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Laundromat Stooges

By Skulleez
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Just thought I'd give you guys a tiny glimpse into my personal life. My time with my friends. I don't often take as many pictures with friends as I do with family, or nature, or planned shoots because its my time to just, be me as me, not me the photographer. I mean, I take random photo;s here and there when we hang out and something interesting happens. But they don't all expect me to be behind the camera all the time and just let me relax. :) These three guys right here are amazing, they bring me back down to earth when everything just seems to keep spiraling out of my control. I love these guys.

Their also the ones who slept over my house last night.

On the left is Ray, in the middle is Steven (he's Ray's brother ) and on the right is Tom (the one whose house we all usually sleep at)

There really is no greater feeling then to have friends you can trust and fall back on in both good and bad times.

Hehe. And yes, we were in a laundromat. Tom and Ray were drying their shoes in a dryer because the insides of them got wet in the rain. :) We are special people like that. And sorry this is a crap quality, took it on my cell phone hehe.

Done rambling now haha.
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i too have put my shoes in the dryer after putting then in the washer lol !!
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They didn't put them in the washer. Just the dryer. The shoes were wet from the rain haha.