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Cultist of Cthulhu

By skullbeast
Concept inspired by Paul Carrick's sketch.
I made the leather mask for Jason Wallach from the Unquit Void using Paul's design. +Photoshop
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© 2008 - 2021 skullbeast
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Cultist:But master! i haven't finished my ice-cream! give me time
Cult priest: No. go and find the Intruder, NOW.
cultist: :iconokaymemeplz:
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Ia! Ia! Cthulu Fthagn... Hope that's spelled right. Great picture!
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is that ice cream in his right?
if it is, is it cthulhu flavored? :)
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kind of disturbing,in a I can't stop looking kind of way.
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Awesome style! Great work.
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Very interesting mask design.
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Nice illustration. I followed you here from ZBC.
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wait, wasnt the sign in the background something like an enemy of the ones like the unnameble tentaclegod ? hmmm cant pronounce it.
anyway , neat sketch :)
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Great work on the mask. I've always liked that sketch by Carrick.
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Wow, creepy but cool. A truly Cthulhu follower :P
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Cthulhu, I take it? :)
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