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Tahira Messina
(virginal; pure) (middle)

9th Day of the 10th month in the Xarminian Calendar


White (2 spirals in the front and 2 in the back)

Medium brown

5'3" (160cm)

140 lbs  

Short, average muscles, a nice curved body

19 on her planet, 18 by Earth's standards

Symmetry and balance, things like butterflies and tigers. Meeting people and learning about them. She likes relaxing sounds of nature and classical music, and reading books about useless information. "Did you know guinea pigs and rabbits can't sweat?"

Loud noises. Tension or arguing, she wants people to get along despite differences. She dislikes when people are narrow minded or stubborn.

Tahira is polite, friendly, and kind. She doesn't like to get in the way of other people but sometimes does so without realizing it. Most times it's because she gets excited when she learns something new and wants to share. She likes to learn about other people so that she can better understand them. Often times if someone is unwilling to share information because they are shy or afraid, she gives advice based on her own experiences or stories she's heard from other people to better help that person feel better or come to terms with themselves.

It is because of her quest to learn about the differences of others and how they can still co-exist despite them, Tahira believes that there is good and love in everyone. But because of her feuding heritages, she knows that it is hard for some people to admit faults and wrong doings. She hates to see people be manipulated or steered off the right path so she does her best to help, even if this means putting herself in danger. It might sound like she is naive, but Tahira has seen cruelty and war first hand so she knows the dangers. Still it does not sway her to find the good. Though even Tahira can get annoyed with the certain people who refuse to admit their wrongness. But she isn't quick to lose her temper.

Personal History:
Tahira has been well loved by her mother Alma (the current Queen of Xarmina), father Talib (current King of Xarmina), and her servants.  Her people love her as well, but they quarrel about what makes her special. As a child she was often put in the middle of arguments other children had, being forced to choose a side. When she couldn't she would often run away to a quiet area to be alone. This is why she gets anxious, hates making quick choices, and loud noises like yelling. During these quiet moments she would spend much of her time contemplating ways to help everyone get along. She has no issues being alone but does like the comfort of animals. It was reading about animal facts that got her into thinking she could use the information to help her friends get along.

Strong Points:  
Giving advice, solving problems, helpfulness, and figure skating.

Has Trouble With:  
Anxiety, making split decisions, and loud noises.

Dream: She will tell you her only dream is to bring peace to her home, but she selfishly wants to live quietly on a beach with her pets, her Glyders. She has never fallen in love or had a crush but the idea has been thought about just not pursued.

Sailor Name:
True Sailor Xarmina

Sailor Title:
Maiden of Balance

Realm of Influence:  
Magnetism and Rotation (it's a force on things that either gets pushed or pulled apart, attraction or repulsion)

Transformation Phrase:
(holding up her brooch) "True Xarmina World Power!"

Turquoise, lavender, white

Double Balanced Chakrams (gilded nickel chakrams with stones the color of her crystal)

Indigo Opalescent Jewel Brooch


"Dancing Virgin's Blades!" (offensive)
Xarmina's chakrams turn into blades that attach to her boots. With her skill as a figure skater, she supports herself on one leg with the other leg extended behind her body with the knee straight. She begins spinning with her arms extended outwards. With her leg out, she can cut into anyone coming near her. Or, once she's gathered enough momentum, Xarmina can jump and slash downwards towards her enemies. That move is referred to as the "Bladed Butterfly Jump!"

Sailor History:
The Story of Sailor Z Genubi aka Kiffa Australis & Sailor Z Chamali aka Lanx Borealis


Hundreds of years ago, the two planets had a bitter war that lasted for over 75 years. The Sailors of their planets happened fall in love with one another, even though they knew the Sailor linage had to continue. Fights and battles escalated when Genubi terrorists stole the Alpha Tanzanite Crystal from Kiffa. They tried to use its powers on the planet Chamali days before Lanx was forced to marry. Lanx was almost unable to stop the force with her Beta Topaz Crystal and nearly died protecting her home planet.

While recovering Kiffa was with Lanx, postponing her wedding. During most this time the both of them tried to come up with a way to bring about peace to both planets. A nurse named Marble, (who was actually an alien with the shadow of Chaos) told them the story of a sailor from a distant galaxy who had traveled far into the universe to find power to stop a great evil. That place was the Galaxy Cauldron.

