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Henson LABYRINTH Diorama

By Skulpturen
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Jareth, Hoggle, the owl and the Goblins based on one of my
favourite movies: Jim Henson's LABYRINTH !
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Fantastic work, what material are you sculpting here? I suppose it cost 15-20 hours of your time, pricing it out of reach for many. But if you now scan it, you could print 3d replicas. Paint those in 2-3 hours each and sell them as a limited edition of 10 or 20, and who knows? This is as good as any 'Hummell' ever was, and might end up as famous! 
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I'm giving you bonus points for including the Bowie Constrictor on the model. ^^
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As a child the movie was a masterpiece.

As an adult, the bulging items get noticed even when consciously averting your eyes.
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Oh my gosh it's Labyrinth. I haven't heard from this movie in a WHILE
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Woa, so cool *o*
I want one like this.
Well, it's weird to see Hoggle next to Jareth without being scared, but it's cool anyway ^^
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I love it!!Do you sell those figures? I would like to have one of sarah
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you do not have a wip or pictures of how you did
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Also if you could make one of sarah and jareth dancing id be happy to pay good money for thataswell x
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Hiya you emailed me about.this a while ago but i couldnt reply as my laptop broke. Finally found you again though. If you still have this id still like to buy it. Id pay between $200-$400
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You are very talented. I would be so interested in this if you sold it.

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Must Have Now!! <3 <3 LOVE IT!!!!
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Hi... is this still for sale?
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how much would you sell it for? tell me a price id be very interested in buying it.
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That is so very well done! If you still have it, one day when I have saved up enough money, I will offer to buy it.
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I was scarred for life as a child after watching Labyrinth... There was too much of David Bowie prancing around in those hideous tights <shudder>. It didn't leave much to the imagination and I see this model is no less endowed lol. Oh well, back to the old therapist again.

Apart from that, fantastic work!
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this is amazing. One day I only wish to be able to sculpt something as cool as this.
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Well, how much would you offer?
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This is so gorgeous, I don't even know how much it can be priced!
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Well, how much would you offer?
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Oh I don't have any money:iconruncryplz: I hate that lmao I need more then 20$
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Well, how much would you offer?
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