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One more after this and I'll stop bothering you so much.

Contact me for prints up to 16x20.
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Dat clean Helvetica x)
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Amazing use of lines, I did something similar for my last year at college. Yours is loads better colour choices though!
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Got a link to it? I want to see!
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Hey this piece have been featured in my text art feature journal - right here [link] ;)
wow.. nice.. it's cool... ^O^
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Featured via news [link] :)
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waaw so nice
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Simply, one of the coolest fucking things I've seen in a long time. (Get it? -- GET IT?!?!?!)

Yeah, that's right bitches. I probably did a number on my vision, (had to get kinda' close to the monitor lol...) but I saw all the little "fucks" in the blue letters. After I realized what it was I was like "I thought I saw something there!" God I feel so awesome right now :D

But yeah... this is pretty slick. Up to your usual high standard of quality. Cheers.
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Muahahah. The fucks are also on the brown background, but a little harder to see - something more visible in prints than the digital version since you'd be accessing a much larger canvas. Glad you feel awesome, little hidden things are fun :D
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I suspected they might be, but yeah it was too small to see for certain.
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I must be bothered!
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Yeah, I didn't really comprehend the comments either. Like, nasty in a good way? Ok, I can buy that I guess. "The language, good work" probably means he enjoys your text work -- it's a stretch, but i'll live. But I have no idea wt-flying-f abhas was trying to say...
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This was some sort of reaction to your comment...

"One more after this and I'll stop bothering you so much."

It means that you must continue to bother me with your typography, because it's supercool. Ergo, I must be bothered. :)
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It all makes so much sense now!
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The language, good work.
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:+fav: this one is just nasty...
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