The two  decided they would travel to the Cauldron after they learned of its powers. They pleaded with Guardian Cosmos to give them a new Star Seed. Seeing their intentions were for a greater good and their love, they were granted a new seed if they had promised that the daughter of their children would be this new stars Sailor. And to do so would require one of them to carry the child of this star seed. Kiffa decided she would do it as she felt Lanx had suffered enough. So they agreed to the terms.

But when they returned back home, both of their planets were now of the verge of total destruction, thanks to Marble who revealed her cruel intentions to destroy their planets from within. After a narrow win against Marble, they would have to give up some of their power to create the planet for this seed. And so Kiffa and Lanx created the planet Xarmina (Gliese 581 g). Many of the people from their planets wished to be placed on Xarmina as they did not agree with the war and wanted to be saved. They pledged to be great citizens and help Xarmina become a great planet. And so, Kiffa and Lanx took those good people to Xarmina just days before their planets were destroyed.

9 months later, the first Sailor Xarmina was finally born and would be the pride of her people, a symbol of their unity and strength. But, the peace was shattered again by a new servant of Chaos, Granite. Xarmina's powers would be tested when some of the people would clash over the years because of this new evil. They would fight over petty things at first. Like claims that she was only strong because of which side was better than the other. Xarmina was now caught in the middle. Proud of both her heritages, she tried to settle the confrontations and battles. Finding a way to bring them together as one, would be the conflict for Sailor Xarminas for hundreds of years to come.

The newest Sailor Xarmina, Tahira Messina, has taken on this burden of bringing peace to her planet. But in recent years, with the advances in technology, the people of her planet have become overpowered with feelings of greed and hatred. Desperate for an answer and a way to stop the possible 4th War of Xarmina, Tahira has begun a search of other Sailors in the galaxy to help aid her fight, even going to other galaxies. When she left her planet, the people began to worry that maybe she had abandoned them, which has fueled even more fights.

In her quest, she finds Sailor Moon and her companions. Unfortunately, a new form of Chaos finds it's way back to earth and begins causing quarrels and conflicts between the people of Earth and the senshi. Tahira and Usagi try to stop the battling. But Tahira can't stand to see them fight and breaks down. Chaos seeps its way into her heart and Tahira's star seed is split in half. She then becomes two negative versions of her ancestors. X Chamali and X Genubi fight the Sailor Moon.
Seeing her in danger, reminds of senshi of their common goal to protect her and fight back their negative emotions. Together with Sailor Moon, they remind Tahira of her own personal fight and to find who she really is deep inside her. When Tahira realizes she doesn't have to be one person or the other, it's then that she is able to come to her strongest form, True Sailor Xarmina. That in itself is something never done by any other Sailor Xarmina. Tahira also becomes more confident in herself and abilities.
With her new strength and will power, Xarmina vows to bring eternal peace to her home planet and leaves Earth. But on her way back to her planet, she is knocked out of space by a what she thinks is a comet as first. She lands on a planet of heat and fire, the planet Vulcan. Vulcan is a harsh planet that has existed for millions of years. The environment is dry and barren with little water. Because of this the Kennians, the name of the planets oldest race of people, have lived underground for thousands of years. It's rumored that some of the most powerful of Sailor Weapons, including the Talismans, were born from the fires deep in Vulcan's core.

They're celebrating their 5th Millennium when Sailor Xarmina crashes into the surface of their planet, rocking the city below. They don't normally head to the surface unless they are expecting visitors. Xarmina is approached by the army and taken captive. She is imprisoned then visited by their Princess Kaya and her mother who question her. Xarmina explains that she is a Sailor from another solar system and that her real name is Tahira Messina. Tahira tells Kaya that she believe Chaos had followed her after she left Earth and attacked her as she was passing by Vulcan. Tahira tries to warn her that Chaos may attack Vulcan in the same way it attack her on Earth. But Kaya refuses to listen and confiscates Tahira's transformation brooch until she further investigates Tahira's claims.
Tahira is now left to wonder if she can prevent another attack on this planet and still make it back to her own planet...
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BugeishaKyasarin Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
A "nice curved body" sounds very generic. Maybe describe her as having a pear-shaped body (narrow bust, full hips), an hourglass figure (full bust and hips), or an inverted triangle (broad shoulders, narrow hips). If she is on the slim side, call her slender or lithe, or petite overall.

