Unseen Animal Artists Vol. 12

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Have you ever browsed around the animal section in paintings or drawings? I bet a lot of you have not! I don’t know why you people are not looking through it because there are a lot of great unseen animal art out there. Since not many people are looking through all of the great animal drawings and paintings, I thought I would bring some of the good ones to you!

:star: I do not take ownership to any of these drawings or paintings. I am only giving them exposure. :star:

:bulletred: We will start off with twenty unseen but great animal paintings! I hope you like them, please feel free to comment on and/or favorite them. :painter:

Acrylic Serval Painting by Albino-Phoenix Anemones by melanippos cardinals by simplelines :thumb69174105: E.B. by OdderByArt Elephant by jennyrjohnson :thumb68984109: High School Parrots by gibbsr88 Horned owl and Badger drum by wendyf KS Federal Jr. Duck Stamp 2003 by Jaybaby11 Not Nemo by Sinspire Poppy by Ziahippoqueen :thumb69300460: Red Squirrel by nudge1 :thumb69305412: :thumb61204913: Frog, Framed by oceanstarr Nemo... found by Aflamo Bentley by ElwynEllessar Sugar. by suggarie

:bulletred: Next are the twenty unseen but great animal drawings! I hope you like them, please feel free to comment on and/or favorite them.

iguanaface by Rouka-Nouka :thumb69328513: Butterfly by CMaitland :thumb69322934: Guacamaya by dannyelo :thumb69299061: Tim - The Fish by Kindoffreak Tree Frog by GaardCeteru beta by ajstrong butterfly 3 by artchikk I am the Walrus by dracowolf Jaguar by dracowolf :thumb71230283: :thumb71228822: Parrot-decomposition work by EternalWingedAngel Chandler by TheCure-Head dolphins by tattoomary

:bulletred: Finally, we are now to the stock once again. This is just to maybe help some artists with something to draw. I hope you like them, please feel free to comment on and/or favorite them.

:thumb67935526: Shades of Brown on Blue by natureguy A swan by Banana-Workshop Stock 146: horses by AlzirrSwanheartStock Puppy stock Lab Huskey by mirrorimagestock :thumb71216047:

:bulletred: Since this is the last issue of Unseen Animal Artists, I am going to put some Artisan Crafts in. I hope you like them, please feel free to comment on and/or favorite them.

:thumb70681630: Animal beanies- set of five by loveandasandwich Preservation- Chipmunk by Translations :thumb70965084: :thumb71016045: Moorish Idol by skullmage550

:star: Thank you to all the artists, you have great work and keep up the good job. :clap: Thank you to everyone who comments, puts in a piece of art that they think should be featured, and to everyone who favorites the article! :star:

:bulletblue: This is the twelfth in the series. This is the FINAL issue. I have had a fun year with this. I hope lots of artists got their work noticed more. Don’t worry though, I am going to do a special issue for the new year. Myself and a few other people are going to pick the best out of each article and they will be featured in that article. If you would like to help out with this please tell me.

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© 2007 - 2021 skullmage550
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wow a lovely collection of art!
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Thanks, the artists are amazing! :D
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Those are great! Congrats to those who got featured. They all look lovely!
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You're welcome!
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wow this is really good work even though i draw anthros i could never draw this good thanks for showind DA these great unseen artist.
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Yay! Thabkies for featuring my "tree frog" I'm very glad you liked it :hug: =)
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Thank you for the feature. I didin't think it was that good.
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Thanks for featuring my picture "Nevermore" :) :hug:
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Thanks a lot for the feature :-)
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Coool...oh, and thanks for the feature! XD
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ElwynEllessar's avatar
Wow! Thanks for the feature!! I really appreciate it. It's my first time being featured on DA!

Great choices for features too! Love the other artwork, and I'm always on the lookout for more artists to feature in my journal.
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XxDarkShadowWolfxX's avatar
thaaanks for showing my tit :) That´s so cool! :D :hug:
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Thanks a bunch for the fature! :) I'm honoured.
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