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My Okami Collection update. 2.

(Differnt Photo view))

Here is my massive collection of okami stuff i have bought and collected over the past 3 years now, and in the last week i have received Ninetails and oki, and today my new watch.

Here is the list. From Left bottom,
1. Okami Official works
2. Okami art and DVD book in Japanese.
3. Okami Game Walk through
4. ps2 game.
5. Okami Fan, with glowing issun figure
6. My new Okami Watch
7. Official 5 disc boxest of the soundtrack.
8. Oki New plush, hes big :)
9. Official Capcom Amaterasu Plush wolf.
10. Shiranu Mini plush
11. Okami mini plush
12. Issun mini doll.
13. Oki Mini plush
14. New ninetailes plush
15 Okami Wall clock
16. And my massive wall mosaic poster from Ebay back in 2007.
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darkangel801's avatar
awesome collection!! I only have the wii version, played some of the ps2..and I got the okamiden plush ^^
Skunk-Mantra's avatar
Mostly Ebay over the last 4 years, some special Japanese sites for pre orders for the big plushies ^^ Ebay nowadays still has loads of merchandise left.
Okamiamaterasu908's avatar
I want all of that AWSOME STUFF!
Skunk-Mantra's avatar
MasterMetaknight123's avatar
Srsly! They're ADORABLE
Skunk-Mantra's avatar
~Kikki on here msde them :) want a link.
twohourphoto's avatar
great collection but do you have the japanese version of the game.
Skunk-Mantra's avatar
nope not yet ^.^ peaking of witch okami came out here on friday on ds i forgot
gir-fan10's avatar
holy freakin crap!!! I want that stuff!
Skunk-Mantra's avatar
So much aint it xd.
gir-fan10's avatar
i love it!!! i am like, dieing over the plushies and the cd and the mosaic and everything!!!! i rly want the cd, but i saw one for like, 100 bucks. yikes. cant afford that.
Skunk-Mantra's avatar
yer some of the stuff is very expensive. sadly.
gir-fan10's avatar
wolfiesofthenight's avatar
ahhhh your so lucky!!!!
wolfiesofthenight's avatar
how did you manage to find all of this stuff?!
now all you need is the new chibiterasu plush!
Skunk-Mantra's avatar
Mostly on ebay in 2006 -2007... and guess what i have orderd that new plush allready hehe.
wolfiesofthenight's avatar
awesome your so lucky! i've orderd one too! :D i can't wait for it to come in!!!!
Skunk-Mantra's avatar
nither can i hehe
eevee-to-umbreon's avatar
Where did you get that Oki plush!!!???
Awesome collection!!
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