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Inkopolis Medical Center

Eve and sasha were in the waiting room waiting for an updates on maia.

Sasha: This is all my fault, After I lose with my match I saw her and try to stop her but her soldiers got in the way but your agents help me as they told me about the bomb so we were too busy with the bombs that I didn't know that she would do this to maia.

Eve: It's not your fault, That needle was supposed to hit me and not Maia, but she took the hit for me.

Sasha: That's my sister alright, Always being there for her friends and family even if it...

Eve: Even if it means getting hurt in the process?

Eve: Heh, to be honest, I'm kinda the same way.

Sasha: I know, Like i said i heard about you.

Eve: How much have heard about me exactly?

Sasha: Well, Your an agent one of the best and your power i can sense someone with powers almost like mine or my sister

Eve: I see.

Sasha: Plus, My sister saved your life and she cares about you.

Eve: I care about her a lot too.

Quiet for a min until sasha decided to talk to her about her feelings towards maia.

Sasha: Listen, I heard your talk with maia about her loving you before my match. So i know what's going on between you two, I'm glad that she found someone that like her and loves her for who she is.

Eve: I'm glad to have found someone like her too as ever since the day that incident happened on I have not been able to find one.

Sasha: Well, You found one.

While they talk, The doctor came up to them.

Sasha: How is she?

Male Inkling Doctor: Your friend and sister is fine, We manage to restore blood flow to part of the heart and muscle damaged during the heart attack. If it wasn't your friend giving cpr she would of died from it.

Eve: Can we see her?

Male Inkling Doctor: Yes, But she's not awake yet.

The doctors show the girls to maia's room.

Maia's Room

When they enter in her room, She was still out but has wires on her chest. Eve goes to maia bed side, Grab a chair and hold her hand. The doctor talks with sasha about maia's condition.

Sasha: When will she wake up.

Male Inkling Doctor: We don't know yet, But we had to operate on her in order to restore the blood flow in her heart but if she keeps going in that state it won't end well for her.

Male Inkling Doctor: I'll leave you two alone, If she does wake up let us know.

Sasha: We will.

The doctor walks off as sasha joins maia by her side, Sasha can see eve worried and not saying a word while holding maia's hand

Sasha: Don't worry eve, My sisters strong. She's going to be okay.

Eve: I hope she will be indeed okay..

Things got quiet until the door open to see brizzy and meggy arrive.

Brizzy: How is she doing?

Sasha: She's fine, Doctors manage to restore the blood flow from heart and got her back.

Brizzy: That's good.

Sasha: Yeah, But the doctor said if she keeps going into third mode it won't end well and she might died.

Brizzy: I see.

They all look at maia waiting for her to wake up but then sasha phone started to ring so sasha answer it.

Sasha: Yes... Is that so?... Alright, Don't do anything until i get there.

She then hangs up the phone.

Brizzy: Who was that on the phone?

Sasha: One of my soldiers, Your agents arrive at my camp with are friend morana. She's being interrogate with right now, I'm going over there and have a little chat with her.

Eve: I'm going too.

Sasha: Alright, Brizzy contact us if anything change with my sister.

Brizzy: I'll be sure to do that.

Sasha: Thank you, Let's go.

Sasha and eve leaves the room with brizzy keeping an eye on maia's condition.

Sasha's Camp

The two arrive at the camp and went inside a building where there keeping captain morana at.

Sasha: How is she?

Female Octoling Soldier: She's fine, Ma'am but she's haven't say anything until you arrive.

Sasha: Alright, Leave me and eve alone with her.

Female Octoling Soldier: Yes, Ma'am!

Sasha and eve went in the room to see morana cuff to the table with a evil smile smiling at the two. Eve just stared at her with spite and great hatred after what she's done.

Captain Morana: Well, Isn't this great? The three of us in here together well except your sister.

Sasha punch her to shut her up.

Captain Morana: Hahaha, Looks like i trigger something in you.

Sasha: We're not playing games, Morana. Your Plans what are they?

Captain Morana: Do you really think i'm gonna tell you after what you did to me?

Sasha: I didn't nothing to you.

Captain Morana: Oh yes you did, You must think you can be whatever you want by taking the rank i wanted, Gaining everyone's trust in the army and being well once's friends with the general.

Sasha: What i did, I didn't care all i did was take my mother and sister's place so they can be safe.

Captain Morana: Well, We all know that didn't go well.

Sasha was quiet but continue interrogating her.

Sasha: I'll ask you again, What are your plans.

Captain Morana: Like i said to your sister and your friend here, To make are soldiers super so that we can control inkopolis with are ruler dj octavio as the supreme lord of it.

Eve: Like that ever gonna happen.

Captain Morana: Oh honey, Do you really think you can beat us even after i made your sister show her true form, The perfect form for are army.

Eve: You will never win no matter what you try.

She looks at eve.

Captain Morana: Do you really think you won this fight, Keeping me here while your sister your friend in the hospital almost died because of that. Haha you really are dumb.

Sasha look at eve with caution then look at morana.

Sasha: What are you talking about?

Captain Morana: You'll soon find out very soon.

Eve: You better tell us now.

Captain Morana: Or what? You'll kill me with your berserk mode, Please the robots i send you may of fail to kill you but i found out what triggers it and what are it's weakness

Eve: You know nothing!

Captain Morana: Oh really, What about your relationship with her sister or your family were all your little kitty's are at?

Eve grabs morana by the neck in rage.

Eve: I would be careful with what you're gonna say next if I were you.

Captain Morana: Haha... If i were you... I keep an eye on them...

Sasha let's eve choke her.

Eve: If you touch any of them then I'll come for you and RIP YOUR HEART OUT!

Captain Morana: If you do that... You'll never find out... Where dj octavio plans are...

Sasha look at eve and signs her to let her go which she did as she couch up some are.

Sasha: You better tell us now or i'll have are agent here kill you right here and now.

Captain Morana look at them.

Couple Mins Later

They leave the room with the answers they need.

Eve: Finally we got the info we needed from her.

Sasha: Yeah, Get your agents to that location i'll do the same with my soldiers.

Eve: I'll be sure to do that.

Sasha: I'll so make sure to send some solder at the hospital and your house in case anything happen.

Eve: Good, I don't want anything bad to happen to any of them.

Sasha: Me neither, Anyway i'll meet you at the location.

Eve: I'll be there.

Sasha nods her head and smile then walks off to prepare for the fight.

Octo Valley

They arrive at the valley where the octoling army is at, They move in quiet and stay in the shadows to make sure no one sees them. They move into the base on different sides, They took out the solders outside but they wait for a min to make sure this isn't a trap which is why sasha send in one of her gadgets in to see what's inside the base. The camera on the gadget shows them that all the soldiers are there including there leader dj octavio.

Dj Octavio: My soldiers, You are all here because it is time to take over inkopolis once and for all! Your captain have been capture but her plans are going well as she makes them think that we are at this very base but the rest are at inkopolis right now for phase one of are attack. After phase one, Phase two will communes as we attack every turf war fighter, Every agent who gets in are way.

Sasha: Don't worry, I have send some soldiers there incase this happens.

Dj Octavio: After phase 2, We will be ready for are final phase which is to make inkopolis are new home and take over the world because we are octolings, We are the octoling army and i am DJ OCTAVIO!

The soldiers cheers as they are ready for the attack that's coming there way.

Eve: This guy makes my sick with just his personality.

Sasha: You and me both.

Eve: I want to punch him in the face so badly.

Sasha: And we will, Come on.

They head inside as the soldiers get ready to leave, Sasha solders throw smoke grenade as they come out and a shooting starts between the octoling soldiers and sasha's army. Eve stayed in a high and hidden place picking off soldiers with her rifle while sasha stay down with her soldiers as they force there way to where dj octavio is at. Sasha made there way to see dj octavio in he's ship with he's fist ready to fight.

Dj Octavio: Well, Well, Well look who have return to her home.

Sasha: This place was never my home.

Dj Octavio: Right, You toke your mother and sisters place to save there little lives. And what's this, Agent eve the agent who have beaten me twice in a row.

Eve aims at him.

Dj Octavio: Still haven't change since we last fight, But that doesn't matter once i take care you both. Inkopolis will be mine just what it should of have long ago.

Eve: In your dreams.

Dj octavio started he's ship and was ready to fight and so was everyone else as he's fist started to come out and was about to hit them but they shoot at them as they remember that the one that aren't spinning bounce back which it did as it hit octavio but he wasn't done. As he throws splat bomb at them but they move out of the way but the spinning fist go to eve but she move out of the was and shot at octavio as it hits him and stunned him for a bit as everyone started to shoot but when that happen captain morana came up and attack sasha with her four soldiers behind her back.

Captain Morana: Miss me?

Sasha: What?! How did you escape?

Captain Morana: Oh, My little soldiers rescue me when you were transporting me to one of your friends agents place but fails.

Sasha was about to attack her one of her soldiers attack her and pin her to the ground as she goes to her. Eve tries to go to her but then sees octavio fist coming at her but shots at it to bounce back then rush to her. But when she got closer, One of the soldier got brizzy and maia as hostage, Eve stops has soon as she sees them.

