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Activity News:

Uploading some progress from TAFE classes at the moment. nothing golden, still feel I can push better. but hey, uploads, amirite?

Made some mad awesome friends in class.

Moving house this weekend. Woo! Life Progress!

I like getting rid of people from my friends lists who are pretenders. Got rid of a few who only wish for my attention when they want their ass kissed.

Massive rigging test next week. practising like hell for it. going for gold. wish me luck!

Hoping to get a big project I have in mind done after this test. Depends on time existing for me to do so.

May actually have more updates within a month. (beware!~)


Gaming News:

Borderlands 2 is awesome. Gearbox out-Diablo'd Bliz.

Guild Wars 2 is awesome. Hopefully introducing a new standard for MMOs. Get into it!~

Haven't played with Pandas (WoW). Likely won't as long as a subscription fee remains. No reason for it these days. quite a rip off. Still.... Interested.

Tales of Graces is awesome, The "Tales of" games continue their supreme standard!

See you around~!

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There, its updated. Happy now?

Thinking of wiping my gallary and uploading new shiz.
That is all.
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Just a quick message to say;

Haven't done any Doodl's past couple of days as its so fucking hot I simply cannot be in my room.

Got next to no sleep last night its like being in a sauna... :(
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Going to have to slow down the Daily Doodl's for a bit as I'm waiting for a protective coating for my cintiq screen.  My poor baby D:

I have discovered a scratch on it, and I'd rather not gain additional ones :(
May work on making some Maya things in the meantime. I do need to get back into that pretty soon, and this may prove a good time.
Don't expect anything super nifty, Ill mostly create just different objects to practice the tools again.

At least its daily updates, right?

Soon as I get my baby equipped with shielding, Ill be back in full swing. promise...

Additionally, I got accepted into next part of my course!~ Wewt! Awesome times ahead!~

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Hey look. I wrote a journal entry thingie. Good times all around.

OMG Assassins Creed Rev soon!
WoW expansion soon.
Diablo 3 soon.
DCUO getting a FtP model? may have to look into that again.
League of Legends; Dominion is SO much fun!~

Go eat cake or something.
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TAFE is friggin' awesome.
Enrolled into a multimedia class focusing on design processes, photo manipulations, sound and video editing, animation, and 3d creations via Maya I believe. Should be fun. First few tasks have been a mix of some very basic principles, as well as some things I have never actually done before. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Great people in my class. Loads of fun. Think I have made some good friends too. I hope so. Not often I make actual friends.  
And with all that, I am feeling great for once.

I'm actually inspired to do stuff. Might rip everything out and make this page actually house content worth seeing. I have been showing my new friends what I can do and their feedback is great.
When time permits I'll start doing some regular updates. I have heaps of ideas flowing through me now.  

Maybe this is the start of something really good, better than I had ever hoped.

Cleanout time!

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Going to need a spare pair of pants or two; Ordered my Cintiqe 21ux. The second that thing is in my hands, things are going to get messy.

Signed up for a Media class in TAFE to get further into this stuff, or at the very least more training. May evolve into more and better pics. I sure need the techniques and training.

And finally, looking for a new job. Finally gotten fed up with my current holdings.

Skrib out~
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I posted a pic. And its colored. And I'm somewhat happy with it.

Its a frickin miracle!
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I could say I have been lazy, or procrastinating again. Wouldn't be entirely true. I have been trying to get something decent to come out, but as of late have been too busy single handedly leading a guild full of fail to the Lich king's frozen chair. The most progression ever solidly made by this guild tag.

I'm both overjoyed to have done that, but also saddened.

Unfortunately for them after long and hard thinking, I have decided on a path for myself. If I am to lead a guild, it will be my own. All this time, effort, energy. I want it to go into something of my own creation. and with the expansion, I will put this into effect.
And with that, I present to you;

One Patch Behind
Project: Cataclysm…

With the upcoming expansion ever closer, I'm now to begin devoting time and effort into recreating my fallen guild, One Patch Behind. I look to create not simply a guild, but a small community. For PvE. For PvP. For being creative. For reaching any goals people within may have.

