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torrent pls

Something something piracy.

Get yourself a print: [link]
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Featured Mr.Haggard, here [link]
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I wish my english was good enough to compliment your work, since it's not that good I'll just favourite the stuff I like
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Jajajajaja yeahhh Im feeling weird about that lately but Im a nice guy after all. Im obsessed with argentinian old propaganda and ads... (of course mine arejust twisted versions) so that's where my inspiration is coming from
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I :heart: this!! =D So funny!!
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i like what you did with the letter's - they are totally fucked yet totally readable
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You are a creative artist !
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That is so rad.
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I remember those days ^^
50 Floppies just for a copy of peachtree/visio
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I like it :D very nice :)
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incredible mate
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This work has been featured in a Text Art news article: [link] ! :ahoy:
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oh man, i love what you did with the type there! :D
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love this, so retro! well done :)
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I like the simplified concept. :)
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Excellent. Good memories.
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Hehe, nice message.
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I copied that floppy! That was a funny add/video. :P
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note: advertisement only has one d
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Whoops! Thanks. I didn't catch myself there.
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Like it very much!
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