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So what should we do?

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I like what you did with the design of the large 'A'.
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f e a t u r e d :

if you like it than fav it <33.
support is VERY appreciated <3.

have a nice day ^^


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play chess maybe??! :confused:
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Your work has been featured in the SPECIAL big Text Art issue! :#1:: [link]
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Let's have fun,Eyeyeyeye
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About the rethorical question
For all practical purposes, probably nothing ; on the statistical side, we are unlikely to mate together, and also unlikely going under surgical sex change. And frankly, even if you have none of that, I wont care.

Good sides : the text is well placed and blue and pink are easy to understand. The pink A as a stylised vagina opening, idea that should probably have been matched with something for the penis, may be the I.

Lesser : The brown is not very pretty with the other colors. The broken line seems useless, it carries no evident meaning. The little figure is looking very shy in the corner ; if you want to use a figure it have to look more self confident.
Something I dont like at all is no space between words.

This piece has qualities but if it is intended to carry a message, the message purpose on itself has to be clarified and the visual means accordingly.
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The brown didn't make it into the print, it reminded me too much of shit and who wants shit when they fuck.
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Some, but not many probably.
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This work has been featured in a news article: [link] !
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Is THAT what the kids are calling them these days?
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...can't think of anything to say about this one...

good work.
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what about T-shirt version?
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Love this one! :+fav: :D
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Hahaha! Luv it!!
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I once made a track with this sentence =D
awsume shit chap =D
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This is one of those deviations that makes me smile for no particular reason, I love it. I have a vagina too
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We should hang out sometime.
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What can I say.. this is just briljant! :lol: :D
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That's the kind of question I wish I got asked...
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For some reason this reminds me of the movie Varsity blues :P nice job
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