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World-wide recession has changed the way many of us live. A global downturn in human reproduction has meant less work for many birds; hardest hit being the white stork, famous for its baby-delivering.
Everyone at the famous Dutch Krane Werks is doing their part to pitch in during hard times; even crayfish, normally relegated to the custodial department, help construct cranes, pelicans, and grebes.
Would you like to know more?........
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Oh Noes!  Whaaaaat? Ashamed 

That is interesting and quite original approach to the ancient old semi-truth parents always tell their kids 
of their origin instead of truth. Nice twist. 
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This is mind blowing !!! I'm in love, my brain is alive again. Thank you!
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Certainly it is my pleasure. I hope to be submitting in a few weeks after a painfully long hiatus.
Your comments are extremely encouraging, I really can't thank you enough :love:
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amazingly creative .. as usual :D
miss u brother :D
skulpturro's avatar
.......:jawdrop:......Little brother!!!

I just threw things together to make a picture....Good to see you again!!

Show us some more of your photo genius!! :please:
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hehehe .. u make it sound so easy , while we all know no one else but you can make this :D
u're the genius .. the genuine :D
and yes .. i hope i can have the time like before .. those were the days my friend :D
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Your times will be better, I promise, better than they ever were.......any babies yet to report, father Capoon?
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yes .. we now have a baby girl .. 10 months old :D
we called her Fayruz .. which means in english .. a kind of a gem stone :D
skulpturro's avatar

I must see her (your baby)!!
Do you have any photos you could post on DA?
If not, you could e-mail me some at
If you're not comfortable with showing me photos, I understand.
Congratulations to you both, Fayruz is a beautiful name!!
Give your two girls (mother and Daughter) a big :hug: for me.

I'm very proud of you, as always, you have made such a good life for yourself!!!!
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hehehehe :D
thank u soooo much my brother :hug:
i sent u some pics of her on ur mail .. the latest pics.
she's now 10 months old .. her teeth r pushing to come out .. so it hurts her .. so she's killing us :D lolll
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Pull her teeth out and send them to me!!!

I would love to photograph them!!!

Just Kidding......don't forget to give her sleepy pills at night ;)
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That is a fine compliment, Thanks!!!
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Poverty gnaws our collective cervical neck clusters.
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And occasionally yanks on our hangnails of doubt until they bleed.

Poverty and age are horrible task-mistresses, aren't they?
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the top line of text in the frame is in my language :D
a fine gallery you have here, I'd have to congratulate you with your photoshop skills :)
I hope I'd get there too one day, but I tend to want to learn about everything.
any pointers?

you're being watched ;) :+devwatch:
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I hope I didn't butcher your language too badly....
There are really not too many pointers to give, simply make everything as simple (artistically) as you can.
That always applies as soon as photos are taken; make sure you take all photos under the same light conditions (if you can).
Obviously, if you are the one taking all of your own stock photos, similar conditions will be easy to control.

Good Luck, I wish you all the best of everything, and thank you for the watch!!

I'd be glad to show you WIPS (if I have them) of any of my things, If you thought that might be helpful :)
NatureOrb's avatar
sure thing :) I'd love to see some WIPS some time ^^
and the dutch was fine, don't know what "viruly" is though.
and once I can get my hands on a decent camera I'll be able to take my stock photo's myself :)

thanks for the advice :thanks:
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like i always say you never cease to amaze me with your awesomeness!!!

love the border design and the bird madness!!
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Glad you like, the border design nearly killed me :)

Birds really are mad, every last one of them :crazy:
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your very welcome!!
i was happy as hell to see some new stuff from you!
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i would love to know more :hug:
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Oh, you shall.
You shall. :evillaugh:
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