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The War of the Kings and the flood of Hyrule

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My entry for the History of Hyrule calendar contest and a tribute for the ten years of The Wind Waker.

I chose my favourite part of the Legend of Zelda mythos and probably the most tragic of all: the very end of Hyrule.
The vain struggles for survival of the kingdom against Ganondorf, the Goddesses act of the flooding and the exodus that lead to the civilizations of the Great Sea.
The best way to describe this image could be quoting Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule himself:

Once, long ago, this land of Hyrule was turned into a world of shadows by Ganon who sought to obtain the power of the Gods for his evil ends. My power alone could not stop the fiend, and our only choice was to leave the fate of the kingdom in the hands of the Gods...
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I love pop culture characters in traditional japanese style :)
Skull-the-Kid's avatar
The style's not Japanese but I'm glad you like it!
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It’s a good design either way and you did a great job :)
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This is awesome. I'm a composer and I would love it if you would allow me to use this for a background for an arrangement of Farewell Hyrule King that I've been working on. I would be sure to credit you on any social media that you would like and the video won't be for profit. If you'd like to check to see if you'd like it alongside your art, you can listen to the latest draft of it here. (…) Thanks for your consideration.
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Good day to you, pal. I'm here to critique this piece, long buried in my favourites, in occasion of this year's edition of Critmas.

From one who played the actual game since long ago, well done. I appreciate both the Kings' portrayals. They empower this artwork with a grandiose feeling, as if the actual scene depicted by your piece came straight off a fantasy novel, and wasn't created ex novo by sheer inspiration.

What hit me, aside from the Kings, is the overall imagery, which is well thought out: on Ganondorf's side, we have his minions, which are placed below him and his grasping hand. This very well transmits the feeling of they being the assailants. King Hyrule, instead, has his followers hidden behind him, he himself raising his arm in a defensive fashion. Of course, the fact that  Ganondorf is the one occupying more space in the artwork well serves to show who, among the two, is winning.

Overall, this is really an awesome piece, and the exposure and favor it received are sure proof of it.
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Thank you, mate! I really enjoyed your analysis, it's spot-on indeed.
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Glad it worked for you, I am.
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WOW this is amazing
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Dude, well done, have you thought of making an actual tapestry of this?
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Thank you, mate! No, I never thought about making anything else out of this. I haven't the skills nlor the will to make a tapestry, to be honest...
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This is amazing. The style, design, colors, everything. Awesome. :D
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This battle has a crossover implication involving the king's wish to flood hyrule and it is this: how did the goddesses flood hyrule without knowing water magic, my only feasible crossover theory is this: the goddesses got hoopa, a dimension travelling pokemon to make a wormhole so that the goddesses can use the power of primal kyogre, which stated in pokemon lore, can flood the planet, that is in my belief how the goddesses flooded hyrule, with a pokemon capable flooding an entire planet called kyogre
Skull-the-Kid's avatar
A memorable theory, for sure. :XD:
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Hello, Skull-the-Kid. 

I am making a video on the possibility of a war taking place during Zelda Wii U as a part of my Zelda Unknown series on YouTube and I would be honoured if I could feature this amazing piece of art in the episode with a shoutout and obviously credits (textbox) within in the video and in the description of it. 

The title for the episode will be "Hyrule Battlefield". 

Commonwealth Realm. (YouTube channel)…
Skull-the-Kid's avatar
That would be great, do it! I hope to see your video soon.
Kmen92's avatar
It will be up some time late next tuesday September 8th.

Greetings, Commonwealth Realm.
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no cioè ma questo è stupendo! come ho fatto a perdermelo!
Skull-the-Kid's avatar
Ma infatti all'epoca l'avevi commentato, eh... :XD: Contento che ti piaccia, comunque. :)
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ecco mi era venuto il dubbio..........mi scordo sempre le cose, pietà xD
Comunque mi piace molto quindi l' ho ri-commentato :D
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