Sasha: Maia!

She try's to get up but the soldiers hold her down while sasha's soldier were to busy with octavio and the other soldiers.

Captain Morana: Did you really think i can forget these two? Oh no, These two are on my list including her sister. Now, Which one shall i leave behind? The cat or your friend?

Eve look at her with furious eyes but then sees maia waking up with both of her eye's red and was able to break free and knocks morana back then look at the soldiers and attack them while eve goes to brizzy. She checks to see if she was breathing which she was and one of the soldiers take her away while she goes to help maia. Maia was still fighting the soldiers until she sees them taking sasha away then rush to her and knock the soldiers out. Maia looks at her sister for a min but then look at octavio as he beats the soldiers but the two decided to work together with there super soldier power with eve.

Eve turns into feral berserks the three stare at octavio as he was ready to attack, Eve growls like a tiger while this is happen. The three go and runs to him as he's fist started to come to them but they misses and goes on them, Octavio started to throw splat bomb but sasha shoots them away from them as the three go to him and started to throw fast punches. They then throw him off of he's ship as the it started to fall and exploded, Octavio tries to escape but maia landed on him and grabs him.

Dj Octavio: Put Me Down!

As they go to him, Eve noticed a few soldiers still standing so she took them down.

Sasha: It's over octavio, Your finish!

Dj Octavio: You think this is over, Your captain says over wise.

They look to see morana with her veins pop out with a grin look on her face. Eve goes to her and attack her, But morana grab her hand and throw her across the room. Maia and sasha look at each other then at morana as maia throw dj octavio to her then they attack her with speed as she did the same. Eve got back up quite quickly and was about to go help Maia out as she goes but to morana and grab her as sasha and maia started to beat her but morana manage to break free and throw eve to maia as sasha try to fight her but was knock back but still standing.

Dj Octavio: Captain morana is one of the best soldier a better one then you sasha and i made sure of it by putting more super soldier serum in her like maia and there only one way to beat her and that's to use that final form of yours.

Eve won't give up attacking since she's too stubborn to give up, Neither did sasha and maia. But maia know that if she goes in her third mode she could died then started to walk towards them and started to turn into her final, Maia could feel something inside of her as was going into her final mode that assured her that she will be fine and not die. Maia continue to transform but was couching blood but didn't give up and as she finally transform in her final mode with both red eyes, Veins popping out and her fists clenching.

Captain Morana: Aaaw there you are, Time for a rematch.

She and maia run at each other and grab there hands as they struggle to punish each other away and strike. Eve wants to go and help her but sasha puts her hand to stop her.

Sasha: Don't, You get involved and she'll think your a soldier or you and i can't risk you getting hurt.

Eve just growled since she can't talk while in Feral-Berserk.

Sasha: Look, If you really want to help her that's fine just be careful incase she...

Eve nods then goes to help Maia, Maia and morana were still fighting as sasha deals with octavio. When morana sees her she tries to stop her but was stop by eve as she throws a right kick to the head then maia throws fast combo's at her then a powerful hook that makes her throw far away from her. She tries to get up but eve grabs her by the throat. Eve was growling at her while holding her down.

Captain Morana: You think this is the end... But it isn't. I'll be back.. I'll always come back... But if you do kill me i won't but someone will take my place and finish the job.

This made made her grip around her neck tighter making harder for her to breath.

Captain Morana: I'll see you in hell... Agent eve.

She then dies from the grip, Eve then throws her off the the stage. After the fight, They look at each other for a min then sees sasha with octavio. They were about to leave until eve stumbled a bit after taking a few steps, Maia help her as they three leaves. When they make it out, Maia started to couch up alot of blood and was about to pass out but suddenly she felt some kind of strength that kept her from passing out.

Sasha: You two good?

Maia couldn't say anything in her third form but she shakes her head yes.

Sasha: Okay, Let's head back to camp and we'll help you guys out.

Sasha's Camp

Eve started to wake up in a room with maia by her side.

Eve: M-Maia..

She tried to get up but couldn't due to her body feeling way too sore to even move.

Maia: Easy, Your body's still sore from using your beserk and that fight.

Eve: W-where are we?

Maia: We're back at my sisters camp.

Eve: I-I see.. H-how long was I out?

Maia: Couple of mins, They said you'll be fine since you didn't had serious injuries like the soldiers and part of me had.

Eve sees maia's both hands bandage up and some band aid's on parts of her body and face.

Eve: I-I might not be injured but I still feel like I have been ran over by a train..

