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Combining Steam and Punk

This one took me a while. I'm currently designing two different games that are both Steampunk themed so I wanted to take my time with it.

Hope everyone enjoys it!

Comments are absolutely welcome and appreciated.
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how do i download this image so it fits my TRIK system?
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Go here, apparently it's still up. ENJOY! [link]
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Thanks Heaps mate.
some pretty cool stuff on that site too
how did you do this BTW, like the program and such
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Photoshop. Tons of layers and custom textures. I sketched it out on paper and started building it a piece at a time.
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did u use only photoshop?? was the Stock made by you ?? i mean the Steam Punk Stock...It Really deserve first price..
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All me, took a while. It was fun though. Glad you like it so much.
One has to take part in life to be disappointed - sounds rough justice though. But not the Grafitti speaker kit - have a go at something for that and see what you come up with. Nicer shape to work with as well, I'm sure you can work out it's no more of a hassle to print in poster mode and paste on or laminate.
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:spin: OMG thats ssoooo epic :love:
well u dont hav 2, but it would be nice
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Photoshop galore. I used a lot of PEN TOOL and metal textures to create almost every little piece. It took a long time. For some of the pieces, the UHF dial and the clock, I used sample images and recreated them/changing them to match the style of the piece. The shadows add a lot to a piece like this, and I only used drop shadow half the time, creating my own for the rest of the individual parts. Hope that gives you some insight into how to approach a project like this.
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[link] This is just Amazing!! You really put a lot of time and detail Into doing It and It shows. Congrats on winning First place!
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Thanks, it really was a labor of love. I really wanted to represent Steampunk with the detail it deserved. Really glad that you like it!
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told you it would win!
xXang3leyesXx's avatar
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steampunk is hard to beat, congrats
starfantazy's avatar
tbh, i really do love this one..
rameexgfx's avatar
Congrats!!!! :D
LeChaoss's avatar
~cool!! those gadget thingy...
anyway congrats! ^^
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congrats for the winner :D
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Thank you, it was fun to make.
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