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Adult Ellie from The Last of Us Part II

Uncensored version of this image is available on my .:Bullet:. Patreonatreon without tiers and other bullshit. By pledging 5$ you will get access to all the bonus content. Join me if you want to help me create more sensual content with rare characters: 

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This image was created with the help of my awesome .:Bullet:. Patreonatrons: alcs2, Alice Y.Chan, AlphaSpoon, An Thrinh, AnarkhyR6, Andrew Henson, Apostle of Devito, Arachow, Austin Martin, Bboy_Koolaid, Ben Janoe, Billy, Brian Pabst, Caleb Andrews, Captain Fluffy, Channs, Chris Harris, Chrystal Meyers, Chthon, Cody Boyd, cyberfrogger, Darklord2012, Dosenschinken, DryestSpark, DSuPDier, E. Steve, Elandren, Emmanuel Gustavo Adolfo Angel Ramos Bocanegra, Erik Lind, ethan moore, Eugene Tooms, Felix Muller, Fuzz, GlobalCellar335, Greg G, Gregory Colovos, Guy McDude, HenryS, Ian McIvor, Ian Murphy, Isaiah Chan, James Price, James Watson, JCoe, Jeremy, Jimmy S, Johannes Muller, Joshua Wright, Jotunn, Julien PETIT, Justin, Jyo Vaid, kiffel, KR, Kuigi, Kutunluu, lartsinis, lewdfire, Louis Rowsell, Ludwig Bonte, MaedX, Marcus, metman98uk, Michael, Mike Bravo, moutuxianyu, Mr.Charon, MrReaper, MZ, Neil, Nick Fury, OneLongWinter, Pix, RedFlagRising, RKhairan, Samuel Irwin, Scotty, Seth Naylor, ShadOw1395, ShinaZ, Simon Baxtar, spatula city, Spieler802, Steeve Moisan, Steven Tan, TestificateGuy, theferd, Tom Thomas, Trey Clark, Tussletoes Dilf, User_0052, Wilmer Pan, Suin, Yellow Goose, Влад Китов, Busteryn, 4shOka, Kirsty Robson, Alexander Bartelt, Aurora Johnson, forrs, Robert Felton, Bal Bains, Wildflower, Mark Vanderkooi, Spieler802, Buck sensei, Ori0n, Eddie William Brooks, Phaelion, Ryan Angelo, Jordan Bento, marshall, drew mack, Garithos, Devin Hepworth, pbandj, valsq, director, CrocHunter, Anthony, OBEMOL, Kyle, Bob, Trey, Noah Paris Haynes and Hacob Juelskamp. Thank you for your support!

Made in Blender Cycles 2.82a and Adobe Photoshop 2020 

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Love your work!! :+favlove:

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Amazing realism!!

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So many hot people in this game. excellent work

Just plain wow!

That hottie is the sexiest bitch on the planet... Want more of these👅👅👅

I love this man! Please do most of ellie's

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I love it, tlou2 Ellie is amazing. I'd love to see more of her.

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