It will take a lot of work to ensure it works for all, but its what I want to do. Who knows. Maybe this is the stepping stones to the creation of one of WoW's biggest guild phenomena.
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man, I reaaaally have a bad habit of disappearing for ages on end. Keep saying I'll stop it but hey..... sucks to be my watchers huh?

In other news;

Ratchet n Clank; Crack in Time = awesome
Assassins Creed 2 = AWESOME!
Kingdom hearts yadda yadda days = answers a lot of questions.
WoW; Lich King = yet to get my gnomish boot lodged up his ass.
Borderlands = awesome
Next toy to play with: Left4Dead2.

On that note;…
I love you, Queensland. Pity I don't live there, but please win this.... Atkinson needs to be defeated!

>.>..... I've been busy... but not on art. lol.

Scraps upload incoming!
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Current list o goals;

School of Rockman; make more stuff. In progress.
The rockman stuff has gotten a lot of positive attention, which is good. It has always been one of my favorite game series, and I am pretty keen on pushing out more stuff.

The Nexus; Epic Story, Work in progress:
  - Character redesigns will start coming up soon.
  - Writing in progress. I've never actually gone ahead with this as I am never happy with my artwork. I figure writing it at least will get me started.

Learn Animation skillz.
I have wanted to produce some sort of animation video for a long while now.

Relearn coloring skillz
I has lost thems. I need to pick up some form of skill in this region pretty soon. Wouldnt mind learning a few new tricks either.

Mayhaps take a course to further abilities.

Eventual goal: I want to make a game. an epic game. an awesome game. a game everyone would go "THAT is awesome!" to. I have a lot of ideas, but unsure as how to proceed.
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I told myself I wouldn't make any emo-like journals. Don't want to fall to a level like that, it's only a destructive trap that would make the healing process worse.
But on the flip side, the ability to vent your thoughts and feelings onto a sheet where its no longer bottled up wreaking havoc on my little brain, could also be a blessing.

:P what makes it more comfortable writing it here, is I don't think many people actually read this twaddle.

That said; I hate who I am.
I feel I have done things that I can never undo.
I have said things, I can never take back.
I have wasted so much of my time, doing things that now amount to nothing.
I have lost track of great friends.

The worst thing though, is that I have this bad habit of blaming myself for everything. Thinking I am never good enough. I have let this thought pattern dominate me into becoming what I am.

Always hooked on the question "Why?"
Why did that happen? Why couldn't I see it coming?
Always hooked on "What if?"'s
What If I had done it differently? What if I was better? What if I did/didn't do this/that?  

Its a destructive path.

But I don't want that anymore. No more blaming myself for it. No more crying over my flaws, failures, and lost time. I used to be better than that, and I've not decided to try to be again. I have decided I -WILL- be again.

The question I now ask myself is, What shall I do now. One step at a time, I will rebuild. I will live.
To my friends who have stayed by my side throughout all of this. You are the most loyal friends anyone could ever possibly ask for. One day, I wish there will be a way for me to pay you back for your support and love.

Now. Time to start again;

Hello everyone. My name is Adam. Also known as Skribbl. Welcome to my dA page. Soon to expand into an empire.
Here's to the future, to realizing the truth, to healing, and to new beginnings. Cheers~
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>.> I like this journal. No idea if anyone actually reads, but its nice to get this shit written down. Time for a QQ day about WoW.

Not long back now, I quit WoW. Played since release. For the past two years I had striven to be the best protection paladin I could. According to the feedback I was getting, I was certainly succeeding at this.
It seemed however that Raid Leaders refused acknowledged this. I could easily rival or be miles ahead of others in stats, knowledge, threat or abilities, but it was always the same. The "extra guy".

