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I found free time still to make new wallpaper :D (Big Grin) 

-Background by  :iconfoxy-noxy:
-Vector by  :iconstrachattack:

- Another resolution:

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I like this one. How would You like to be featured in a book

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Thank you! But I don't fully understand what you mean :D

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I’m publishing an adventure book that’s been in the works for the past 4 years. I have a few visual artists that signed on that are interested if doing a piece or two for the illustration. I like your style you’re very talented. How are you at creating models or backgrounds from description and props?

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This art is not the best one, as there are too many different effects and props. Now I try to avoid oversaturation. This is the whole point. You need to try to create your work in such a way that it matches all objects with each other (like props or effects, but also with color). The more objects on the screen, the more difficult it is to compose them. But it is also the concept itself that plays an important role, what you wanted to show with this work and what is its meaning. I don't create the background in advance and then throw the vector on it. Usually, I start from the art of other artists, and then I roughly throw in what should be the result.

If necessary, I can search and send you the source of this wallpaper. There you can learn more about the creation process itself (if you can figure it out in my pile of layers) :D

P.S Sorry for my bad english.

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Perhaps you would be better with creating a logo for the title? The book title is: “the legend of catasis velon and the carmarie” on YouTube

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I’m not a visual artist. That’s why I’m seeking out a visual artist who can design models From Description and backgrounds. I’m a musician and author, plus I’m colorblind, another reason I don’t deal with visual arts. But if you can work with pony models and or backgrounds and want to help with the project send me a PM. I created two trailers to promote the book which shows different scenes and characters and the first 3 chapters can be found on my YouTube channel.

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It is me wallpaper now !
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Glad you liked it ^-^
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You managed to make a choosey wallpaper guy really happy :D

Thanks much bruh :D
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Thank you my friend;)
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This is cool.  Love the style you went with.
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Wow, it looks amazing. Awesome Job you did there :)
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Thank you for your kind words bro I am a dummy! 
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Loving this style 
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Thx! If not a secret that's what it is? Effects, vector, decoration?
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