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Will - Skullgirls (OC) by skullhead4554 Will - Skullgirls (OC) :iconskullhead4554:skullhead4554 2 0 My Hallow Cosplay! by skullhead4554 My Hallow Cosplay! :iconskullhead4554:skullhead4554 5 0
Gifts... by Who?
When you are born, you are given a gift, why do you recieve this gift? It's because it's your birth, birthday. With this gift you are given a body, you are able to see a place. You are no longer a fetus, sperm cell, you are no longer in someone.
With this gift, you later get the gift of fun, the gift of happiness, the gift of knowledge, and the gift of love. This is the biggest gift you have gotten. However some no longer want this gift. Some people want to no longer have it.
So some people vanish, they go to somewhere, we don't know. However where the people that vanish go, they go to place of their own kind. They disappear no longer to have a body.
But when you vanish, you have a new birthday, called, 'deathday.' You are given a new gift, this gift is called, 'a new life.' You go to a world beyond the one you were in before.
So the two new presents you get is: A New Life, and A New Hope, soon to have the gifts of happiness, and paradise.
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It's Last Hope Time! by skullhead4554 It's Last Hope Time! :iconskullhead4554:skullhead4554 5 0 Share a coke with Holly (Hallow!) ^w^ by skullhead4554 Share a coke with Holly (Hallow!) ^w^ :iconskullhead4554:skullhead4554 1 0
A poem made about Valentine.
My only heart belongs to her,
Till she cuts it open, and I wonder.
If I can trust her, even with another.
She still has feelings for me.
But I feel no hate, it seems,
Rather, I don't know, about her.
She kills, and that's the darkside.
Though I wonder why, she was to heal.
But mostly she doesn't,
She is evil, I hope not.
She is so beautiful, but her personalty,
Has changed for NO good,
She covered up her own self.
A beautiful memory on the shelf....
......She unlocks the door,
In my bed, I sweat.
Does she feel sorry? Or nothing?
She decides to sleep alone,
Her best friend is like her,
Both should get married, hell,
Both of them would be fine. A lesbian couple it could or would be.
It would more than the one we have.
I wish to see her face,
If she has disgrace.
Lying down to the couch,
Covered up, and in the inside.
I still love her.
But does she love me? Still....?
Bloody Valentine,
A tragedy...
No one wants it.
But I want her still.
The slaughter, is it for good?
She is pyscho, but wo
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