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Hello from a fellow UK illustrator! Just checked out your portfolio; some very impressive work in there, man. I really like how you bring personality and character to artificial forms (your machine-drawing abilities are fabulous!) - loving the level of polish and finesse, too. Great work; respect! :)

(I've picked up some art technique from your work as well, so thank you for the education!)

Hey SG, listen, i just watched this video:

If you have a Patreon too, you might want to check this out. Potentially you might have to find a new payment service.

Thanks for the heads up Heretic. I don't use Patreon; I've never used anything outside of Paypal actually, but thank you anyway.

I wasn´t sure whether you have a Patreon account, so i wrote that message just in case.

Glad to know whatever happens to them won´t hurt you.

There are many artists on DA using it though, i wrote this message to everyone in my watchlist that didn´t actively promote a Subscribestar account.

No problem, thank you. I have to admit I don't do a lot of work as an artist at the best of times.

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Hey! Thank you for the favourite ! 🙂

No Problem! You have some great art in your gallery!