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Photo to Pencil Sketch

By skstarkiller
I've used this process several times in the past few weeks. I finally decided to make an action out of it. I've been pretty impressed with it. It will take a color photo and turn it into a pencil sketch.
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Hey, are there any restrictions on using this action? I have a website I'm working on and this would be a perfect action to use to make parts of some of the graphics
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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, please feel free to use as you'd like to.
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That's cool :D Thanks! :D

I posted a preview of the splash image I used the action to make part of, [link] I think it worked perfect for what I had in mind, thank you very much :)
awsome!! thanks al lot!
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This is wonderful! The details come out so nice... one of the best (if not THE best!) pencil sketch actions I've seen!!!! Thank you! :)
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Thank you so much for your kind words!
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where's the preveiw gone?!?! =(
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God this great. I love u!
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Thanks... you should check out Version 2
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This is great - much better than some others ive used. On some pics if i miss out the last couple of steps, flatten it, then 'up' the contrast it looks good too.
Thanks very much!
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wow! this is fantastic! I just used it on a pic of myself and it was perfect!! great job!!!
awesome! Great action. used it on some photos of mine. I'm trying to learn how to paint cloth and this will help me getting my shadowing better hehe. Thanks again!
nice...but a lil confused on how ta use it.//
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Really liked this. Gave it a go on some photos of my grandchildren and they truned out wonderful.
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Glad to hear it. I've used it a lot too!
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Oh this is awesome!

I could improve my drawing skills with this.

Thank you.
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looks sweet, d'led it, will try it later :]
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Let me know how you like it!
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one of the best and effective brushes i have checked out..;)
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Thanks. I'm so glad it works for you!
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Now if only I could draw like a computer program
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LOL, yeah, no kidding!
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