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My father's now in DA: :iconlagherto:
His works are abstract paintings, if you feel curious try and browse his page. :)

And... I have finally finished posting my old works. Now my gallery covers more or less 10 years of activity. The artistic diary I had in mind when I started uploading deviations almost three years ago is essentially complete. I still want to revisit some of my old pieces but from now on the priority will hopefully be on the current ones... on the other hand I have to admit that recently I haven't drawn much.
We'll see how much this gallery will evolve in the future. At the moment I don't know for sure.
My laptop recently croaked and I had to change its hard disk… I even lost some of my latest artworks in the process. I can't even remember what they were, probably minor drawings for the most part, so I'm not bothering much for now.
Anyway, that's the reason of my lack of updates in the last month and a half or so.
I'm also sorry for the recent load of less interesting works such as the many gifts and various doodles… there's still more to come, but also more juicy pieces soon. =P Especially for fans of Shadow of the Colossus.

More than a year has passed since my last journal and in the meantime I've published three other years of activity… only a few pieces from 2008 remain, soon I'll cover 2009 and onward.
I've finally covered the first two years of activity that I wanted to share here on DA. I've already opened most of the folders I'll need to put the works I've done until now, which will be increasingly related to fandoms other than Zelda or originals altogether. Most of the old Zelda fanarts that I wrote about in the previous journal are already in the gallery, and only five pages of my tWW fancomic Before the Hero's Awakening are left. They'll be online pretty soon.
The next Zelda fanarts will mostly be illustrations for friends' fanfictions and pieces featuring original elements, while proper fanarts with just characters and locations as they appear in the games will decrease.

My last folder, original comics, will slowly see other works marking the progression from my first entry to a national comic contest, the modest Hero for a day.

I'm publishing works that I've done in my university years at the moment. Therefore, updates to my university works will be far more frequent... even if that's surely the most useless of all folders in a DA account, having more of a personal value than anything else. One of those pathetic attempts at giving an order to oneself's life by categorizing things, maybe.
Hi everyone, this is my debut on DeviantArt!
Well, truth to be told this account has some years, but I used it only to browse the site.
So, first thing first, I'll be posting an enormous load of old stuff... so huge it'll probably require various months to be fully published.
I want to post the better stuff I worked on starting six or seven years ago, most of which (the older ones in particular) is Legend of Zelda fanarts, wich I'm slowly digitally restoring to a better form, the one I've always wanted them to be.

As you may have realized for many years my main fandom has been tLoZ and probably still is, although I'm not nearly obsessed with it as I was in my teen years. First I fell in love with Ocarina of Time, at the time in wich videogames were becoming the deep passion they now are. It was a love never felt before for a game. Then came Majora's Mask which I liked even more, finding in it a sensibility closer to mine; and then again The Wind Waker, which touched me even more in its bold reimagining of the classic themes in the series, in style as well as content.
Its overall art direction is my favourite of any Nintendo game, which is a great praise considering the unmatched artistic history of this company. Its visuals in particular has surely been the main influence in defining my personal style of drawing. So, as I have said... you'll see lots of tWW fanart. XD
In some of them I have played with its style, trying to push its boundaries and show what it could do aside from what we have seen in the game (and in its DS sequels, quite unsatisfying from a stylistic and visual level). To show, more precisely, what it could have done: the announce of Twilight Princess in 2004 was a disappointment to me. I didn't liked the idea of abandoning the most innovative visual style ever conceived for the series and all its untapped potential so prematurely just to revisit the one of the N64 episodes in a darker, grittier and more realistical (but especially less inspired and less fit to the series) tone.
Of course, all the structural flaws that plagued The Wind Waker needed to be adjusted and in that regard Twilight Princess has done very well: it's simply brilliant gameplay-wise, nearly flawless in my opinion. I know that the incredible artistical achievements of its predecessor were sadly accompained by several game designs errors that made it one of the less balanced episodes in the whole series; however, I don't see that as a reason to also cater to the fans' discontent with the visual style. I was also a little displeased to see that pandering justified as an artistic decision meant to fit a darker plot and atmosphere.
Pursuing a darker style mantaining tWW visuals would't have been so difficult, surely more difficult than with a more realistic approach like the one of TP but not even close to impossible. Surely it would have been far more interesting, unpredictable and fresh, as would have been seeing an adolescent Link in the style of The Wind Waker or new landscapes in its extremely coherent stylization. As a reference, just try thinking about the statue of the Hero of Time in tWW castle or the concept art of an older Link published on the Zelda Box; or imagine something like the Hyrule you briefly see under the ocean (but obviously not Hyrule nor the sea again: a whole nel land like the ones of the previous spin-offs... Koholint, Termina, ecc), but completely explorable.
A Gamecube sequel of tWW with such features and designed to redeem the gameplay problems of the original would have been awesome to me...
Instead we had a game like TP, which was far less imaginative in its scenario and characterization and tried to retell again the classic tale of the Triforce bearers and the release of Hyrule through a new incarnation of the Hero, following too closely (and too early: just waiting for the next generarion of consoles to release a new version of the usual LoZ story with a brand new style would have been perfect) the steps of traditional epic already sublimed by Ocarina of Time. Something that didn't interest me at the time and which has artistically influenced the next games in a way I don't appreciate much, even if I still enjoy them (I absolutely loved Phantom Hourglass for its gameplay). I find this absolute division between the cartoony stile for the kid and the more realistical for the boy quite semplicistic and dull, and I would have expected more interesting sperimentation after The Wind Waker.

As I mentioned before, various Zelda fanarts you'll see on my gallery were inspired by a personal disappointment with the series from an artistical point of view. Which is why I've tried to explain it in such an exasperating way... now when you'll (the few of you who'll read this entry and fewer still who'll make it this far =P) see my attempts to portray a grown Link from tWW, or characters from that game in the style of Twilight Princess or the episodes for N64, you'll understand the main reason behind their existance. ;P
The main expression of my teenage fascination with exploring some different tones and new characters and location designs with the style of The Wind Waker is an old comic called Before the Hero's Awakening, set between Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker, which I'll publish in a separate section.

Lastly, I have to give my thanks to :iconsage-of-winds:. Withouth her paper texture I would have experienced much more difficulties in giving that Wind Waker fanarts their actual form.
And above all to Eva, my girlfriend, who helps me with my shaky english. She checks the texts I publish here, corrects my mistakes and traslates my comics...
Thank you very much, you're splendid! :love: