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Dragonfly 2 | Set DLM


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Dragonfly 2 | Set DLM


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Dragon's Tooth - Chapter One

I'd like to thank everyone who showed interest in this work by reading it/liking it/ commenting on it. I've put this novel on hold while I work on some other things, and also while I give it time to "grow" a bit more. There's HEAPS I can do with it, but I think I need to let my subconscious gnaw away at it for just a bit longer. Again, thank you SO MUCH for displaying interest in this! I'm sorry to disappoint, and I hope my other written works can interest you :)

Dragon's Tooth

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Dragonfly 2 | Set DLM

2012 Photography

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The Last Remaing Star

When all the world was dead, And nothing left was ours, A flighty whisper of a life, That vanished in the stars. A single silent tear, Of pain and lies untold, Slid down the broken face, Into hands to hold. And when the world was dark, And light it knew no more, A single flighty whisper, Took down the falling star. And all around the country, Where grass or tree were not, There stood a little picket fence, To mark a graven spot. In darkness and in fear they weep, For all the world is gone, And in their eyes no colour is, For all their soul is gone. And if you wake to find yourself, Amongst the silent waves, Of the final


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Detail Eye WIP - screenshot 3


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Capture of the Last Soul

Learning to use Photoshop

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Scarred '-sketch-doodle-'

Learning to use my Wacom

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Pt 7 of 34 of Dragons, Leaves and Mushrooms

Older Attempts at Photography

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Look Over and Away


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