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Not One Of Us --Wallpaper--

A slight reworking of Not One Of Us as i wanted a new wallpaper. Slightly newer render (reflections on the floor etc) but both have their merits i think. I would have preferred to use Conforming Is Not Optional but didn't feel like tying up my machine for a few days to render at dualhead rez.

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Heads up, [link] has this on their wallpaper site. Unsourced, of course. Just like all the other DA art they ripped off.
Just Love it, thx
I really like this picture a lot! is there a way we can get a larger version of this? I have triple monitors. I would like a 3840 x 1600 if possible :)
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cant access 2560 x 1024, :( send?
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Amazing work, I love it.
Very Nice! Love the detail in thepicture
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this is great, i did something of that kind, too, but i took cans for it!!!!
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Hehe i saw this and i just smiled, my boyfriend has this as his wallpaper on his computer and LOVES it :)
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I think this render looks better than a real macro-photo of marbles!!Veeery nice and (I assume) veeery time-consuming-render!!Excellent!
LOL, i have to quote what bonescape said, "It's got balls."
This thing is awesome i wish i had the skills, at least the patience to do somethinig this awesome.
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This work is f:censored:ck:censored:ng awesome :jawdrop:

9.8/10 :judge:
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It's got balls.
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Whoah. Absolutely stunning to look at, and now that I have a dual-display rig... yeah. This is now the wallpaper, baby.
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whoahowa... why are all the black balls pickin on the little loney red ball? thats crazy..
*downloads use as wallpaper*
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Excellent work! Nice to see some quality dual display wallpapers being uploaded. :)
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I've seen this particular theme done over and over on deviantArt, most often by angst-ridden female teens secure in the knowlege that no one understands them.

Well, be it ever so cliche' yours is still the most interesting of the set. :)
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I set this as wallpaper without resizing to 2560x1024 ... the steel balls are much more menacing, and there's only a hint of the red ball off to the right, mostly showing as a reflection in the others.

Somehow I find this a much more powerful image this way. Give it a try and see if you see what I mean...?
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I had a bit of a look and its definately interesting

I'd crop the red ball totally out though and just leave it in the reflections, but bump up the reflective values just a bit. An interesting idea to incorporate maybe for the next iteration/evolution.
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I really like the hint of the red ball on the side -- just a sliver, but it's important. It adds a huge sense of motion to the scene, like the steel balls are all converging on the red one, without actually having any motion.

It is very cool though. You do this with Cinema4D? What do you use to render the scene?
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Its all done in Cinema4D using the Advanced Renderer module (radiosity & glow to be specific)
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perhaps add more photons? What settings do you use?
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I dont really change the settings that much from default, i concentrate on getting the scene looking its best with lighting and textures.
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