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Photoshop White Skin Action Vampire Skin Ice face

Action White Skin/Pelle Bianca

New Effect: Split Toning High Contrast (XMP Camera Raw Preset)

CS4, CS5, CS6, CC.

Created by Mario Fortunato - Xx_Skull_Kill_xX



F.A.Q. :
Q: action stops at "livelo 1" missing layer. Please explain.
R: no problem, you do not need level 1. is equal to background level.

Q: Can you link a tutorial?
R: No, I can't. There is no tutorial anymore.

Q: Do I have to purchase it to dowload it? I just can't find where to download it...
R: Yes, you have to purchase it. Just click on the purchase button on the right of the screen to download it.

Q: How to set this action in Photoshop?
R: Just click on it 2 times and you will find my action in the actions windows of Photoshop.
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this is so cool!! too bad its not free -.-
Where are the instructions to use it
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same function as the other actions
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is it work with CS3?
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hello, I do not know. I have never tried.
Sorry :(
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It works fine, thank you very much. :) (Smile) 
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action stops at "livelo 2" missing layer. Please result in the end
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what version of Photoshop do you have?
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Please share the tutorial video. The youtube say: "private  video". My error: "could not complete the command because the selected area is empty" Thank you!
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what is your version of photoshop?
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I'm from Russia 
How can I get this thing?
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I'm from Russia
How can I get this thing?
I'm from china,could you give me ?please
I can´t  download this !!!? please!
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oh man i was hoping this was a free skin whiting action. please send me the zip to download if thats an option.
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I was considering purchasing this, but with all the comments of issues, I think I'll pass.  Wonder how many others passed for the same reason? Perhaps it's a language barrier... I don't know, but don't think I want to purchase this action to be treated so rude if I have an issue.  Best of luck.
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I sent you a private message on your facebook page.
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Very kind of you skullkill!!  I do appreciate your feedback and I will test out this action.  Would have been easy enough to just have ignored my comment, or bite back, but you didn't and for that I send my respect!   Again, thanks so much.
I thought this was free-
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