he still maintains a laid-back attitude, Jasper finds himself and matures as a person.
Zodiacal Gods
Rabbit | Pig | Tiger | Dog | Monkey | Rat | Dragon | Snake | Goat | Horse | Ox | Cock

Rabbit, the trickster goddess of illusion.

Pig, the oracle goddess of soul.

Tiger, the enthusiastic god of endurance.

Dog, the kind-hearted goddess of strength.

Monkey, the youthful god of innocence.

Rat, the charismatic god of information.

Dragon, the jade god of fire.

Snake, the artful goddess of venom.

Goat, the sage god of magic.

Horse, the tactical god of military.

Ox, the industrious god of smithing.

Cock, the foolish god of perseverance.

Together, they are the first generation of gods born into the world of Galmiun, the Zodiacal Gods.



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You are awesome my friend.
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You're very welcome. So, you have a fascination with bubbles, huh? That's an idea I like to play with myself, though I haven't written about or illustrated anything here yet. "Crystal" and "Bubble" are two high level spells in my work designed for containing objects and living creatures.

My world's universe has a heavy emphasis on stars and crystals. I'm not sure where the fascination with stars truly began, or if it was simply just my own enjoyment of looking up at the night sky. A love for magical stones likely originated with Sonic the Hedgehog's Chaos/Super/Master Emeralds and the Sega Saturn game Astal, as well as whatever video games and cartoons featured such things as well.

As for bubbles, they have a similar shining and prismatic effect as stars and crystals that seems to appeal to me. My interest in using them in my own work probably originated with the NES Bubble Bobble. There was likely influence from other media as well. One that comes to mind is from the Felix the Cat movie from way back when. It's been a long time since I've seen it, but the princess being trapped in a bubble was one scene that I seem to vividly remember.

Stars, crystals, and bubbles all seem rather whimsical and magical to me, and I like using them a lot. I also like the idea of using ice and plants to beautiful effect, especially snowflakes, flowers, trees, and vines.

Looking at some of your artwork, you seem to capture quite a lot of that magic and whimsy that I'm talking about, so I imagine you likely get where I'm coming from. You've done some impressive environment building in your last few drawings, and it looks like we both share a love for alliteration. :D

Keep up the good work! :happybounce:
bubble-fan Featured By Owner May 18, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my goodness, first of all thank you so much for striking up a conversation because I have been bored out of my skull lately T.T all my friends have been too busy to chat lately and all my family is interested in right now is slave driving me because the weather has been pleasant here lately which means we have to spend every spare moment we have working outside in the yard and garden

I like crystals and bottles and all that too but yeah bubbles have always been my favorite ^^

As hard as I think back that is actually probably how magic stone love started for me too, with Sonic Adventure DX, I forgot how graphically horrible the game was until I watched a video on it yesterday, so goofy and lazy and oh my gosh I remember how I was killed a ton not by time loss or enemy attacks but just the game design... I love the characters and all the stories though

Oh my goodness I remember when I was a kid I wanted bubble bobble super badly, I remember seeing it advertised in a magazine and being super cool looking but I did not own the machine it played on so I could not have it. But oh my gosh I remember that part in felix the cat movie, that was one of the many things that made me like bubbles. 80's-90's cartoons used lots of bubbles for trapping characters and it was just awesome ^^

I do love fantasy stuff like that ^^

I don't feel so I am so terrible at landscapes T.T but thank you. I do like fantasy worlds you know, finaly fantasy, ni no kuni, disney gummi bears, fire emblem, legend of zelda, tales of, the hobbit, I like the more rpg, medieval, fantasy lands type stuff.

Thank you so much and thank you for the watch too ^^
SkunkStarlight Featured By Owner May 21, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't sell yourself short, you're much better at landscapes than I am. ^^;
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