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Rinoa joins Dissidia!

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Ahhhh! Also there's a part two to this drawing, you can see it here… :)
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xkelbixHobbyist Digital Artist
I know it's very doubtful, but I hope there's some cutscene interaction between them. I love this. Since we haven't seen Rinoa in Kingdom Hearts (though I hope she appears and reunites with Squall in KH3) I was so happy to see that she's got a place in Dissidia. I really want to see these two together more!
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Darn, I wish you'd included the second part here. :P Cuz seriously, what is with the butt fluff? And the everything in Squall's Dissidia design?

Ah, but still, very nice sketch. Question: did you make the background entirely yourself or did you use some kind of base? It must have taken ages to add all those flowers if it's the former.
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Thanks! Yeah I should have added part 2, maybe I will. Deviantart isn't great for uploading comics/multiple drawings.

As for the background, I made it myself, but it's really not that detailed. Flowers are basically made with a splatter effect brush, and then som blur filters, clouds with a soft brush. Ground and the sky are just gradients and that's it! 
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Heh. More than I could be bothered with most of the time. :P
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DeadFantasyFreakHobbyist Digital Artist
I was so excited to see her in Dissidia! Now all we need is a cutscene between these two, and it will be Game of the Year for me!:XD:

Very awesome pic! I love it!=D
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saw it on youtube. so coool! finally she appears in another game than ff8.
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DaJiFHobbyist General Artist
How cute!! I love it :love:
by the way, I adored part 2! :XD 
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Sweet-corn-flakesStudent Traditional Artist
I'm so happy that she's in and so is Angelo
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SiberianNinjaHobbyist General Artist
The first time I saw the news of this, I immediately yelled, "DOG CANNON, GO!" I'm so glad she's in the game. XD
Also, lovely piece here~
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mandafantasyHobbyist Traditional Artist
IS THIS TURE (the title that is)
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mandafantasyHobbyist Traditional Artist
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mandafantasyHobbyist Traditional Artist
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