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832 | Darius

Type: Mountain, light
Sex: stallion
Phenotype: Grullo Brindle Splash with Capillae Striping 
Genotype: EE aa DD nSpl


 chaotic good | darius is as cocky and bold as they come. he's incredibly strong willed and stubborn, and will definitely tell you what is on his mind. darius will often come across as foolish or spontaneous, but behind the façade he's quite intelligent. he is incredibly fun loving, and lives for the adrenaline rush you get from fighting or from a hunt under the dark of the night. despite all of this, darius can be awfully impatient and quite gullible. when upset, darius will do anything to distract himself and will always try to avoid his problems rather than face them.
young adult
Height: 16.3hh
Religious beliefs:
believes in the gods, has no patron deity
Region: North America

Applied Items: 
Nameplate (Te Deum Nuclei to Darius) - link




Please make sure you have read and signed my breeding rules[link]

User | Status | Mate | Foal
1. Cassanova-Art | ID 6747 | ID 7451
2. kaons | usable | 5954 Vega | foal
3. Cassanova-Art | usable | mare | foal
4. Kelpie-Boi | usable | 8775 | CFS Vox Lucem | foal
5. OliveDoodle | usable | mare | foal
6. Baylili00 | usable | 7929 Sekhmet | foal


Gaits: 40
Dressage: 40
Jumping: 43
Intelligence: 63
Stamina: 55
Speed: 55
Strength: 58
Experience: 0
Attack strength: 0

(Total : 354 ) - (Level : Unconfirmed)

Design by moose-on-ice and art by me
EquusBallator © Fargonon
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i love this babe!!! she is too pretty!!! thank you for the slot, though i won’t be using it so you can remove it <3

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*whispers* When this boy's slots open may I snag one? I love this boy, and especially my first breeding to him.
skronkodil's avatar
yes of course xD i just want to drag him through regales quests to give him some horns and stat him up a bit more before i open up any of his slots !! i did also realize you have his only kiddo, would it be alright for me to include her in his backstory at all? 
Cassanova-Art's avatar
Thank you so much! You're more than welcome to include her I love her being included in family stories, etc.
skronkodil's avatar
of course! :) and thank you!! i’ve definitely got a drawing or two planned w him and princess!!
Cassanova-Art's avatar
No problem, thanks so much! I cant wait to see the two together as I've been slacking with foal prompts on all of my newer kiddos. 😅
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hey love!! if you’d like a slot to him, i’d be more than happy to open one for you! i’m still planning on giving him some horns and stats though, so if you’d like to wait i understand ^^
Cassanova-Art's avatar
Sure thing, what would you be asking for a slot to him? 
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500 points and 10 stats would work for me! of course, i’d be more than happy to work something else out if you want ^^
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