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3.14 off into infinity

I'd say something clever here, but fuck it.

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I need to buy this poster. Will pay handsomely. Post back if possible.
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Love it !:thumbsup: B.O.C
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wow perfect match of colors... great idea!!!
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Do you have a larger resolution of this image? It's beautiful.
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Here's a wallpaper size: [link]
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Thank you very much
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You're a freaking genius man...
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Just mental masturbation.
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dayum. Really cool!
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I attempted my own version of this. I really liked the way you took the letters and gave them those ribbon type shapes.

Here's the link > [link]

I hope you don't see this is a "blatant copy", but more as a piece of work that was really inspired by your Music is Math piece. Like really inspired.

Keep the good work coming!
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boards of canada :)
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featured in this collection << [link] >>
check it out see if you like it :)
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veeery nice, I love this thing that you\'ve been recently doing with your letter forms, excellent
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I'm gonna buy this font VERY sooon:D ITC Avant Garde Gothic pro, right??
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False. Arial Bold.
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oh i could swear it was this one
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err, black. arial black
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very cool. intresting way of putting it.
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this one is real nice too dude!
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Fuck dude, my brain just came.
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