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After many months of searching on E-Bay, I finally managed to find and purchase an authentic Clown Skull.
Isn't he cheery? He makes me giggle. hOw aBoUt yOu? :)
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Holy shit, this is scary!!! Great job, impressive really.
That's mental :D
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Oh, I love it! It's also deeply... DEEPLY... disturbing! How did you manage to get the skull to have that stretched appearance? It doesn't look photoshopped in that respect (though the face of the clown skulls clearly is).
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Carnival Music? I'm intrigued!!
And good work, sounds like the terror continues in your neck of the woods. Nice to hear about others that may be damaged psychologically by the clown skull!
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I think that is a rather healthy fear. It should prompt anyone in the vicinity of a clown to sound the clown alarm, or pop their red noses, or some other pre-emptive clown alerting thing. :D
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And with that post, you have successfully named one of my favorite little films of all time :winner: :handshake:
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That's... really creepy.
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Dude, this is awesome! I hope you heal soon and you'll be able to continue making great art.
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Thanks!! I very much appreciate your words, will do my best ;)
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i'm very impressed.
you are master!!!!!
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...i kneel before your talent...
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Oh get up, please; you have a bunch of talent yourself - and you don't have to depend on a camera like I do ;)

Thank You :)
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great!!! nice sentitive men.
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Thanks!! I'm only sensitive to fire and spicy food!!

Or is Giggles the one that is sensitive? :P
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What wonderful company I am in on your page!!
I thank you for that honour.
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you're welcome friend
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