Maia: But you didn't

Eve: Maia, whenever I go into Feral-Berserk my body gets pushed over its limits way further than what it normally could be able to handle to staying in it for too long can cause harm to my body..

Maia: I know.

Maia was quiet putting her head down cause of guilt she feels.

Eve: Hey, what happened today is not your fault.

Maia: But i wasn't strong enough to stop her from taking brizzy, That i wasn't strong enough to help you guys and You guys worrying about me when i was in the hospital because of my form doing this to me.

Eve: Maia, it was never your fault that all of this happened.

Maia was still quiet with her head down, Eve place her hand onto Maia's cheek then kissed her. Maia look at her.

Eve: I will always love you no matter what happens.

Maia smile under her mask when eve said that to her. They then heard a knock at the door, Maia goes up to the door and opens it then goes to eve.

Maia: Someone wants to see you.

Her brother and her kids came in the room.

Eve: I guess I got you all worried when I didn't come home on time, huh?

Chuck: You could say that sis.

Her kids and her brother go to her bedside while maia was leaning against the wall.

A Bit Later

Maia was outside looking at the view of inkopolis hearing the music as the citizens party to off the hook. Chuck then walk up the maia and looks at the view with her.

Chuck: The view is quite nice out here, isn't it?

Maia: Yeah, It is.

Chuck: Thanks for being there for my sister by the way.

Maia: No problem.

Things got quiet for a min.

Chuck: So, what made you fall in love with her?

Maia was quiet for a min then say why.

Maia: When i saved her life and we became friends, My heart started to beep fast every time i'm near her or hang out with her and i know she has a family and she is an agent which is why i kept it to myself until i was ready to confess my feelings towards her. But, All i can do at the time was write a letter about my feelings to her and when i gave it to her i thought she would never be my friend anymore but it turns out she felt the same which shocks me because i never been in a relationship before and i'm an octoling but she doesn't care about that and felt the same way to me.

Chuck: She doesn't care about what species is someone, What she cares about is what kind of person you are and how you treat.

Maia look up at the sky.

Maia: I just hope i can be a good lover for her.

Chuck: Emerald had the same question when they first started dating.

Maia slowly look at him with a look that she didn't know that.

Chuck: Eve used to have friend named Emerald who she met when they were kids and was pretty much the only she had as she was the only person who didn't care that she's an Inkling and not an Inkling. Eventually this friendship turned into love.

Maia: What happen to her?

Chuck: They were both agents so they were out on a mission together, but that mission didn't go so well..

Maia: Oh.

Chuck: Yeah, Eve managed to get out alive thanks to Emerald sacrificing herself for her.

Maia: Just like taking that needle for her at the tournament.

Eve: Something like that, but during that time she didn't exactly make without any injuries since she pretty much got impaled..

Maia: What do you mean?

Chuck: Eve got impaled by a metal pipe that luckly didn't hit any major organs but did end losing the ability to have kids of her own because of it.

Maia: I see

Chuck: Yeah.

Maia felt sorry for eve about what happen to her and why she can't have kids.

Chuck: It's been years since that happened.

Maia: What about her kids, How did she met them?

Chuck: Well that's quite the long story.

Maia: It's your choice, I just thought how she got them and... I just hope that her kids can accept me for dating there mother

Chuck: I guess we have enough time for me to be able to tell you then.

Maia listens to chuck has he's about to tell her about eve's kids.

Chuck: Let's start with the eldest one. Tim still had one parent alive who was his rather abusive and very much insane father, but he ran away from home and we found him while we were out on a walk.

Maia got upset on the inside cause no child should go through that.

Chuck: The second kid, Dante was found by Eve all alone out in the woods while she was on mission.

Maia felt bad for the kid for being all alone with no one to help him but was glad at eve found him.

Chuck: Third one, Alice was in a box in an alleyway with only just an old Flareon keeping safe until Eve came around and found her.

Maia felt bad for eve's kids going through those things almost made her remind her about her past but is glad that eve is giving them a perfect life and hopes that she will be there for them and eve.

Chuck: That's the whole story of Eve got her kids.

Maia: I see... There lucky to have her as there mother without her who knows what would of happen to them.

Chuck: I honestly don't even want to think about what would have happened to them if it wasn't for Eve.

Maia: You and me both.

Things got quiet.

Chuck: I think we should head back in now.

Maia: Before i do, There something i wanna say?

Chuck: What do you want to say?

Maia: I want you to know, That i will try my best to be there for your sister and her kids and protect them no matter what.

Chuck: I know you will do your best.

Maia and chuck then head back inside.

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