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Greetings, true believers!

First off, I observed the icons have been messed with.  April 1st much?  Someone likes Twilight apparently too.  :P

Anyhow, lately been busy working with my father on roofs and such with chimney sweep stuff. Managed to get a sorta internship through him as well.  A client of his was quoted an enormous amount to get his fireplace and chimney repaired by a competitor, and my father was called in to give his viewpoint.  He said that while some of the stuff could be done, like relining the flue for example, not all of the work needed to be done if it was going to be used in a certain manner.  At least that is how the story was relayed to me.  In this line of work you don't need to create more work for yourself, such as tell the customer you absolutely need to do this or have that done, as the first thing is safety of use.  As a result he got and did the job that he quoted for them instead of the competitor's original quote, and the customer was ecstatic and wanted to repay him.  He works for a company that has the equipment and personnel that shoots commercials and other things, and now I'm working with him!  

At least, I would like to be anyway. <.<;  I'm sorta working for him, but in a limited internship way at the moment.  That is, with no pay, but it is to be expected.  He works with cameras and the equipment and lenses that are involved.  So far I have been to a few shoots of stuff that I can't tell ya about cause people would be mad, and if it made its way back to my guy I'd be out of luck, but it has been pretty interesting so far.  I've been on a shooting set of sorts at Turner so far and have mostly been trying to learn names and get to know people, as well as being a gopher of sorts.  “Jack, go get the cut tennis balls.  Go get the sandbags to hold the lights down, then go hold this steady for a minute.”  It is kinda boring at times, but my sponsor says that is normal.  I'm trying to get a hold of him so I can get out to another set, so hopefully I'll be able to work again soon.

Also, went to MomoCon at Georgia Tech, and it was great fun!  If you are around Atlanta its a great con to go to, and it was free too!  I also met Neon-Juma there, which to some might be a thing of envy, and if not, I still thought it was cool to meet the creator of my favorite stuffed Jenny articles!  XD  It was fun going around the convention with a fellow Jenny fan, and was a neat opportunity to show off the backpack and hat she made for me.  "I love the backpack!"  "Thanks, she made it."  "Really?  Awesome!"  Stuff like that was common as we yukked it up around the place!

Otherwise, nothing much else has been going on.  The trees are littering with pollen instead of leaves, flowers are coming up, and its finally getting warm around here.  Maybe things will change for me as well as with the weather soon, but if not I think I am doing alright at the moment.  Here's hoping things continue to get better or stay acceptably the same in the future!

Oh, and for those expecting an April Fools trick or something, there isn't.  All of the above is 100% true and accurate.  Thus, I fooled you into thinking I would fool you.  Only a foolish fool would foolishly try to fool a fool who would expect foolish fooling.  Yes, I like Von Karma's Daughter.  XP
  • Listening to: Xenogears Soundtrack- Old, yet good
  • Reading: The Art of War
  • Watching: Justice League. Good writing, animation, all that
  • Playing: Borderlands. Neat, expansive game.
  • Eating: Pizza Pizza!
  • Drinking: Sunny D! Like Orange Juice, but not! PARADOX!


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You don't have to.

So this is what happened.
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I hope this answers all your questions and you enjoy your tiny lady.
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