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Suburbian Freedom

Dedicated to :icondepleted:

This is about as politically/culturally controversial as I get - Draw any conclusions from any metaphors you might observe.

Hint: This is a pretty accurate depiction of my feelings toward television :P

Close-up of my little friend [link]
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BallPythonMetal's avatar
This is exactly how I see people who are fans of reality TV.
PaulRondezca's avatar
Is the meaning that we are all dead inside (hence the skull) when we watch reality TV (Jersey shore)? The american addiction to entertainment that may become our downfall?
CowgirlTivio's avatar
Horror and comedy in one work... i like it.
kyleclynn's avatar
Very Thought out.
I love it except for the TV.
It just seems heavy handed.
I think it could have done without the flame and the "Jersey Shore" but that's just me.

I really dig your little friend. Reminds me of the assistants in Amnesia:The Dark Descent.
skulpturro's avatar
To me, Heavy-handed American celebrity worship WAS the point. It was actually submitted with "American Idol" on the screen. Not so well-known is my utter disdain for Television; I haven't had television service for 6 years.
Thank you for your honest critique, I really appreciate it :highfive:
the-cypher's avatar
Now that's good T.V., Wonder showzen, aside.
skulpturro's avatar
I would be even more grateful for the comment iffin I had even the slightest clue as to what you mean...That said, I do believe you gave me a compliment, and for that I am grateful!!
oesoph's avatar
television is a god that rules the masses.
the-cypher's avatar
i wish that was jersey shore burning in that t.v. set, but whatevs, its all good. your picture i mean.
skulpturro's avatar
It's not "Jersey Shore"?
Check it again..........
the-cypher's avatar
Wow, I... I don't understand.
skulpturro's avatar
Reload the piece!!
I changed it....Just for You!!!

drum roll......[link]
crotafang's avatar
Very interesting concept! :D :D
EmpressRara's avatar
Very strong image, That only shows the power of art.
PS: I would love if you could take a peek at my work, Thank you.[link] :fingerscrossed:
PumpkinPieSoup's avatar
Waaaaay way awesome.
sileh's avatar
ppl realy needs to open up their eyes...i burned my tv many years ago :)
nwo must be destroyed
skulpturro's avatar
Peace right back at you!
InsgesamtIngobert's avatar
Looks awesome. not only the meaning, but the colours too. :) I'm not a big fan of photomanips, but your gallery is stunning.
skulpturro's avatar
Wow, what a wonderful thing to say.
The meaning kind of jumped out at the end!!
I do love earth tones, have to push myself to incorporate other colors too.
Thank you so much for your comment!! :)
skulpturro's avatar
Particularly for those with an "American Idol" allergy.

And Thanks :sneeze:
GhostCity's avatar
burn your flag, burn your tv!!!
ShiMoonWind's avatar
Now here my newfound friend is a face with personality. Lovely little critter.
skulpturro's avatar
With a see-through shirt!!

Gag :puke:

That's my gf's sweet doggie's eye in that one :)
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