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1. We only accept SKULL ART. A skull (or skulls) must be the focus of the deviation, or the submission will not be approved. Please submit your art to the correct folder.

2. It must be finished artwork. Absolutely no "Work In Progress" accepted. Photos or scans of sketchbook or notebook drawings are not accepted, unless you've done such a nice job of editing that we can't tell it's a photo or a scan of a sketchbook.

3. All are welcome to join the group, but only artists with good work can contribute.

4. You may submit three (3) pieces of artwork per week. Make sure you submit your work to the correct folders.

5. NO submissions to the + FEATURED + folder are allowed.

6. All art forms are accepted here, except literature. Animal skulls are welcome, and paintings done directly on skulls are also very welcome.

**Zombie artwork is accepted, but can only be submitted to the Zombies folder!**

7. It bears repeating: If there isn't a clearly visible skull or skulls central to your deviation, or if the work is poorly done, or incomplete, it will not be accepted.

8. Please have an inordinate amount of fun while you're in here.


Our Lurkers.

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Gallery Folders

The Beat Goes On by TamboArtwork
Raccoon by StriderCreations
Sunflower by StriderCreations
Tortured Skull by offermoord
Bonehead 0031 by Dillerkind
Prussian skull sketch by juliusllopis
The Beat Goes On by TamboArtwork
Chiaroscuro Stippled Skull by glenkamo
The First of Us by Whelveaway
Diablo/ Lord of Terror by Dant111st
Hoodie Bone Dude 2 by Dillerkind
Mortal Coil by GothamGrey
Human Skeleton System On Display At Museum by gargantuen
Aradia by Object---Collector
Triceratops Horridus Baby Skull by gargantuen
A Lifeless grip from beyond by offermoord
Hand Painted Skulls
Spring Break by sangmeister
Wild Ruby Dragon Skull w/ Crystal (FS) by TheSilverCaribou
Dark Unicorn by TheSilverCaribou
Sculpted 'dragon' skull commission WIP by TheSilverCaribou
Jewelry, Sculpture, Crafts
The Evil Dead - Kandarian Dagger by JesterMalcolm
Ms. Winter Wren Skeleton Doll by IdolRebel
Dark Unicorn by TheSilverCaribou
Diablo OC Plush by HappyKittyPlushies
HHN26 XXXVII by LDFranklin
Spirit Halloween 16 IV by LDFranklin
Melanie012 by ov3
HHN26 XLI by LDFranklin
Comp - 03 Animation(Update) by Shadowphaux
Flag Pirate of Monkey D. Luffy by byzho
aniMARCH (30/31) by marsiic
Summoning Circle by hellduriel
Coffee + Food Art
Wiegendood by offermoord
Coffee mugs by kachaktano
Spoon Skull by raulsouza
Mugskull by vijamoga
Tee Shirts + Apparel
Bend and Break Shirt Designs by Bobfleadip
Tattoos + Design
Skull art inspired by Miura by Chefsuesz
SKHULL by deathorix
Icons + Avatars
Little elky by Nioa-the-marten
Spooky Skeleton Stamp by Ceimnithe
Brushes + Stock
Pastel Skull Background by Championx91
Yo-Landi Trip by kams-touch-art
Red Skull of Marvel by Chefsuesz
Flowers of Evil by HellHamsterArt
Smoking Skull by EricTonArts
Skull Love Contest
dead love by offermoord
Christmas Skulls
Ho Ho Ho by DesolateProphet


First, I'd like to thank all of the contest judges.  These people spent hours making decisions and choices, and they all worked so hard on this contest... I owe them like you wouldn't believe.

The judges were Group Founders and Contributors from some of our affiliate groups.  I have to tell you, each and every judge remarked to me that these decisions were incredibly tough for them to make, because there were so many submissions, and all of them were so outstanding.  They were all so impressed with your work!

Thank you again, judges:

:icondarkclub:   :iconallartsupport:   :icondarkartists-inc:  

:icondarkcoven:    :iconalltheuglydeviants:

And the WINNERS Are!

And now, for the Ten Honourable Mention Winners!

These are not listed in any particular order, these are the 10 deviations that scored next under the top 3 winners, and each winner of an Honourable Mention will receive 200 deviantART user points.

They are:

Congratulations everyone!  Your points are on their way!

And each one of you deserved a prize.  Nothing but great work here.  What an awesome group of artists you are!

*A very special "Thank You" to group contributor Shan.  I appreciated your help so much.*

:star::star::star::star::star: :iconskullartists: :star::star::star::star::star:
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All Hail Our Magnificent Affiliates!



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