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Formerly Was: skullettez

~ A Little Bit of Love

Hello everyone who is willing to grace my insane life with their presence~

I'm Dawn, but you can easily go by my username, or...Any other nicknames I have gathered over time on the web~ "ThatOneSpazz," "ThatOverthinker," "Skullettez," "Skully" and all manner of other things. I have quite a few, hehe! Heck you can even call me by my most widely-known OCs name, "Avalyn!" Whatever suites ya, I guess~

I will admit, I am rather shy and reserved at first, that is kind of just how I am. So sorry if that is a bit off-putting to some. I promise that if you really want to take the time, I am very kind~ Just a dorky little shy, noodly goober.

Just about every single piece of art you will see in my Gallery is going to be focused on my characters. Most of it will be traditional, but I have mixed in digital shading and coloring to a lot of my finished products. Some of it will be fanart, but most of it will be my own OC characters or fan-made characters. If you like the art style you see, I am always open for some commissions, so feel free to message me about that if you're interested!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

Favourite Movies
Flika, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Favourite TV Shows
...Alot. X'D Though I really liked the old Teen Titans!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Skillet, Pink, Breaking Benjamin...Ok yea a lot.
Favourite Books
A Dog's Life! And FNAF: The Silver Eyes
Favourite Games
HALO, lots and lots of DS games!
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, notepad, colored pencils, markings, pens. Pretty much everything! XD
Other Interests
Literally just drawing, writing, watching my favorite Youtubers

Some Shameless Self Promotion~

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(I'll have actual videos here eventually~)

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Hey, been a long time hasn't it? Wondering if you've seen a TV Show called The Dragon Prince?

...No. :XD:

And Y E S it has!

Hehhh, definitely, how have you been? Also, Happy New Year!

You've missed out on something great then. The dragons in that show are REALLY well made, sentient, and the leaders of their people (Archdragons) are hecking HUGE...I'll list some links to the ones they've showed so far.

(wait...what was the :XD: for?)

Prince Azymondias (Nickname: Zym, Sky Archdragon) - Less than a month old (Warning: ADORABLE): ,

King Avizandum (Zym's Father, Deceased, Sky Archdragon) - 1500+ years old:

Queen Zubeia (Zym's Mother, Sky Archdragoness) - 1500+ years old: ,

King Sol Regem (Young, overconfident, prideful, Sun Archdragon) - 700+ years old: , (Yes...Archdragons are THAT BIG)

Ex-King Sol Regem (Old and bitter, blind, Sun Archdragon) - 1700+ years old: (Blind but his fire breath can still melt rock into slag)

Pyrrah (Aggressive but honorable, non-Archdragon, Sun Dragoness) - less than 100 years old:


I've seen it/scenes from it, I just didn't know what it was called!


It didn't peak my interest enough to actually watch it, but holy cow ok. XD I DO know of it, then!

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Hey there! It's been about 3 years since we've last talked. I was wonder how you've been all this time?

Been pretty good! And yea sheesh, it has been a while!

Moved, got new pets, rescued/adopted a stray kitten, and of course the never-ending supply of stories/artwork I still churn out of my brain. :XD:

I'm actually pretty impressed that you can still churn out as much art as you are right now. I've pretty much lost almost all of my motivation for drawing. Right now, I've been focusing on making wallpapers for my friends.

In terms of life though, I've recently gotten into uni, and engineering's been a real pain in the bum. Aside from that though, I'm pretty much the same person just more mature and laid back now.