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Pony Forms: Roger Ebert



after watching this:


and this:


i'm starting up another set of ponies this time starting off with famous critics i knew little of before & after i was born Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert for after watching the Nostalgia Critic's tribute to them i found them pretty awesome so it was appropriate to try out pony versions of them the Gene Siskel pony i call him "Hoof Down" and i call the Roger Ebert pony "Hoof Up" based on their famous slogan it's too bad Gene Siskel is dead & Roger Ebert lost his voice because i would imagine the pony versions of themselves on the MLPFIM show which i think would to awesome to see after all they were in other cartoons like Animaniacs and The Critic & they'd probably supply their own pony voices too like in The Critic too but what do you think anyway?
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"I'm the Nostalgia Critic and you will always be remembered." - I remember him saying these words in that tribute. RIP Roger Ebert and thank you. Now you and your partner will forever be remembered for what you do best.