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Logan vs. Sabretooth

Hmmm. I might go and re-edit this one later, looks a bit different on this computer.
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Finally: let these two have it out! Hope Logan carves him up! Awesome Marvel fan-art! Nod 
this is marvelous.  I assume when you say re-edit your referring to  Saberooth's abs. Gotta say it looks fine but you would know your drawing better than I. 
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Amazing  ! You are very talented!
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this is amazing! the color pops like crazy
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this is so awesome! I love the way sabes' soft hair makes his musculature look even harder. Colour is outstanding.
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great choice in clothing for sabertooth, and wolverines x-force uniform is perfect.
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sweet!!! fav chara on the same pic!!!
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Fantastic work on Sabretooth.

He looks like A MONSTER!
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Awesome job!!

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thats an awsome pic
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Absolutely AMAZING piece!:D
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wow! this is really great!
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Amazing, it' too good dude.
Fav right now..
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I just love how you caught the action in a snap here, I mean how you're creating the action as if it had been caught in a snap, the sparse and clever use of motion blur on the essential body parts and debris in movement... I'm no particular fan of X-Men and am totally ignorant of the comics but I find this picture is a terrific action shot!
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Thanks man. I started it over two weeks ago, some medical issues came up and put me out of commission for over a week. I couldn't paint at all! I just got tired of starring at it, so i rushed it. I did the bulk of it last night after work... in 6 hours.
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Wow! you're fast! (It goes with the comment I made the other day :D .) I just hope everything's all right now.
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