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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 6, 2018, 6:17 PM

Something has come up, I won't be able to find a job in time at the moment, so having a large emergency commission sale and adopt/character cleanout!

I've been running around trying to keep my head cool but I'm really burning out and I can't stop thinking about the contest and personal stuff in life. I don't know how much I'll need, but for now I'll say the main goal is...


At best...

Honestly, it's the best that I can reach at this point.


My Commissions:

Character Clean Out:

Adopts Opened [listed for now] :
Ocs For Sale [OPEN, 5/5] by Skull-gumMonster design for sale! [OPEN] by Skull-gum Redesigned OC for Sale [OPEN] by Skull-gum



Journal Entry: Fri May 25, 2018, 8:41 PM


I'm sorry I didn't do this soon but I've been having a lot of things on my mind... And stressd.

Character One:

Firestarter [CONCEPT ART]
Firestarter Design by Skull-gum
Info on Firestarter:
  • She's one of the many Creations of Dissect
  • She's a Drill Sergent and a Tank Commander, but she's mostly a Drill Sgt
  • Her alte mode is of a sci-fi flame tank [What in Marry's hell is a FLAME TANK?]
  • Very leveled headed, but she will snap if one tries to cross her and her family
  • Another fun fact! She's a pyromaniac, she has a few light burn scars on one of her legs
  • Although she can be found on Caminus , she's actually comes from Cybertron like Dissect and she's also a neutral. She never bothered joining the war like Dissect.
  • She's about a head taller then Dissect, although their actual height is unknown [due to Transformers have problems with no canon heights.]

Now then, what I'm looking for in her design:

  • Style of choice for her is mostly IDW style, but you are welcome to put her in your own way if that style itself is too hard
  • Please keep to her helem design in some way, keeping the 'horns' on them and the 'cap' piece
  • She has two flame thrower nuzzles mounted on her shoulders, one on each side
  • As mentioned above, her alte mode is a sci-fi version of a flame tank, you can make it to make a flat or sketch version of her alte mode
  • She's a well-built, crimson-colored femme although other colors can also be add as long they compliment the crimson color
  • As a side note, she has two flamethrower nuzzles on her shoulders, one on each side. And one canon nuzzle on her back

Character Two:

Amputee and Ampoule [CONCEPT ART]
Old As Shittttttt by Skull-gumfemme medic by friend by Skull-gum

Info on Amputee and Ampoule:
  • Both are spark-twins
  • Both of them are field medics in training, although Amputee is more trained then Ampoule
  • While I created Amputee, Ampoule was created by a close friend of mine @/Extraholic
  • Amputee is more mature then Ampoule and more serious, while Ampoule is more or less serious and has a more bubbly personalty albeit she's quite shy
  • Amputee looks out for his sister, while Ampoule give support to him
  • Amputee was once a 'con spy only to protect his sister, but now he's back to being an autobot
  • Ampoule always carries around it around with her in and out of the field in cases of emergencies
  • For those of you who don't know what a syringe pack is, needle pack that's designed to drain/transfuse fluids in the field. Ampoule can take one of her syringes and either inject someone with energon/other fluids/even toxins/ or use it to drain fluids and toxins.

What I'm looking for in both of their designs:

  • Both of them NEED to be in the same image, they are twins and putting them together in one entry is more welcomed
  • Style I'm looking for is TFA/Transformers Animated, that's their main TF continuity
  • For Ampoule: She needs to have rounded elements and soft colors. Pref. the main color be minty blue green and the syringe pack is a must
  • For Amputee: His colors should contrast/compliment Ampoula's colors. Like maybe darker colors with more bold accents, as to where ampoule has soft color and maybe a dark accent
  • As always, you can sketch out their vehicle modes! Both of they are Cybertron Motorcycles!
  • This is very important, KEEP THEM RABBIT THEMED. They can an appearance one, but they should resemble a rabbit in some way

Character Three:

