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My longest work that I ever painted..

I found an old sketch on my computer, I decided to finish it in May. But I did not really like it and had to change the version of the background. Every day spending for several hours I still finished. This work has become for me a good practice of colorizing and drawing the background as a whole.

  • I used: Photoshop CС 2017 / SAI 2
  • Approx Time: 1 month
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Oh wow, this is really good! Can't believe I missed this.
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Undoubtedly one of the greatest young Luna art pieces to come across.  
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Wonderful work. She looks so adorable.
minhbuinhat99's avatar
Looking good man, i love the colors. A dope work overall :D
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I love this style! Very cute!
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Impressive work. Very well done. 
LookOutHereComesTom's avatar
That ponytail and those laces up her forelegs really do a lot to make Luna even cuter than she usually is!
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This is so beautiful! Love the shadings on Luna and how her eyes shine with pure wonderment!
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What an adorable picture! Luna's mane style really works on her. She looks really cute with a pony tail. Nice job on the sky, I love how the stars and coloring really help make the image pop.
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Wow, this is really perfect, the hard work did pay off in here because this is super beautiful with the colors that you've used & just overall how stunning this is. The detail in the skies & the look of the stars that shine bright. The calm & sweet look on Luna's face & just how she is overall. The background is outstanding too, it gives that perspective & being away from everyone else to enjoy the stars. I adore this & your style, glad to have found this, definitely wallpaper worthy heh <3 
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О да) это шикарно. Луняша такая ня1
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lovely Luna!! I am a dummy! Heart 
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I am very far from your level of work, but thanks Clap 
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an excellent piece of pone art, thanks for sharing
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