Since Xarmina's character theme is balance and equality, it would be realistic to see that she has to deal with the consequences of indecisiveness. If she is in the middle of a conflict, the people on either side want her to agree with them, and when she doesn't it would probably make them frustrated, which in turn would make her frustrated. Because she runs away from conflict, it would make sense for some people to view that as a weakness, especially for a leader. Part of her character growth should include showing people that she can make tough decisions and take responsibility in situations she might not be fully comfortable with.

If Xarmina is Arabic-inspired, then it's a little odd for her to have a weapon of Indian origin. Nickel is also not that strong of a metal. Historically, chakram were forged from steel or brass, then engraved with brass, silver or gold. If you want to modernize her chakram by making it very strong, platinum, titanium and tungsten are good choices. The "bladed" part is also unnecessary because a chakram is literally a bladed circle.
TheAnomally Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Her profile, powers, and attacks are very well thought out...her history is an ACTUAL history(The past into now...). LOL! I liked almost everything about this character.

Here's the flip side: Despite her being from a far away planet her actions are reminiscent of other aliens who come here to learn about peace, love, or purity from Sailor Moon in order to heal their own planet. Not saying it is a bad story...but it has sort of been told already. (Always wonder why Earth...yea I know it's got Sailor Moon(Ms. Purity Beacon) but look around Earth...humans don't know diddly squat about love and or justice.))
Skull-Bunneh Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Desperate for an answer and a way to stop the possible 4th War of Xarmina, Tahira has begun a search of other Sailors in the galaxy to help aid her fight, even going to other galaxies. When she left her planet, the people began to worry that maybe she had abandoned them, which has fueled even more fights."
Sailor Moon wasn't her first choice in looking for help. In her story (which I'm still writing) she had heard about Sailor Moon's past battles and powerful star seed from a member of Chaos' new group. They hoped Xarmina would be their way to sneak back into Earth to destroy Sailor Moon, with the fear in her own heart that darkens her star seed.
I know the story's been over done. Trust me, I had wanted to steer clear of having her interact with anyone of this solar system. But at the time I had no other Sailors of my own and wanted to give her a final form. So I wrote Sailor Moon into it. After that, when I had Xarmina heading back to her planet, did I finally come up with more Sailors. But by then I wanted her help others on her way back home. Which is why I added that last part about Sailor Vulcan.…
Amore-Cadenza-Ai Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014

I love that she’s undergone a transformation. Tanned isn’t a permeant skin color [I may be wrong about this]. If her skin is always brown, then it needs to be said that her skin is brown. I know that longer bios don’t always mean a better OC, but I like the length of her bio and the fact that we get a good feel of this senshi in this bio.

Her history is a pretty good one and as I have said before, you get a real good feel of this OC.

Good luck in the Sailor Wars

Skull-Bunneh Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been told about her skin color already. But thanks for the feedback
Amore-Cadenza-Ai Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
mucai Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
My main comments are Height/Weight - use metric (as well). Only 3 countries use the imperial system. More people will understand what you are talking about if you include the metric values.
The BMI system is flawed. There are people who are very healthy who are, according to BMI, morbidly obese. Muscle mass is heavier then fat. BMI assumes muscle is fat. It would be more beneficial not to use a BMI number.

What does the Indigo Opalescent Jewel Brooch look like?
Skull-Bunneh Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll remember that.
Her brooch is my icon.
iRexosaur Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
I've always loved Xarmina since I first read her profile, it's neat to see an upgrade
Skull-Bunneh Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! That means a lot! :heart:
iRexosaur Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
No problem!
Zarbonite Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
Can't really see much that needs correcting or anything... Good job! o:

((But just a small thing: if her skin is brown all the time, she is not "tanned"; tanned implies that her skin is only temporarily darkened through means such as sunbathing or visiting a tanning booth. Don't be afraid to simply state that she's brown-skinned! ;)))
Skull-Bunneh Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
True. I'll change that when I can edit her profile
Zarbonite Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
:thumbsup: !
SarahsPlushNStuff Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I'm finally setting up the battles and reviewing this I noticed there is more than one attack listed. For the first round, please have only one attack. You can add the rest later if you make it to the next wave :D
Skull-Bunneh Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Done and done!
SarahsPlushNStuff Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks! :D
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