Info on Loowaway :
  • She has an adult frame, but her mind is of a young (but more matured) sparkling [she's matured but she has a lot to learn]
  • Reason for this mindset is that is that her own body and or mostly her brain module is glitched when a CMO disconnect her downloading programs
  • Lookaway is named this because this was because the let the CMO got away with it and by the time people notice it was too late to fix her
  • Although she's can still learn, but it will slowly take time or if possible for her mind to mature
  • Lookaway takes care of her adopted Carrier/Mother due to them be either too old or other things, she does her best to take care of her
  • She works many odd jobs, although most people they to be patient with her and most go easy on her or she gets a work hour that's not too much for her
  • Often she finds walking a bit hard for her frame, so her legs are wheels
  • She's mainly for Pre-War in Shattered Glass Transformers series, although what I say about her now she's really a sweet spark/ember and does her best to help others
  • Her and her creator went off planet when the war began, it is unknown if they'll return back to Cybertron
Now then, what I'm looking for in his design:
  • Mentioning that her legs are wheels is that they are like 'roller blades' like Nickel from IDW
  • As stated, she has an adult frame albeit with a very young mind. So it can anything of a frame but I do look more for a battle type frame or just a bulky type frame that mask how young she really is with the body
  • She has no alte mode, so no need to worry about making one for her
  • The color I look in for her design mainly is pink, as in a type of light pink at best. Other coloring are welcome as long they can be a lighter color, pastel colors are fine as well.
  • She's mostly for IDW so you can fit her in your own style [which is highly recommended] or the comic style
  • Just so you all know, this is a free for all design to go about. So design her with what I have stated about what I'm looking for
  • NOTE: Look to the journal below

Bonus options of drawingA more higher chance to win in Lookaway's entry.

:star: Lookaway's creator and her 'normal' Transformers counter:star:
'Normal' Counterpart:

A per-programmed adult frame built at the start of the war for the lone purpose of being a soldier. It was a highly-weaponized war-build frame with solid armor and fighting skills uploaded to an empty CPU.
But when the process of bringing them to functioning began, something went wrong and their CPU wasn't not fully booted. The soldier woke up in having a mental state of a few vorns-old sparkling trapped within a super-strong frame.They're big and bulky, they'll hug everybody with passion, almost crashing them.They might have been built by the Cons but than abandoned him and he was soon taken in by the Autobots once they found him.He can appear as a clean flat color sketch, so you don't have to put too much work.
Colors I'm looking for in his design [doesn't have to be all of them]: Black, Yellow, Red,

Character Four:

Stooge [Concept]
IMaGoddamnhyenabitch by Skull-gum
Info on Stooge:

  • He's a hyenaformer Predacon
  • Although he's a Decepricon, he's a Predacon as he was made during the war on Earth
  • After the war had ended, he went back to Cybertorn, granted he couldn't really stay there before he soon left on a exploration ship]
  • On said exploration ship he works as the leading enforcer of the ship
  • When under pressure, stressed, or VERY excited, he'll have uncontrollable laugh fits and it will take him a while to calm down
  • Stooge here has the stronger smelling sensors then any normal cybertronians/predacons
What I look for his design:
  • Coloring I'm looking for him is just earthy colors, so the natural hyena color for his alte mode
  • The hyena alte mode can be more metal or just organic, that choice is up to you to make
  • Note for where some kibble should be: Top head on his shoulder and the lower jaw on the other
  • As a small note, you don't have to add the scar on him. Just so you all know
  • Along with the scar, you don't have to give him the claw hand
  • Suggestion for a use of his kibble, his alte back legs are his arms

If anyone is interested in joining the contest please comment, and please share the journal around!


Please note: Cash prize will be split up for each entry because I will not just pick one person for all entries, I may like someone else design for a different entry.

  • One design entry for each character
  • You can enter any of said characters, but only make ONE design for one character
  • That goes for Amputee and Ampoule, they are consider one character since they are twins





made by Lezanikat

picture made by HoneyDipply


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