Two years of being naught but an understudy wear on your patience. Theres only so long you can continue working on your gear, hope, pray and argue/prove points to try get that chance up front. Finally I decided, I had enough.

Ilara has now left. I had so wished to be a defender. A fair share would have been nice >.>

Most of all I am disappointed with the once strong Protection Paladin community I used to interact with. I shall leave it nameless, but I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to find.
Once a place, a friendly community for good conversation, a lot of fun, and detailed threads into the inner workings and methodology of the class, it is now a slum of people complaining no better than the official forums. A place where the moderators are horrible little shits, ninja editing your posts and then you get told off for complaining about it, by the site Admin no less.

I once respected this community and was proud to be a member. Now however; I hope it drowns in the cesspool it has become.

I for one want nothing to do with such anymore.

~The Skrib
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The first one felt so epic. It was what I expected, and much more.

A week ago, I saw the new one. It was good. Tolerable. Watchable. Enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, on account of what I'm about to write.

The second it had "Hasbro" up on screen at the start. I got a horrible feeling. And it didn't go away. This feeling, it was a dark omen. A dark omen that brought about disappointment. I sank into the cinema seat and watched what was presented in front of me.

I like my giant robots beating the crap out of each other.
I like my massive explosions from said combat.
I like slow motion bouncing of certain cast members >.>

What I didn't like was the fucking story, so horrid it was like it was written by a Dragon Ball Z fanatic, and had about as much depth.
I hated the fucking twins and their Jarr-Jarr comic relief role. G T F O!
I hated the god damn wank-a-thon the American Army had by showing their toys blowing stuff up.
Lets get rid of half the cast from the first movie!
Lets limit the roles of the ones we DO keep to witty banter and comical flashes between scenes.. OF SUPER SAYAJIN ROBOT FIGHTAN!! (see first point)
The plot holes? Oh my god. Where to begin..?

Again, whilst yeah, I had fun...
I don't accept it as a worthy sequel to the first one. Fire the writer. Please.

Heres a slight review that is pretty true to content;
(spoiler warning, if you actually wanna see it, avoid the link)…
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It's been talked about so much, but heres my bash.

Jackson is dead. If you haven't heard this by now, chances are there are things severely wrong with your head, and I would question if you could actually read this text or not to begin with.

The usual jazz, he was an amazing person, evolved music, won awards, songs, movies, blabber blabber. Its a sad day for his loss.

The thing I find particularly sad however is not so much an unfortunate event, as a pathetic event. For the past 10(or so) years, people have known him as "Wacko Jacko", and placed these names, banners and circumstances against him. What does it say about our society with everyone suddenly taking a 180 at the news of his passing.
And now its everywhere. Radio stations taken over by hours of his music. TV specials dedicated to him. Reporters harassing everyone possible for their opinions.
Again, I find it pathetic. The media suddenly going from "Hes Insane!" to "Baaawwwww! He was a hero!"

But then, I shouldn't have expected any better after other similar events. Who could forget their "amazement" at Susan Boyle. And then her subsequent "breakdown" under "stress".

Hell we could even take this back to Heath Ledger.

Society needs to change. Grow up, people.

I'm Sorry, Michael. You were a great man, despite the way it ended. No doubt some out there are actually honest about their regret and will miss you.
Can I have my damn radio station back to normal now, please?

--------------------- Skrib~
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One step at a time. I now am the very proud owner of a tablet PC, HP TX2550au.

next task.... I need a fsking art program to put on it... til now I have been using an ooooooold copy of photoshop which... >.> probably cant be used anymore....

I want to get back into the artwork side of things some more. My saving up nearly completed; I'll be purchasing the tablet pc soon to be successor to the art compy that has blaaaargd and ceased my progress.

When I finally get my hands on it, I'll be going to empty out my watch pages, comments, crap and everything else unmentioned to get a fresh start.